Friday, November 11, 2011

America Gives Canada The Finger!

Do they have any friends left? Seriously, the Democrats running America, and specifically Obama their President have done everything they can to tick Canada and other friends off thinking we will remain friends just because.

Well it is time for PM Harper and Canada to give them the finger back. The Democrats don't understand that Canada supplies 20% of their oil. To make them stand up and pay attention, we should have a pipeline malfunction for a week that cuts off all our oil to them. Think gas is expensive now? HA!

What a weak President the US has, they should be embarrassed at how ineffectual he is, but the media remains in his pocket....what they are doing there is not a mystery, being lefties themselves, they will not turn on one of their own. They make a slight gaff by Perry into the end of the world, but criticize Obama for refusing to take a stance on the Keystone pipeline? Forget about it!

The Keystone XL pipeline would carry as much as 700,000 barrels of oil a day, doubling the capacity of an existing pipeline operated by TransCanada in the upper Midwest. Supporters say the pipeline to Texas could significantly reduce U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil while providing thousands of jobs
TransCanada has said a delay in approval could cost it millions of dollars and keep thousands of people of from getting jobs. 
The American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry's chief lobbying group, said it was disappointed. "Delaying or denying Keystone XL will damage America's energy and national security," API president Jack Gerard said in a statement. 
Doubling the capacity of an EXISTING pipeline. Well shut that pipeline down for maintenance, we Canadians would hate for an environmental disaster to occur on American soil. Let's ship that 800,000 barrels a day to China instead. Are Americans so uninformed that they don't understand how much oil Canada sends them? Oh, I take that back, most of them still think that the 911 terrorists came through Canada, including Obama's puppet Janet.

The U.S. Homeland Security chief has clarified earlier remarks that suggested the 9-11 terrorists entered the U.S. through Canada.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made the comments during a media interview earlier this week, much to the chagrin of Canadians on both sides of the border.
In a release Tuesday night following the interview, she called Canada a "close ally and an important partner" and said she was simply misunderstood.
"I know that the September 11th hijackers did not come through Canada to the United States," she said in the statement.
"There are other instances, however, when suspected terrorists have attempted to enter our country from Canada to the United States. Some of these are well-known to the public -- such as the Millennium Bomber -- while others are not due to security reasons."

This bimbo wants to charge Canadians an extra $5 to enter the US, talk about petty. And you know that bridge to the US? Forget about it!

The momentum for a new bridge linking Detroit and Canada seems to be waning in Michigan, where the wealthy owner of a private span has waged a pricey public-relations war on television to sink it and a new public opinion poll released this week suggests a majority of voters oppose it.
Let me guess, the owner of the present bridge is a Democrat?

Obama is fighting for his political life.....I hear he is on a vacation right now, golfing is he? The US is in a shambles and the guy is golfing? Wise up America, before it is too late.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said the State Department decision was due largely to pressure from Nebraskans. Heineman called a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to address pipeline concerns, including a possible rerouting of the pipeline around the Sandhills. 
Okay, no jobs for you Nebraska. Canada has another pipeline on the go, it will keep all those jobs in Canada and send our oil to China and India. Come back and talk to us in a few years when the price of "blood" oil from the Mideast is so high that Nebraskans are riding their bikes in the winter. 

I would actually feel sorry for Americans, except they are like Ontario, they keep electing total incompetents and blaming it on everything but themselves when jobs leave.

America needs to understand, it is Canada's oil, if you don't want it, we have other markets, you don't. You import, not export your oil. Wise up.

America gives Canada the finger! We can give them the finger right back, and it will hurt them way more than it will us! Watch.


fernstalbert said...

America has embraced the retreat into the caves. Hope they enjoy their smoky fires and sharing space with the bears. lol Good post.

Fay said...

Obama doesn"t care about developing the oil from the Bakken field in North dakota... why would here care about Canada.
As one one American remarked to me last week. Obama thinks North dakota is part of Canada. LOL

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan village idiot is simply pandering to his base. If he were to approve the pipeline he'd risk the tree hugger vote. Coupled with the fact he's going to have to try harder than Gloria Allred and her scorned (and serial liar and perpetually bankrupt) bimbo to secure the black vote (Herman is STILL popular, dispite the Chicago Machine tactics!)

By delaying the piepline until after the election he can then claim he created thousands of jobs. Because he's limited to two terms, the tree huggers won't matter. Rest asssured he will probably only agree to the pipeline if it's constructed by union labour.

(Obongo will need some "walking around money" for his retirement and who better to provide the pay-for-play than the unions that helped elect him?)

This helps reinforce the fact that for lefties, the end justifies the means. (Ignore the pet cause of the environment if it keeps the union happy).

Calgary Junkie said...

Obama is by far the scariest example I've seen yet, of the kind of damage that results when the lefties coalesce in large numbers around one politician. He's going to be tough to beat, and I don't have much confidence that any of these Republican candidates can knock him off.

The silver lining in all of this is that our clean, competent, majority Conservative gov't is going to make Canada a much much better place to live and invest, compared to the dysfunctional, on the wrong track, U.S.

The lefties here (at least at the federal level) will remain un- competitive for many years, and so are relatively harmless. The provincial and municipal levels are another story though.

wilson said...

Seems to me Barry O gave unemployed Americans the finger.

America desperately needs jobs and investment.
When GIFTED with that opportunity, Barry O panders to the 1% on the left who give him $$$$$$$ for his re-election. Movie Stars big rich enviro lobbyists.

It was a 'no brainer',
which says alot about the current Pres, eh.

Anonymous said...

America is a democracy and the people in the affected states have been clear that they do not want Keystone

Republican governors have been opposing Keystone

Get your facts straight

Southern Quebec said...

Grit patriot: Hunter does not deal in facts! Facts have a know liberal bias!

Her sycophants are illiterate and uneducated rednecks...see "Obongo" see " Kenyan village idiot", etc. Etc...

Anonymous said...

Before you start crowing about your perceived intelligence, Southern Welfare Case, check your posts for spelling errors.


hunter said...

Grit, is anything but a patriot, and poor SQ jumps to give him her support. Pathetic really. Get a room you two.