Monday, December 05, 2011

Are You Worried Too?

The middle East is very unstable, and prone to violence. Europe is being dragged down under a mountain of debt. The US is floundering and seen as weak world wide.

As all this is going on, the greenies are in a tropical paradise partying it up. There is a massive amount of media covering this phoney agenda, but they show nothing about the parties because they are part of them. Such hypocrites.

Lizzy May and the opposition can stuff it. They are useless.  I hope that Canadians are smart enough to fight back.

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Blame Crash said...

It’s all “bread and circuses” at this point.
The Lib-Leftists have been at the steering wheel of Western Civilizations for eons and now their reckless behavior is catching up to all of us.
The cost for their moral and financial depravity will soon come due.