Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Happy.

Forget all the biased reporting by the CBC, forget the dysfunctional opposition. forget the lefties with an agenda, think good times.

We have a majority government, they can now fulfill their election promises, and they are doing that at record pace. I know the lefties hate it, but suck it up kids, the reality is that our government is in control, not you and your occupy madness. What a failed protest that was, but a great picture of what the lefties want, anarchy!

Why am I happy?

1. Gun registry, gone.
2. Section 13, gone.
3. Catering to the "greenies", gone.
4. Canadian Wheat Board stranglehold, gone.
5. Special interest groups, gone.
6. Tough on crime, great for victims

All this in less than 6 months of a majority government.


liberal supporter said...

Nice repeal list for 2015.

Guaranteeing Steve will be "one and done"!

Michael said...

Don't forget the end of the political subsidy/welfare, more Members of Parliament in areas of Tory strength, and a majority of conservatibe leaning justices on the SCC.

And guess what LS, they campaigned on most of those things and got elected with a majority. Then they followed up on those other items on that list that many of their voting supporters have been after for a long time. We're not too worried about 2015 and that list, LS. Quite the contrarty - we look forward to it! :D

And they're not done! They still have 4 1/2 years to go. Soon, hopefully, we'll be able to add massive funding cuts (if not outright privatization) to the bloated, left-wing, Liberal biased CBC to that list. The way things are going so far, I'm sure I won't have to wait for that much longer! :D

And from there, maybe the farce Elections Canada will be reckoned with, as well as the bloated government beauracracy stuffed with Liberal sympathizers.


Alex said...

It's great!

Liberal supporters are still in lala land too.

maryT said...

Hey ls, Pat Martin bragged his team would win the grey cup, how did that turn out. Keep dreaming. I will admit that liberals are gaining on the ndpq and it is that party that will be a one time blunder.

wilson said...

Transparency and accountability of
CBC, Stats Can and Native Bands.... bigger than is obvious right now.

These are game changers.

CK said...

Shorter Hunter: the misfortune, suffering of others, poverty all make me happy. The only thing that would really turn me on to complete this circle is if I run over a small child. Ain't that right, Hunter?

Alex said...

Poor leftards. Look how sad they are. We should pick up the pace on excellent government moves like those you point out. Its a mercy for the permanently left.

Anonymous said...

Wow, CK's profile is a scream! The quintessential Marxist government employee from (you guessed it) that socialist Mecca of Quebec. The left wing script continues to write itself! Oh poor me and those big had corporate right wingers!

liberal supporter said...

No, the CPC got a majority because 2 million Liberals lent their votes to Harper to stop Jack Layton becoming Prime Minister.

You can try all you want to purge the government of "Liberal sympathizers", but you would have to bring in political tests for all jobs, such as exist in communist and fascist dictatorships. Otherwise, you will find any unbiased sample of people will tend to be liberals. Just like the CBC, like it or not, it reflects the majority of Canadians' views.

Pile on the sneering contempt, it suits you. It will just further cement Steve as a one term majority PM. You simply can't force people to like you or think like you.

Wait till the first people with 6 marijuana plants go to Steve's gulag. They will be just like the farmers who were jailed for defying the government. While I support the wheat board, and think it is wrong to gut it, I admire those farmers for standing up for what they believe. You will have to jail 62% of the population to stop us. Bring it on, fascists.

Alex said...

LOL Leftards and little lies they tell themselves.

Should we bother filling them in or is it funnier/smarter to leave them stupid?

Anonymous said...

Now to cut the dairy subsidies to (mainly) eastern Canada. There's NO REASON Canadian milk should cost double and cheese triple of what it does in the U.S.

As far as the CBC reflecting the so-called majority of Canadian views, it this is true then it should be able to survive WITHOUT government subsidy. What a joke. PBS in the US seems to get along just fine with hardly any government funds. Sink or swim, cut the CBC loose, not one more nickel.

Gerald said...

MPBN had a program on last night of the best singer in the world past and present,and that was my fellow Irishman Daniel O"Donnell.The CBC couldn't afford him ever the Govt gave them a 50 billion subsidy.Gerald

liberal supporter said...

Thanking you for conceding my points, Alex. When your entire retort is "LOL", and "should we fill them in", you've lost.


liberal supporter said...

Music to my ears, Eskimo. Are you sure you aren't working for the Liberals, whispering those great ideas to guarantee not only Steve will be one and done, but the CPC will not regain power for the rest of this century?

Carry on then!! And please recriminalize abortion too!!!

Alex said...

I did not address you and so it was not a retort at all, and even then you got wrong; on purpose; to waste my time.

Basically I think you are too stupid to help. Is there anything I could show you to unmake you? Liberal supporter? Is there any truth I could possibly rub in your face to make you a conservative? No. So why bother? Tell your friends your ideas, so they can grow and spread.

