Thursday, January 29, 2009

They Spit In Our Faces And We Let Them.

This appears to be a story that started with one article in a newspaper by a concerned Mom, and then the blogsphere grabbed it, made it an issue, and the MSM was then forced to cover it. The power of blogs is becoming evident, and there is no way the MSM or HRC's can stop it. They can't bring every blogger to trial for stating their opinions.

Should every school sing our national anthem? Yes. Should all children be REQUIRED to sing it? No. Who ever said that Canada Day should be the only day that we show our love for our country? Who are these "fake" Canadians who do not want to sing our national anthem? They spit in our faces and we let them.

Remember how PM Harper diverted his plane so that the first people rescued from Lebanon could fly home with him? Do you remember how they complained about the boats and then returned to Lebanon without so much as a thank you to Canadian taxpayers? They spit in our faces, and we let them.

They bring us before tribunals, much like the witch hunters of yore, because we dare to voice our opinions. They want to ban guns and hug criminals, they hound smokers into dark back alleys and call for marijuana to be legalized, and when they get what they want in a budget, they still call for a coalition. They spit in our faces and we let them.

They rally for the terrorist group Hamas, and yell at young Jewish boys that they will be killed, not in the West Bank, but here in Canada. They spit in our faces and we let them.

It starts small, with the banning of our national anthem from a school, because two parents complain, and then the wants of the few trump the good for the many.

Luckily some people clearly understand the need to stand on guard for Canada. If this doesn't send shivers of pride through your body, you are the ones spitting on us.

There comes a point when the silent majority, makes some noise. Stop spitting in our faces, we will not let you do it anymore.


sor said...

Great post. You are absolutely right. If not for Bloggers the MSM would never cover most of the news.

And when there is a true slur against a minority group the MSM is nowhere to be found.

I am referring to Kinsella's slur about eating 'cat' mat at a Chinese restaurant. Ezra Levant has a good post about it but the MSM, nothing.

I hope he gets taken before the Human Rights Commission.

Southern Quebec said...

Why should little kids be forced to sing the national anthem or salute the flag? Being Canadian more than singing and saluting.

When I was in grade school, we had to sing God Save the Queen and then salute the Union Jack. What was the point?

I think that the time would be better spent understanding the Canadian system of governing.

This singin' and salutin' stuff reminds me of...well never mind...

revanche said...

I am speechless. Shocked really. Unbelievable.

FiscalGirl said...


LogicallySpeaking said...

Hey, I'm against banning the Canadian anthem too, but the rest of the article seems to be based in some alternate reality.

Don't let relevancy or facts get in the way of an otherwise good rant.

Bec said...

If you have ever travelled the WORLD and been to countries that have no freedoms, then some of you would not be so blase about ours.

It is disgusting that these people take their "home and native land", for granted.
Go and fight for your country or go and live in one that cannot. Singing an anthem to honor those that did, is the very least we can do. Those that won't should just leave.
Yes, leave.
Much like a spoiled child that needs to see the real world, to appreciate the one that they already have.

Southern Quebec said...

Would someone please define 'Those People' for me.