Monday, November 28, 2011

Kyoto Dead, CWB Dead, Happy, Happy!!

Funny how the lefties are striking out on all their protests.

Occupy....Dead, Kyoto....Dead, CWB....Dead. Pathetic, 30 people protest against the deregulation of the CWB.

Seriously, the left has blown their wad over climate change and other issues. How Liberal and NDP MP's can seriously think that restricting our farmers by making them sell their wheat to the CWB is a good idea, I will never know. They should hang their heads in shame at how they are subverting our farmers rights. If even one farmer wants to be free from the CWB yoke, that is one too many. No government has the right to force an individual to sell their produce to the CWB. Yet the left thinks it's perfectly okay. They use the argument that if the gun registry only saves one live....yet they fail to understand that a monopoly restricts farmers rights and freedoms.

Expect plenty of bleating about the Kyoto accord. Socialists love spending other peoples money, and Kyoto is a huge money transfer from developed countries to undeveloped countries, a cause that lefties can really get their teeth into. They love the underdog, as long as they can make money from grants and government programs. They could care less about the tribe in Africa that doesn't have fresh water, until that tribe becomes an icon for their movement.

A perfect example is Coke. They are giving the WWF 2 million to save our polar bears. Our polar bears are just fine, their populations are increasing, but Coke wants to use them as a marketing tool. I have emailed them and told them that we are buying Pepsi from now on. It probably won't make any difference, but I feel better.  

Lefties, supporting useless causes from Canada to Antarctica. Go and Occupy Durbin, but make sure you buy those useless carbon credits to offset nothing. 

Make those corporations who are using climate change as a marketing tool pay, Coke is first on my list. Look for those companies that use "holiday" instead of "Christmas" in their ads. Make them hurt by refusing to buy their products.


prairie dog said...

Hmmm so Coke wants to save the polar bears by having people buy more of their products, which would mean more carbon dioxide released from opening cans of carbonated drinks which is a green house gas which is causing globull warming....what am I missing here?

maryT said...

The only question I have re the cwb, what happens with the advance payment that many farmers take out every year, paid back with deducions from every cheque of delivered grain.

wilson said...

One farmer protests against the CWB being de-monoplolized,
Dippers cheer!!!!
What did Dippers do when farmers faced jail time for selling or donating their own grain???
SHAME on the NDP and Liberals.

Farmers have been fighting against the CWB since 1996,
and they put alot more on the line than being booted off Parliament's grass.....
they gave up their freedom under the heavy hand of Ralph Goodale,
they sat in jail.

Our heros:

-Gary Brandt, 33, of Viking, faced 62 days in jail.

-Ron Duffy, 50, from Lacombe, faced 68 days in jail.

-Jim Chatenay, 59, from Penhold, faced 62 days in jail.

-Martin Hall, 42, from Vulcan, faced 131 days in jail.

-Rod Hanger, 32, from Three Hills, faced 75 days in jail.

-Noel Hyslip, 42, from Vulcan, faced 131 days in jail.

-Ike Lanier, 72, from Lethbridge, faced 60 days in jail.

-Bill Moore, 63, from Red Deer, faced 131 days in jail.

-Jim Ness, 58, from New Brigden, faced 25 days in jail.

-Mark Peterson, 42, from Cereal, faced 124 days in jail.

-Rick Strankman, 49, from Altario, faces 180 days in jail.

-John Turcato, 42, from Taber, faced 131 days in jail.

-Darren Winczura, 35, from Viking, faced 24 days in jail.

maryT said...

And they also paid huge fines.

Anonymous said...
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wilson said...

LibDippers paid the price in 'seats won' for ignoring rural Canada, particularly the West.

No Orange Crush in the West.

And Quebecers are already whining about the Dippers not paying them enough attention (Chantel Hebert).... the fizz is gone there too.

hunter said...

prairie dog, you made my morning with your comment! Thanks.

MaryT and Wilson, as usual, you are both correct. The opposition are wrong to try to keep a socialist program going.

liberal supporter said...

Stay happy hunter! Remember the "don't worry be happy" years of the last Conservative majority? Ended with TWO seats. So it will be again, except you only get one term, since you're moving so quickly trying to dismantle Canada. Keep at it!

One and done, Steve.


liberal supporter said...

Funny how the law and order crowd cheers farmers BREAKING THE LAW. Will you also support farmers growing 6 marijuana plants when they are being hurled into prison where murderers and rapists belong?

I'm sure we'll hear lots of the usual CPC line: "That's different"