Monday, November 14, 2011

Lefties Are Clueless!

 A prime example is

Here we go again. Our gov't wants to spend 7 billion to ship more raw materials out of the country to be refined, so we can buy them back for a grossly inflated price. Why not spend the money to build a refinery closer to the source and create jobs for Canadians? Let's keep the profits in Canada.
Hey, Bill get your facts straight, Transalta wants to spend that 7 billion dollars not the government. Refining our oil means that stable oil gets converted to highly volatile produces that would make shipping it much more dangerous, but don't let facts get in your way of a good uninformed rant.

I bet lots of the people commenting on this article are from the east. Do they understand that they are dependent on Mideast oil? Do they know that Irving oil is "blood oil" and they want to keep it that way. They get unprocessed mideast oil and refine it, why do they prefer mideast oil to Canadian oil? Think of all those oil tankers floating down the St. Laurent river, isn't that more dangerous than a pipeline?

Personally I think Obama is out for himself, not the American people. He has alienated most of America's friends, and ensured that America is isolated. He has just slapped Canada in the face and is expecting that  we will just roll over and want our belly rubbed. 

Thankfully we do not have a weak leader like Obama, we have PM Harper, and he was clear in his response to Obama. 

HONOLULU — Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Sunday Canada will apply to join a new free trade agreement with the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, and suggested that Canada’s farm supply management systems could be on the table for negotiation.
Mr. Harper also said Canada will look further into selling its oil and gas to Asian countries due to U.S. delays in approving the Keystone XL pipeline.
Smack, in your face Obama. Harper used velvet gloves to make his point, but it had to be stated. The US thinks that they will get an endless supply of oil from Alberta, but it is Alberta's resource, and we can Read and support there.  


bertie said...

Instead of listening to these clueless environmentalists,they should be jailing them..Look what the GW idiots have done to Greece,Italy and many other countries around the world..They have them bankrupt except for the leaders of the movement..And if you dig deep enough you know it is the environment programs in these countries that is causing the financial trouble.Especially the windmills and carbon taxes.America will always need more and more oil until some stable form of alternate energy is found..So in the meantime why destroy the economy of countries by falling into these carbon traps or plant tree traps.Are there no leaders in the world today who can open their mouth,s and say enough is enough,and shove the carbon foot up the environmentalists arse instead of the taxpayers.

maryT said...

I read a comment in an american paper re the delayed decision re the pipeline.
_ Too bad Canada will prefer to sell their oil to murderers etc than wait till after the next election to sell to the USA. Sleep well Canada. -
There was more but that was the gist. Who do they think they are that we will just sit and wait for O to get the message. We need jobs now.
That guy forgets that the USA prefers to buy oil from murderers.

Southern Quebec said...

Bertie: Wtf are you smoking? the banksters are responsible for Greece and Italy. It's called non sustainability In the financial markets. they trashed the treasury...they lowered taxes for the very wealthy, spent more than they had. You know...real Conservatives!!!!

Mary: Are you smoking the same stuff as Bertie?

Who cares who Alberta sells their oil to. they get the same price where ever!

maryT said...

Question should be for SQ, what are you smoking.

wilson said...

'the banksters are responsible for Greece and Italy'

oh SQ,
the banksters do not make social policy, the people vote in politicians who do.
Greeks and Italians have voted in socialists so long, they bankrupted their country!

'..Who cares who Alberta sells their oil to. they get the same price where ever!..'

Not true. Price is dictated by demand and supply in oil/gas too.
Canada is flush in oil and could take a $10-20 discount if Canada doesn't have enough buyers.

That calculates out to $9 Billion per year loss in revenue..... could mean we have to give the equalization payment to Quebec, a major haircut!!!

maryT said...

Lou Dobbs, on Meagan Kelly today on Fox really blasts the president for saying he will wait for a decision. And at the same time praising PMSH and AB for looking elsewhere.
Seems O has ignored all the spin off jobs to be created, and the fact that in over 60 yrs not one aquifier has been damaged due to pipelines.
I wait for the day the USA has to import oil from Canada, via China.

wilson said...

Something msm is NOT reporting:

Nov 11/2011
'Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore downplayed environmental concerns surrounding Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline while in Prince George on Monday.'

He goes on to support the pipeline as the safest mode of transport for oil,
and it's a straight line to the ocean where tankers will have pilot boats.

maryT said...

Funny what a threat can do, breaking news, Nebraska agrees to re-routing the pipeline and has suspended the legislature to spend tomorrow for a full day discussion on the pipeline.
That news broke during P&P and really caught Evan and guests flatfooted.