Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Ali Making Her Mark On Alberta!

I just hope it's not permanent. My MLA, a supposed Conservative sent me this message:


Dear Constituent:

Attached is Bill 26.   I support this legislation as I believe it will help to create a no-tolerance culture in Alberta.

I would appreciate your comments.

Thank you.

Fred Horne, MLA
Ph:  (780)414-1311

I added the bolding....no-tolerance culture? It's about lowering the legal drinking limit from .08 to .05. Here is my response:

My comment, you go ahead and support Bill 26, just one more indication that you are not a Conservative. You go ahead and support Bill 26, and I will not vote for you in the next election. I have asked for one thing from you as my MLA, a repeal of the Human Rights Commission's power, and you increased funding. Can the PC's  be anymore tone deaf than they already are? Be prepared to go the way of the federal Liberals. Your new leader was elected by the teachers union, real Conservatives like me stayed away. You have a majority and there is nothing we can do about this bill, you will push it through no matter what I want.

Go for it, but you have lost my vote. No-tolerance culture? That sounds a lot like prohibition to me, is that next? REAL Conservatives are all about personal responsibility, not the "collective" good of the group, socialism. Make the penalties higher for blowing over .08. As it stands if I go out and have 1 glass of wine, being a 100 pound female, I would blow over .05. You are penalizing the occasional drinker, and letting the real hard core repeat offenders go, time after time, with just a slap on the wrist. Get tough on the real offenders. This reminds me of the useless gun registry. Red Allison is pushing through her pet projects at the expense of good leadership, and you are following her onto the cliff. Good luck with that come election time.
 No response back so far, I don't really expect one, my MLA is busy as a Minister or something now, and won't have time for us. He is a wimp, (I have met him) and will bow to whatever Ali wants him to do. Make no mistake, she is a woman on a mission, and we are not going to like Alberta after she is done with it. What bugs me most is that she has not been given her mandate by Albertans, yet she is acting like she has been.

Someone who is thinking like me.....Searching for Liberty...you have to see his picture of Alison Ness, it's hilarious! 


maryT said...

Last saturday our sitting mla was defeated in an election of a candidate for the next election. He lost by over 300 votes. He also supports this no tolerance bill.

Lorne Russell said...

You have a choice in the next election - Wildrose. In B.C. we are stuck with Missy Chrissy as the Provincial Conservative Party is not anywhere near ready for prime time.

maryT said...

Way off topic, but with your love of dogs thought you might enjoy/weep watching this
Watch A Bunch Of Dogs Experience Sunlight And Grass For The First Time

Alex said...

You'll probably get a form letter.

I can't wait to get rid of these progressives. I plan to give all of my free time to it when they finally pull the plug.