Friday, March 26, 2010

I Found Another Ann Coulter Hater!

She calls herself a journalist. She blogs too! Wow I'm impressed! So let's see what she blogs and how impartial she is, being a journalist and all.

So the title of her blog post is: "Ann Coulter spouts hatred" Then she opens up her blog to free speech, except it appears she doesn't really want any debate.

Notice that my comment as Hunteroffortune was posted at 7:42 EST, it is now 2:25 EST and my comment is still in moderation. Funny she said she was opening up her blog to "freedom of speech" but has forgotten to post my comment. Typical lefty.

I hear that Calgary erupted into massive protests against Ann Coulter, oops, I guess not.

In Calgary, about 40 protesters were nearly outnumbered by the reporters sent to cover them.

Sorry little journalist kathy rumleski, it's the easterners who are the haters, Calgary respected Ann Coulter's right to speak. It's funny how easterners think that we are the intolerant ones. I guess us gun toting, truck driving, rednecks understand tolerance better than the rabid lefties from the east.

Lefties are looking pretty stupid right now. They have shown the international community that free speech is not tolerated in Canada unless it is a far left person talking. It needs to change.


CanadianSense said...

The intolernat left have been spreading garbage for a very long time. I have said the only free speech they tolerate is their own.

The left who have decided to post on your blog represent the pattern.

They have no difficutly in trying to disrupt free speech to further their agenda.

They generally use personal insults and ad hominem attacks.

It is funny how many raised the same example of the Hamas funder Georgie vs Ann Coulter denial.

Canadians Border Services provided a ruling on his actions on violating our Anti Terrorism Act.

Ann has never been found in violation of any law.

It does reinforce how the left can't handle the facts or logic.

sor said...

Greetings. I had the same thing happen to me every time I tried posting to Warren Kinsella's site. These are just Diaries with friends, not real Blogs.

BTW my daughter was still at Queen's when they instituted the 'thought police' to surruptitously listen to conversations for hate speech.

Only in Eastern Canada. Cheers.

hunter said...

To the lefty trolls still complaining about me deleting your posts.

I have stated twice now, that because you think Ann Coulter should have been shut up, I have shut you up. Live with it! Go cry on someone else's blog.

wilson said...

Well the Liberals are in Montreal, trying to figure out what they stand for.
At least they recognise that they stopped thinking a long time ago.

Of course, 'thinking' representation from outside of Quebec and Ontario (the West) is almost nil.

Which means they will be only thinking about thinking.
If it rains.

Lynn said...

"There is a big difference between freedom of speech and inciting hatred".

I've seen this line on almost every blog post about free speech, and no, there isn't. There's a line over which most pundits ,including Coulter, rarely if ever,cross, and that's where most young "progressives" err.

You are, and should be, free to say whatever you want about anyone, as long as you DO NOT call for their death or physical attacks on them

Example,"I hate the Jews". Okay, so you're ignorant and hate a large group of people based on their religion. Free speech.

"Death to the Jews"- Hate Speech,in capital letters, and said by some Islamic or progressive person every day.Read all about it.

Strangely enough, there have been many influential Islamic spokesmen who have made THAT statement, "Death to the Jews" with not a word of dissent from the Left.

Makes ya wonder.