Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alberta Sales Tax? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Ardvark says it all!

The guy is obviously listening to the Liberals and NDP, not Conservatives. Can the PC's in Alberta get anymore clueless? Seriously, from our new premier not pushing the pipeline, to this guy wanting a sales tax? Can we get Ralph back, please? Pretty please? Even Steady Eddie would be better.


fernstalbert said...

Out of touch, out of tune, out to lunch - PC's must have a death wish - Sales Tax in Alberta? BARKING MAD - TOO MUCH LEAD IN THEIR COLLECTIVE TINY MINDS!!! I think not - they will end up with less members than the Liberals - oh, wait - they are flaming Liberals. Cheers.

maryT said...

What an absolutely stupid idea, guess she doesn't like being premier. Wonder if all those non conservatives that voted for her like this idea.

Anonymous said...

Just another conservative in name only (CINO).

While the Wildrose party isn't exactly "polished" yet, I think they have more principles than this sad sack we have now.

They have to ease up on the "progressive" and heap on helpings of conservative to keep my vote.

maryT said...

Minister of Finance just told Dave R that there will be no sales tax in AB. Seems he was misunderstood when answering a question.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that interview, MaryT. Like one of the callers said, that sound you heard was the sound of back-peddling!

Rutherford is FAR too soft on the PC's. That's probably why I now listen to Andrew Wilkow on Sirius Radio instead of CHED during this time slot! American politics is much more exciting too!