Sunday, October 11, 2009

As We Sit Down To Enjoy The Fruits Of Our Farmers Labour.....

Be happy that others are enjoying the bounty as well:

We are really blessed to live in Canada. Thanksgiving is a holiday that ALL Canadians can celebrate. There is no banning of Thanksgiving like there is of Christmas. No lefties protesting Thanksgiving, or making it a politically correct holiday.

I thank our troops for protecting us and others who are not able to protect themselves. I hope that the women and children in Afghanistan will soon be as free as the women and children in Canada.

I thank those refugees and immigrants that come here to make Canada a better place. Those who come to reform us to their way of thinking are not welcome.

Most often we forget to thank our farmers for the bounty that we receive from their efforts. They toil from before dawn to late into the night to provide us with the food we need to stay alive. You try getting up at 5 o'clock every morning, in 30 below weather, to feed the stock or milk the cows. I know that people in cities, who buy everything from the freezer section of the supermarket, don't really connect it with those red-necked farmers, but they should, they are the providers of life. Could you please remember in your Thanksgiving prayers to thank our farmers, who give you what you need to sustain your life.

Look around you and appreciate what we as Canadians enjoy, a peaceful life. Stand on guard against those who want to do harm to our nation. Do not fall for the silver tongued politicians who promise everything and deliver nothing. Look to yourselves and your family for sustenance, not your government. Do for yourself. This is not selfish, it removes you as a burden to society allowing more help for those who can not do for themselves.

I thank my Lord for looking down and protecting us. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


Bec said...

"Do for yourself. This is not selfish, it removes you as a burden to society allowing more help for those who can not do for themselves."

Amen! How do you teach the unteachable to be productive and contribute to their own success?

They are the generation of the entitled and have left nothing for those that we intended to support.

I remember WHEN, students worked to put themselves through university.

I remember WHEN, people appreciated our farmers and ranchers.

I remember WHEN, living from paycheck to paycheck meant, going without.

Add to the list.....but never quit being thankful for what YOU accomplish VS those that expect their lives to be accomplished....while they stand by and wait.

hunter said...

You are smoking hot today Bec, right on target. I too remember when people took responsibility for their own lives, and thought that was a good thing.

hunter said...

Anyone else getting an internal server error when accessing blogging tories?

Bec said...

Yes has been 3 hours now.
Entry for me has only been accessible via the side bar to DIRECT sights!. Whats up?

Tripper523 said...

I believe in personal accountability myself, but I sure want to say "thanks" to Bec and Hunter for taking that troll, David, to task on the other thread, and tossing me some flowers too. Much appreciated. Glad you're in there plugging. "Love" is part of my vocabulary too, and is best expressed in BLUE. Also, within the realm of our mainly loveless world, I am compelled to quote a Russian infinitely more talented than the dishonourable Leader of the official Opposition. Fyodor Dostoevsky once said "Each of us is responsible to all others for everything." I've been through "a few things" myself, and I know firsthand that genuinely caring people are rare. A spirit of mutual cooperation and respect sure can't hurt these days, and it makes me thankful that our current government with PMSH tries to instil that in our citizens.

hunter said...

Welcome to my site Tripper523! I have been infected with trolls to the point where I had to go to comment moderation.

It got to the point where some of them were spending hours trying to find out who I am. Creepy crawlers. Stalkers is a better word.

Anyways, I am trying to allow free speech again, but will go back to comment moderation if the trolls misbehave themselves again.

Please feel free to comment.

Bec I'm not sure what is happening, like you I can only access the blogs by clicking on the side bar.