Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If The Media Likes Her, We Are In Big Trouble!

Seriously, the liberal media has been drooling over "Red Ali", which is a great indication that she really is more red than blue. Even the NDP like her!

Environics pollster Tony Coulson noted the Progressive Conservatives under Redford are back in a commanding position similar to 2008, before a two-year slide under then-premier Ed Stelmach.
"It suggests that many folks are OK with the new leader and they're happy with the way things are going in the province," said Coulson.
Albertans will be headed to the polls sometime between March 1 and May 31 under the new fixed election legislation.
Heading into that election, Coulson said the picture is one of a divided opposition, which makes the Tories' 51 per cent support an even stronger figure.
"There's nobody close to them in the current mix."
The Wildrose party, which now sits at 19 per cent support (up three percentage points from July poll levels) is still down from its high points in 2009 and 2010, when support hovered around 30 per cent. The NDP is at 14 per cent support and the Alberta Liberals are at 13 per cent - both parties are at the same popularity levels as seen in Environics polling in July.
I hope "Red Ali" takes those poll numbers and calls an election. The results would be stunning.


Blame Crash said...

Wasn't Kim Campbell sitting pretty in the polls when she called the election that wiped out the fed PC's?

I too believe that the political arm of the Bureaucrats and the ATA is cruisin for a bruisin this upcoming election.

Blame Crash said...

Besides that, I don't trust pollsters for a minute. They're just another form of advertising and a "underhanded" one at that!

wilson said...

''...Albertans will be headed to the polls sometime between March 1 and May 31 under the new fixed election legislation....''

fixed election law, with no fixed date!

Albertans are not stupid.

Polls and our media had the Ed Stelmach govt losing seats in the last election, right up until the votes were counted.
Bigger majority govt elected.
Media and polsters stunned.

The Red team has yet to face Albertans.
Call an election.

Gawd, that liberal mpp crossing the floor to Red was sure a slap in the face,
exactly what we needed.
Wake up!