Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our Scary Halloween House!

We added a pop-up guy in the coffin, a good witch being burnt at the stake by two bad witches, skeletons climbing the ladder, and other fun stuff. We had people driving by all weekend. Most important, the kids were scared and they loved it!

In the  light, not too scary:

In the dark, it's very scary:

In the light, not so bad:
In the dark.....

Watch my son's video, he did an excellent job!!!

It was a great time, lots of kids wanting to be scared, and parents laughing when they were taken by surprise. The pop-up dead guy was a huge hit, kids kept stepping on the pad to activate him. Next year, more moving props, less battery operated props that freeze up and refuse to work even on a mild night! 



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West Coast Teddi said...

Your "scary" conservative readers are soooooo haaaaappy hehehehe!!!

A real WOW factor - great job.