Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Decaying Green Society.

Think Rome burning. Collective rights are more important than individual rights. Social justice, a phrase that means nothing, is bandied about by the lefties as if it justifies all their phoney causes. They protest anything at the drop of a hat, making their "occupy" movement laughable.

They have so many "causes" that they can't get to all the protests. The "occupy" guys are now at the climate conference. Funny how they went from tents to luxury resorts. They love being victims, because it pays. I couldn't afford to go to the climate conference, how do they manage to get there?

The perfect example of the decay in our society is this:

If this any indication of how the global warming nuts actually think, you have to conclude that they are only in it for the money. Outright lies as we saw with Climategate 1 and now 2 are the order of the day.

When you worship at the altar of the global warming gods, and ignore the rights of women in places like Africa and Iran, you are lending comfort to the very people who are contributing to the downfall of society.

Fortunately, the silent majority is not buying their preaching, and neither is our government. Carbon markets have failed or suffered from fraud and massive mismanagement. Wind farms are being abandoned and the eco-greenies just leave the rotting useless turbines there because it would actually cost money to clean up their failures.

The worse proponents of this fraud are the media outlets that are still, despite all the evidence, trumpeting the global warming horn, and they wonder why their revenues are decreasing?

I mentioned in another post, how Coke was using the polar bear as a means to raise money for the WWF, it seems they have abandoned that ad. Wonder if it was because they received lots of emails in protest. I know I sent one telling them to lay off of our polar bears, but never got any response back. 

The silent majority does not have to be silent anymore. We might not go out and protest like the greenies, but our emails are just as powerful as any "occupy" protest could hope to be. Remember, companies are in business to make profits, not to satisfy the desires of small, vocal, special interest groups.

The green society is decaying as quickly as the vegetable matter in my compost bin. They are getting desperate because no one is believing them anymore and their funding is drying up. Durban will be another HUGE failure for the green gang, and I'm loving it!!


Southern Quebec said...

the email complaints to large corporations seem to work. Uncle Bens Rice is reevaluating their commercials on Sun TV when it was pointed out that they were always running next to an antigay commercial from that whack job Chuckles McVity. Good move Uncle B! they don't want to be associated with a hate group.

Blame Crash said...

Sounds like Uncle Bens Rice is playing in the middle of a busy road. Someone better let them know that it's a two-way expressway and they just might get smeared if they don't get their sorry arse's to the sidewalk.
But not to worry SQ, I'll let them know. Thanks!

Southern Quebec said...

You antigay Blame Crash? why else would you be writing Uncle B...

Alex said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I will start emailing too.

hunter said...

Notice how SQ changes the discussion by bringing up Uncle Ben's? She has nothing to say about Suzuki's blatant lies to children, she's alright with that I guess.

Alex said...

hehe fairy tales in defense of fairy tales.

Eskimo said...

Soozookee is a creepy old man, peddling his climate porn to young children. Like a pervert in a raincoat on the playground.

Now he's got a knife to Santa's throat, but don't worry kiddies, send Saint David money and Santa WILL come to your house this year.

He's a modern-day televangalist promising climate nirvana for the true belivers. After you send him the obligatory "donation" that is.

Now that many adults have wised up, the climate doom mongers have to target the children. Catch 'em while thier young. They're little minds are still impressionable. Turn them into little socialist automotons, reminiscent of the Hitler youth. Encourage them to rat out their parents if they're not using twisty light bulbs or if the family owns an SUV.

Meanwhile. Saint David racks up the Aeroplan miles, jetting between his houses, rumoured to number at 4 or 5 now. He preaches restraint for the masses, but he himself has become bloated and wastefull because socialism is for the people NOT the socialist.

Funny how Animal Farm is so true to life.

Oh, and the real haters are those of the left-leaning persuasion.

Southern Quebec said...

Eskimo, are you comparing Sarkozy with Catholic priests? Oops...they are real pedophiles. Me bad...

Eskimo said...

Who said anything about Sarkowzy? Lay off the cheap wine.

hunter said...

Too funny wine indeed!

liberal supporter said...

Perhaps if Eskimo could learn to spell names like "Suzuki" correctly, instead of trying to make some lame attempt at humour by spelling it wrong or calling him a Saint , you wouldn't have SQ misreading it.

Since Eskimo expresses his hate of certain people by spelling their names wrong, note that he spelled perfectly, the name of a fascist dictator who murdered millions of people.

Scratch a righty and find a fascist.

liberal supporter said...

Meanwhile, the polar bear fiasco was mainly caused by diabetics and dieters
mistaking the new white cans for Diet Coke cans
. Just as with New Coke, the Coca Cola company seems to be good at marketing blunders. Too bad it doesn't support Hunter's claim that nobody believes scientists about anything anymore.

While I agree with Rex that the Santa ad is tacky, it works as an in-your-face ad, just as the "ethical oil" campaign does. Now if you want to look at frauds, just look at the ethical oil campaign's claims. Can you name one, just ONE, woman in "places like Africa or Iran" that is provably being saved by your "ethical oil" scam? You demand no less from climate science and any attempts to reduce carbon footprints. So where's your proof? Fact is, unless you can get the entire world using Alberta bitumen oil, the "blood oil" will continue to be produced, and though you'll make lots of money trying to get more people using bitumen oil, you're not really doing anything about the problem of unethical oil. Just like you claim the greenies want us all to use twisty bulbs that don't really do anything about climate change!
While China doesn't care how much pollution bitumen oil will cause, they also aren't going to avoid "unethical" oil.

Eskimo said...

So Liberal on Support (is there any other kind?) runs to the defence of Southern Quebec! Southern Quebec, that quirky leftist who has a strange, possible sexual infatuation with our blog hostess, but I digress....

I mock the fruit fly doctor because he is a fraud. Racist? Nice try.

The definition of racist is the word used by a lefty who is either in the process of loosing an arguement or whose position has no merit whatsoever. A variation of the f word, if you will.

Fascist? Ooh you lefties are so butch and tough. Fascism is what Soozookee advocates when he wants to jail those of us who disagree with his dogma. Screwing with the spelling of his surname is just me poking fun at the fraud, hardly a commentary on his race. If I were to address Al Gore as Al Gory, would that be racist? You idiot.

Your attempt to establish some form of moral equivelencey between ethical and blood oil is laughable.

Now that glo-bull warming is climate change, we now see the weasel word of "pollution" being bandied around. You wanna talk pollution? Bring it. But real pollution. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. Sulpher dioxide, acid rain, lead and heavy metals, fine, let's discuss it. But the whole premise of climate change is bunk, grounded in emotion and politics and certainly NOT science.

liberal supporter said...

Thank you for confirming your lame misspellings were not mere typos. Nice try with the willful obtuseness and attempts to change the channel and play the race card.

The fact remains that you spelled the name of Hitler perfectly, while misspelling the names of those you hold in contempt.
We can draw our own conclusions who is your hero, you silly fascist.


Alex said...

lb is only here to waste your time. don't feed the trolls.


Eskimo said...