Saturday, October 17, 2009

Copenhagen, We Should Be Worried!

It sounds like the Copenhagen Agreement is way more dangerous than Kyoto ever could have been, even if it had worked. Hopefully Canada will stick to it's guns and not sign anything unless China and India are on board. Here is a YouTube clip from a speech given by Lord Christopher Monckton, a noted climate change skeptic.

This goes hand in hand with this article from the National Post.

Climate 'debt' comes due

If Ottawa signs on to Copenhagen, the size of our resource-based export economy means Canada may pay more dearly for the UN's latest climate-change arrangement than almost any other country on the planet. And in the end, because it may only shift carbon-intensive production from cleaner countries to less-efficient ones, the entire exercise may do very little to limit emissions."The best thing we can do for the planet is get this Copenhagen process over with as soon as possible so that we can move on to real action," says Aldyen Donnelly, president of the Vancouver-based Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium, an industry association aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. If Canada does sign the treaty, she warns, we "will lose all control over our sovereignty and resource base in a matter of years."

Will lose all control over our sovereignty? This is exactly what Lord Monckton is saying in the video clip. This is not about global warming or climate change anymore, this is about one world rule.

I don't know about you but these two examples scare the heck out of me. The UN could be in charge of our world if western nations sign up for this new agreement. The same UN that panders to middle east countries, and allows corrupt dictators to take the podium and spout hate.
Here is the "draft" agreement, I haven't had time to read it yet, but I trust this site:

The Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty Draft – wealth transfer defined, now with new and improved “dignity” penalty

This comment says it all:

Imran (19:27:48) :

What you see is what this whole AGW smoke screen is all about. It has nothing to do with CO2 ….. and everything to do with some gigantic experiment in global socialism. It is about forcing the re-distribution of wealth.

Whilst this, in itself, may be a laudable goal, it completely ignores :
a) the creation of wealth as a function of individual creativity which always thrives from NO or LOW taxes
b) the historical lessons of the abject failure of such wealth re-distribution schemes in the past (eg. communism)
c) the lessons from history of corruption, nepotism and the subsequent human suffering that ALWAYS occurs when resources are just thrown at a problem. Just look at food aid programmes.

And the linking of this flawed ideology to the concept that hydrocarbon energy, which has been the engine of wealth creation in the west, is something environmentally undesirable, is a morally repugnant obscenity.

Emails to MP's about this should be sent as soon as possible.


Southern Quebec said...

Monckton from the Coren article:
"Remember DDT, the pesticide used to kill mosquitoes that carried malaria. Jackie Kennedy read a book saying it was harmful, got her husband the president to bring pressure to have it banned and in 40 years 40 million people, mainly children, died. Now we've come to our senses and re-introduced it but only after the fashionable left did their damage. "

He makes stuff up. He can't be taken seriously...

caz said...

No Ithink YOU MAKE things up and cannot be taken seriously.

wilson said...

It is scary Hunter,
I'm just wondering if the 'notwithstanding clause' can be used if Copenhagen is signed.

This money sucking wealth redistribution global warming crap is starting to show some cracks...fingers crossed the US figure out the devastation this would cause their economy, and no ghg's will be saved in the process.

Here is a good history account of the NEP, for any of our Liberal friends who just don't understand what all the fuss is about....
the billions and billions of dollars raided from Alberta and Saskatchewan, the devastion, while only 4 years until Trudeau got the boot,
last in the West for 13 years.

wilson said...

Be sure to check out Dr Roys post:

CanadianSense said...

It won't go anywhere just like Kyoto.

The US if full of Hot Air. China, India won't pay for "Green Energy" BS crap.

Did the US every ratify Kyoto?

The Americans can't even decide to fund their own healthcare.

The loonie left are losing control in Europe. The recent elections are washing away socialism for more centre right governments.

Other than some photos and good beer this will be a bust.

Jan said...

I would not want to underestimate the Liberals using the Copenhagen/UN conference to undermine the Conservatives, based on Ignatieff's (Father of the Green Shift) reincarnated "green" policy. There are many Canadians today who are still believing that Kyoto was the right way to go, thanks to all the propaganda. Most Canadians have NO idea what is being proposed in the Copenhagen conference, thanks largely to the MSM who have carefully avoided any coverage of it's controversial content. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Anonymous said...

a morally repugnant obscenity! I am going to quote this. our take on it is at Regards and write your officials to protest this crap and trade.

Anonymous said...

Wilson the commentators link did not work. What's going on in the land of the frozen tundra? Notwhithstanding does not hold up in court. our take on it is at