Sunday, November 06, 2011

Baby killer praised, military supporter spit on.

How can one loony lefty person make the graduation for 800 cadets a disappointment? Better question, how can 800 cadets make a statement against the one loon?

The butcher of babies, Morgentaler received the Order of Canada, and the lefties loved it. They salivated about the fact that he kills babies. Choice they yelled, as he slaughtered babies that were inconvenient for their Moms to carry.  Sick.

Let the RMC try to give Don Cherry a honorary award for his unwavering support of our troops, and one stupid little inferior female cries foul.  She should be fired, except I suspect she belongs to a union and can't be removed and she knows it!

Baby killer praised, military supporter spit on. Typical lefties, no morals, no understanding of honour, respect and love of country. They are so wrong. I feel sorry for them. They are lost because they have no values or morals. They do not understand commitment.  They marry and divorce as often as rabbits multiply. 

Don Cherry showed up the tiny minded french teacher by refusing to be a lefty target. Now it is up to the cadets to make a statement. A classy response would be to all refuse to show up for graduation unless Cherry was there. Also, force the french teacher to apologize for her false statements against Cherry. She libeled Cherry without any proof. She needs to be sued. Unfortunately, Cherry is too nice to sue her, but maybe some lawyer can get her on her false accusations.


So, in other words, she's nothing but a cunning linguist?
(with a penchant for writing to newspapers?)
What are the odds of two people with the last surname working in the same department at RMC?
(i.e. what are the odds of them NOT being related? ... yup - no possible perception of conflict of interest here ... after all, what Language Centre Director would hire a relative ...???)

LCol(Ret'd) JEJ Lord    Language Center Director

Mrs. C Lord    Teacher, Second Language

P.S. (BZ to Don Cherry for showing infintely more class than Mrs. C Lord.  I look forward to Mrs Lord's resignation or dismissal, whichever comes first ... the latter being my personal preference ...)

Tisk tisk,  lefties making sure that they and their offspring remain at the trough. I'm Shocked, I tell you shocked !!!

For further information, watch these:

Honour Don Cherry

Don't Deny Don

The weak left can't understand what it means to take responsibly for their  behaviour, like cleaning u after themselves at the "occupy" sites.


Alex said...

The next union turd to get an honourary degree from anywhere is going to get a poop storm, I think.

Southern Quebec said...

Well said, Alex! (WTF)

If you are serious about keeping your legal bills to a minimum, you may not want to call someone a "baby killer". Just a thought. I know it's tough for you sometimes, but it's free advice. Take it or leave it.

E Mac said...

In keeping with the theme of honorary degrees I suggest that students boycott Ms. Lord's classes.
She is "tacky" to say the least and as a teacher of sorts ought to know better.
I digress.

maryT said...

Don will come out as a hero in this, she will be forever remembered as an idiot.

Frances said...

According to the posts at, Ms Lord is the daughter of the head of the languages division and merely an instructor. They are quaerying her qualifications for the post, and openly suggesting patronage is live and well in that department at least.

With a bit of luck, Ms Lord may live to regret her outburst.

JR said...

Couldn't agree more, hunter.
And good catch on the Lord family nepotism. Linked.