Monday, October 05, 2009

Going Back In Time!

These clips are a wonderful glimpse back into a time many of us were too young to understand or care about.

First up, a very young Stephen Harper, love the hair:

Next we get Trudeau.

What an arrogant A$$Hole. Funny thing is that the Liberals still love him (Iggy was wearing a Trudeau button at the gay parade if I remember correctly) and they are shining up Trudeau 2 for the next Liberal leader. Trudeau was a Cuba loving socialist who did more damage to our country than any other Prime Minister in our history.

Think charter of rights for everybody but Canadians and non-freedoms. Think property rights....we have none. Think Human Rights Commissions. Watch the dynamic duo score point after point against uninformed MP's.

">Watch these videos, it's important to Canadians to understand how clueless our MP's are on an issue that should be a no brainer. Not one MP thinks they should take control of the HRC's. Numb nuts, is the best way I can describe the MP's on this issue.

I wonder if my MP is as ignorant of the facts of these cases as those on the panel? Has he read Shakedown, has he ever gone to Ezra's blog to educate himself? Clearly none of these MP's have.

Is your MP more worried about the "perception" of attacking the HRC's, or their job? I am tired of the Alberta MP's being marshmallows, what do they have to lose by stepping up, 3% of the vote? Yikes that means they will only be elected by 65% instead of 68%. Buy some guts, or you are going to go the same way as the Alberta PC's next election. Our Alberta MP's who mainly got in as Reformers, have forgotten why we elected them. They are ignoring their roots. They are ignoring their base. If Stephen Harper is relying on the Alberta MP's to get the Alberta vote, he might want to come out here to hear from us, because some of our MP's are invisible. They are sucking up the money, and forgetting who they represent.

I suspect that no one will listen, it's all about Ontario now. At least Quebec will be on the outside. If they vote Bloq or Liberal, they get left out of the majority, therefore they get no power at all. Maybe they will understand how the west has felt for decades.

One more, back to the future video, featuring Lizzy May:

She was uninformed then, she still has no clue about reality. She thought shouting and drowning out her opponent made her point...hummm, reminds me of the last leadership debates. Lizzy has not matured, she is still that young kid who thought she was right, and would not listen to any other point of view.

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