When it creeps into your leaders talking points, that is the optimal time to knock you down as a group. -As a collective eh? You should like that.

Anyway I spend too much time talking to lost and useless morons as it is. Go talk to your own. We need you there.

liberal supporter said...

Poor Alex, whining about how much time this whole democracy and discussion thing is taking. What exactly are you doing, Alex, that is so important that you can't refute my point, but you can find time to whine?
Silly out of touch tory.

gimbol said...

Lib supporter

You do understand that those voters you claim liberal ownership over are most likely of the blu lib variety. They moved their vote or stayed home because your party has moved too far left.
That means if you want to recapture that vote you guys need to shift to the right.
Care to enlighten us on the new liberal policies designed to attract those on the right?

liberal supporter said...

No. All the polls showed the NDP winning 100 seats, or at least a lot more than the Liberals. Despite Iggy saying "no coalition", the Liberals and their supporters had no problem with an informal arrangement, or even a formal agreement like Ontario 1985, but with no Cabinet seats for the other party, so not a coalition.
With the Orange Wave, they saw themselves being honour bound to support the NDP as they expected NDP to support them, making Jack Layton PM. That would cause far more damage to the Liberal party than being reduced to third party status. Plus, despite the common belief among Liberals that Harper has very little bench strength and runs his Cabinet from the PMO, the NDP really had only Jack. We didn't know he would die and leave the party in the hands of a former separatist, so we can't claim credit for saving Canada from having a separatist PM, but his health was also a concern on top of no experience at all in government. At least Harper had MPs that had been in government under Mulroney.

Harper also threw the socons under the bus during the debates, going further than ever before on abortion rights. He tried to weasel his way as usual with "his government won't introduce legislation", but Duceppe cornered him by pointing out the entire CPC caucus voted for a private member's bill to abolish the gun registry, as well as trying various stealth tactics like making killing a fetus a separate offense beyond harming a pregnant woman. So Harper went further, and said any bills on abortion would be defeated by his government. He'd actually whip his caucus to vote against any abortion law.
That major change made it even possible for a lot of Liberals to put up with all the other conservative stuff, just to stop Layton. And so they did. I think some are already regretting it, but they stopped Layton. Next they'll stop Harper, if he keeps trying to make Canada unrecognizable, as he once said he wanted to do. So that is why I say "one and done". I don't think Harper will be able to resist and control the crazies in his party, and it will be his undoing.

hunter said...

Some good points by everyone. Poor LS is lost, without a party. Come on LS, climb out of the dark into the Conservative light!

wilson said...

'(PMSH makes) Canada unrecognizable, as he once said he wanted to do..'

liberal supporter,
I was thinking today about how unrecognizable Canada of 2011 is compared to 2006.

It is amazing how those frustratingly incremental moves PMSH has made over 5 years, have accumulated and changed Canada,
for the better.

I am so proud of our Prime Minister.
He has turned this big ship around and we are heading out of socialist waters, into clear blue oceans ahead.
(Liberals in their dingy, trying frantically to keep up.)

Should we hit rough waters again,
there is no one and no government more capable of steering us through it, than our PM and government we have now.

Once the housekeeping is done, CWB and LGR swept off the deck,
I am truly looking forward to what changes are next.

Hopeful, as all indications suggest, Native issues, healthcare and immigration will be met head on with real change resulting.

Sounds like Canada won the first and second fossil awards today.
Well done PMSH!

gimbol said...


In that long response you neglected to provide substantive reason for how the liberals are going to get out of the wilderness.

What policies are the liberals going to offer the blu libs out there to once again support the lpc?

If you guys can't offer anything, all your doing is trying to be the NDP.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

You seem like a funny person LS, you like to laugh a lot, so would you like to know what is truly amusing? Being told by the likes of you years ago that Harper would NEVER become leader of the Alliance, that he would NEVER be able to unite the PCs and the Alliance, that the Conservatives would NEVER get more that 100 seats, that Harper would NEVER form a government and become Prime Minister, that he would NEVER get ANY seats in Quebec, that his minority government would not last three months, that he could NEVER be re-elected to form a second government, that his second minority government wouldn't last 3 months, that he would pay a terrible political price for prorogation, that he would never break through in Toronto, that he would NEVER form a majority government, and that he would NEVER form a majority government without Quebec. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Now here you are telling us that he will NEVER form a second majority government. What are you guys, like 0-21 for predictions of Harper's imminent and total failure?

"Hahahaha" indeed. You keep laughing "hahahaha" but we've been having the last laugh for years now. Well, I'll tell you what, chum - you keep laughing, we'll keep winning. :D

Anonymous said...
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