Thursday, November 03, 2011

Progressive Schools Banning Our Vets!

Wimpy, oh so progressive schools, don't want kids to understand what our vets went through fighting for freedom. "No tanks or guns" is their battle cry.

The 20th anniversary of an educational Remembrance Day event is being cancelled at a west Ottawa Catholic high school after the teacher organizing it was told "no tanks or guns" are allowed in the school.
Notre Dame High School history teacher Gene Michaud sent an e-mail to friends last Friday, sadly announcing the end of the Remembrance Day Symposium -- shocking many in the military community.
"There's a huge difference between some kid with a grudge bringing a weapon that's loaded into a school, and veterans putting on a Remembrance display with non-functioning historical replicas," said Wayne Mac Culloch, a retired major who spent more than 40 years in the Canadian Forces, including five missions overseas.
"What we've got going on here is a warped perspective of no weapons in schools.
 What a bunch of ridiculous hogwash. Kids love tanks and guns, and they need to understand that they are only to be used in the most extreme situations. If the schools think that hiding them from sight is going to make them disappear, they are sadly mistaken, it will only make kids more curious about them. How disrespectful to our vets can they get?

I remember Trudeau mania. I wasn't old enough to vote but we saw the posters and as young teenage girls thought he was pretty cool. Then I visited the army base, and got a ride in the perfectly functional, but soon to be retired (as decreed by Trudeau) tank.   To this day, it was one of the best rides I have ever had in my life. Most schools are ruled by liberal feminists who do not understand or even try to understand boys, so banning "tanks and guns" is a no brainer from their perspective. Those yucky things can kill people, YIKES!

I took my boys to Klondike Days every year, and they would go on all the rides, but they kept on going back to the military display. They had REAL guns that the kids could pick up and aim. They had REAL tanks and ambulances. They had REAL soldiers that had been to Afghanistan, and best of all they had a maze of camouflage that the kids could go through and get sprayed with water from a ......wait for it..... water GUN! They loved it! 

The progressive crowd is anything but progressive. They are narrow minded ninnies. Let the kids see a REAL gun and talk to a REAL vet. The experience will stay with them for a lifetime, like my ride in a tank has stuck with me. It didn't make me want to go out and kill people, I don't think talking to a vet about their experiences will make young kids want to instantly join the military, but I think that is what the left fear, that kids might think the military is a good career choice. Better the military than a useless arts degree.

Shame on those schools that are banning our vets. I hope the parents are giving them an earful.


Anonymous said...

I've got smoke coming out my ears after reading that!!! Could anyone possibly be more disrespectful to our men and women in uniform than that?????????

That ever happens around here, I'll be down at that school tearin' someone a new unowhat!!!

Southern Quebec said...

Good for you Springer! Violence solves everything!

West Coast Teddi said...

I agree with LessQue that violence does not "solve the problem, but would work LessQue? From your point of view what would convince the school that "the other side" is right and that we made a mistake - reverse the policy and implement the Rememberance Day program?

Southern Quebec said...

If you read the article c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y you will notice they are not "throwing out the vets" just their weapons.

"I agree with LessQue that violence does not "solve the problem, but would work LessQue?"

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Look it up...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this should be put into terms lefties like Southern Welfare Case could understand.

Banning tanks and rifles from a military parade would be like outlawing leather chaps at a gay pride parade. Think of the outrage if Mayor Ford (or any conservative mayor) were to issue this proclaimation.

The trouble with lefties is they think everything should be sugar coated and bad things should never happen. What do they think, we send our brave men into battle with peacock feathers and they tickle the enemies to death? Or their only job is to pass out candy to foreign children? Give your heads a shake. Should the lucky veterans that survived the concentration camps be forced to cover up their prisioner number tatoos when they're speaking at the school because it might make someone uncomfortable?

War is cruel, bloody and ugly. To hide the tanks and guns cheapens the sacrifice of the veteran because sissy lefties get uncomfortable when confronted by actual bravery and TRUE public service.

Like Jack Nicholson said, "I'd rather you thanked me and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to".

Sorry lefties but you're not entitled to sink to this level of disrespect.

liberal supporter said...

The trouble with righties is they put on the outrage without bothering to check the facts. Evidence and science are routinely trumped by ideology and emotion.

For example, it seems the vets were a little careless with their replica weapons, and somehow kids were aiming them at passing cars.

It's one thing to show off the hardware in parades and at the Centotaph. Quite another to let people think there is an armed insurrection in progress.

Suppose a passing police car saw someone pointing what looks like a machine gun at cars. An officer could easily have decided to drop the "shooter" on sight.

As usual, there's a much better explanation than your ridiculous "lefties are sissies" baloney. Now could argue the merits of the actual situation, such as asking why they don't simply arrange to keep the replicas under guard this time, but that would be sensible, and would deprive you of the opportunity for yet another "lefties hate the troops and aren't entitled to be so disrespectful" rant. Sheesh!