Monday, November 07, 2011

The West Is The Place To Be!

I have been seeing lots of Ontario plates here in Alberta, and every time I look into the vehicle it is a young male or males. BC gets the retired Albertans, Alberta gets the up and coming young people, people who are here to work and succeed. Welcome!

Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan are the power driving Canada's engine. We are the "have" provinces, including Newfoundland, which is a kindred spirit. Our malls are packed with young families, shopping, and buying things, making the engine purr.

Brad Wall's win tonight is a clear message that given a choice between a "collective" and rewarding individuals, in the end the individuals will win. Good job Wall! Believe it or not for the first time in years, Saskatchewan is growing. I still see the occasional Sask plate, but I suspect they are just driving through. 

I wish we had Klein back, but as that won't happen, I want Brad Wall to be the one who defends the west's oil. Our premier elect is a waste of space, she was too busy getting elected to go to the US and make our case for why the US NEEDS our oil. Wall has been a great voice for the west and now that the election is over, I hope he will clue in both the premier of Alberta and the premier of BC, they both need a swift kick in the butt.

The 100 million that Alison gave to the teachers could have been better used to promote our oilsands, but I suspect the lefty PC are too scared to actually support Alberta's biggest industry. After the Stelmach royalty disaster, we need leadership like Wall has provided to Saskatchewan. We need the Wildrose Alliance!

Even with our lame leadership in Alberta, the west is the place to be for young people who want to work.....well except for Occupy Vancouver, they are obviously smoking too much BC Bud!

Go west young man/woman has never been truer! We actually have good paying jobs out here!

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