Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where Have The Reformers Gone?

I remember knowing that I could not vote PC anymore after Mulroney, so I was thrilled to discover the Reform Party. They were all about free votes and listening to their constituents. They wanted senate reform, and Alberta supported them by electing their "senators in waiting". Then Martin slapped Alberta in the face by appointing Liberals like Grant Mitchell, a badly failed leader of the Alberta Liberal party, to the senate and ignoring all of our democratically elected senators.

Look at this line-up, one senator was appointed by Trudeau, and they are still sucking from the public trough. Tommy Banks, a band leader? The others are nobodies but they have years to go yet. Grant Mitchell gets to represent Alberta until 2026. We rejected him as a leader in Alberta, but we are stuck with him, no matter how much we disagree with his political views. That was one of the most disgusting things Paul Martin did as a PM, he saddled Alberta with three unelected senators when we had a list of elected senators for him to choose from, it still makes my blood boil.

That woke me up to politics. We were excited about the possibilities before us, the new future that would bring the west into our democracy. So we voted for Reform, and against all odds, after years in the wilderness, we finally won government, after uniting on the right. United we remain, and stronger than ever, as poll results tell us.

I wonder, where has that excitement gone? We still have reformers sitting as MP's in Ottawa, but they are silent now. I don't think it is Stephen Harper who is silencing them, he doesn't have the time to babysit. So, why are the reform MP's becoming.... well, blobs, sitting in their seats doing nothing? Are they afraid to say anything, afraid to be associated with anyone who thinks abortion is killing, or are they just opportunists who saw an opportunity to get elected here in Conservative Alberta?

What are Alberta MP's doing for our province, now that we are facing budget deficits? Why are they not out there condemning the Greenpeace protesters who have been shutting down oil production? Where are they all hiding? If a political nerd like me has heard nothing about what federal funds are flowing into Alberta, what about the non-political? I remember something about the twinning of the road around Banff, but not much else. Have I been asleep at the wheel, or have our very secure MP's been the ones falling asleep?

Maybe they are at the Arts functions (which are now way more popular due to Stephen Harper) and not the hockey games, because I really don't know what projects are funded by the feds, province, and municipalities in Alberta. Can any Alberta MP enlighten me? Or do they not read the blogs? I know Liberal MP's read the blogs, because I have had one respond to one of my posts. Where are the Alberta MP's?

What is most important to me, is that our Alberta MP's are wimping out on the Human Rights Commissions blatant abuse of our system. All I hear from our MP's is crickets. Why have they stopped listening to us? They used to take votes at meetings to determine how they would vote, whether they agreed with it or not. Now, we Reformers, get told to shut up and don't rock the boat, as if that's going to go over real well with independent minded Albertans.

I will not shut up! I expect my representatives from Alberta to represent me. So, I want to see more than meetings about the HRC's, I want to see action. I want to see Alberta MP's stand up, and support the abolishing of section 13(1)....maybe Halloween would be a good time to bury it.

Of all the Conservative MP's, the ones in Alberta are the most secure, and should be leading the charge against the HRC's, but we hear nothing from them, shame! Your vote might be secure, but your personal integrity is at risk. I will never respect any MP that refuses to listen to their constituents, and no MP's, from any party are listening to our shouts about the HRC's. Do they not respect our right to freedom of speech?

Why do I feel like I am shouting into a canyon and only hearing my voice echo back at me? Does Ezra feel like that too?


Bec said...

"I remember knowing that I could not vote PC anymore after Mulroney, so I was thrilled to discover the Reform Party."

Not me! Can you believe it but no, I had spent 2 years in NS and during the KC election, I remember driving down the country side with my family, YELLING at KC, to stop talking.

When we returned West, my sister-in-law, a 'young conservative' was fully telling US why my parent, who had discovered PMSH, were wrong and Jean Charest, was right.

I actually wrote to JCh, during the 'Three stooges coalition' and he was the only politician (conservative) that I did not hear from.

The 'Reformers' are gone but the right has aligned, RESPECTFULLY with every love and affection to Preston Manning.
The jury is still out on BM as he is our 'ball wrecker'... but if he sees this for what is was, in the context of the conditions today, then he may redeem himself, huh?

Bec said...

In response to your Alberta Alliance, parallel, I have always loved Danielle but I am very aware of Willerton. The fact that he COULD EVER win a seat, taints my impression of their qualified candidates.
For me, the jury is still out and I am PRAYING that we can get this right and not let the Liberals or NDP, slide up the middle.

AEK said...

Pierre Trudeau took Canada incrementally down the road of socialism, and he succeeded.

Throughout leaders since, his legacy of big govetnrent lives on.

If the current government's plan is to reduce government interference in the daily lives of Canadianns, I'll support it.

AEK said...

Dear "Climbing Out Of The Dark" and readers:

Sorry about the typos in my last post!

The intent of my comment stands.

And, thanks to "Climbing Out Of The Dark" for providing a forum to debate opinions.

Southern Quebec said...

AEK - There are no debates at Climbing into the Dark. There are only Hunter sycophants... HA!

PS Did you change the formatting of your blog? It comes up all over my screen...I use Firefox...

liberal supporter said...

Come on Hunter, you know the Reformers are only playing possum until their man Stephen Harper secures a majority. Then they can take the chainsaw to all of our institutions. Why else would there be absolutely no effort to correct the problems in HRCs? Even the HRC itself is calling for changes. Instead, we only hear calls such as yours to scrap it all. No middle ground. That is what revolutionaries do. Destroy the existing system to make way for their own utopia.

Thanks for stopping the moderation by the way. Very fitting for a post about free speech.

wilson said...

The Reform Party of Canada was the BEST Official Opposition that this country has ever seen.

By uniting the right, and giving our Progressive Conservative mates equal say in party policy,
The Conservative Party of Canada, the new natural governing party,
led by the best Prime Minister in 50 years, perhaps ever, will not go the way of the PCs and Reform,
here to stay by listening to BOTH PC and Refrom MPs.

It doesn't get any better than that!
I love having Reform roots,
and am proud of the modernization of the CPC.
The Harp rocks.