Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunter News: At Home And At Work!

Life would be easy if I could watch news and read blogs all day, but that doesn't happen around here, so I thought you might like my perspective of politics, at home and at work.

Get up 6:45 when first guide dog arrives, wake kids up, hubby makes lunches, leaves for work. I check on my blog and delete any rude comments. Dress before second guide dog arrives around 7:30. Get kids breakfast, and out the door we go by 8:00, two kids, three guide dogs and me. Drop kids off at school, drop guide dogs at school, get to work by 9:00 if I'm lucky. Work, check blog at lunch, work, go home.

Get supper ready, monitor homework, check blogging tories, maybe National Post. Watch 6:00 local news on Global, read some blogs, talk to hubby about our day. Send kids and hubby off to bed, tune into Fox news, and sit down to write my blog. So what did I learn today at home and at work? What was the hot topic?

At home: Hubby and I are seriously considering voting Wildrose. My hubby hates politics, so when he tunes in, it's a huge development. The feeling around home is that new blood injected into our politics in Alberta has to be a good thing. If nothing else it will wake up the complacent PC's. We need more information about Wildrose before we commit to voting for them, but neither one of us could remember the name of the PC MLA who represents our voting area, and that is a bad thing. He's invisible, like our MP lately. Taking things for granted can lead to election problems, not for our MP, he is safe, not just because there is no one else to vote for, but because he is at least visible in Ottawa, as the finance committee chairman.

At work: Politics is sometimes discussed, last we heard about anything political was PM Harper singing. Even the Liberals in the office had to admire his performance, though they did it grudgingly. Wildrose was mentioned, most thought they were not a threat. I pointed out how Alberta turns on a dime, like this National Post editorial. It's a wait and see situation here in Alberta, a lot depends on who the Wildrose get to run as candidates.

So, I finally speed read through lots of interesting articles and have about an hour to decide what to blog on, and pull it together, my bed is calling. I have had only minimal contact during the day with the news, especially anything political, and I want to be original not a parrot of other blogs.

My take on the news today? Iffy wears a red sweater and kisses kids (yuck) has been severely under covered and as usual, negative coverage of the Conservatives has been over covered. Don't believe me? Here is what I saw when I finally sat down to read some news online.

First up, my favorite National Post, they cover Iffy at the play school, in his red sweater (creepy):

Next I went to CTV. Funny they seem to have missed the Iggy sweater event, but are busy bashing the Conservatives:

I don't often stray over to the CBC so you will have to forgive me for typing in www.cbc.com, and look where it took me! I can't read Japanese, but I made sure to exclude the lady with no clothes on the sidebar. Too funny! Does CBC know about this?

I finally got to the real CBC, and they are busy Conservative bashing too, and no red sweater guy in sight. You can tell it's the real CBC because of all the Liberal RED.

So the TV networks didn't cover Iffy the red sweater guy on their on-line sites, I don't know if they covered it in their actual network news, because just like 95% of the rest of the population, I just didn't have time to watch, and mostly, I couldn't care.

There you go, the first edition of Hunter's news, at home and at work! HA! That felt good. It's now 11:30 and 6:45 comes very early. So this is Hunter's news, signing off for tonight.


wilson said...

Full day for sure Hunter.
It was a same old same old day.
Libs are calling for investigations into everything that moves;
pics of Premiers holding giant cheques with their signature on them , ha, are surfacing;
stimulus 1/2 out and Troy ridings have a scandalous 11% more than the opps (lol);
Queen sucking up to Chretien, she must sense Canadians are poised to dump the monarchy;
Rick Hillier wrote book saying the 'crats and PMO was the real war;
and media bashing everything Cons, trying to drive PMSH out of majority territory, just to prove they can;
for every giant cheque question in QP PMSH comes back with an Adscam answer (Libs are stupid);
turkey farm has swine flu;
Iffy is still iffy.

Southern Quebec said...

New Flash!

Hunter works like everyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

Grow up, SQ.

West Coast Teddi said...

Will you be opening "news bureaus" across Canada?

Maybe Esque could "man" the night desk in Southern Quebec. I realize that there could be a lot of "spin" as the news makes it's way across the country but I'm sure that by the time it reaches the west coast all the spinning would be wrung out of it and only the straight goods will remain. We, the readers, would see through all of his murky details and foggy logic.

Thanks for a day in your life and doing what you do.

liberal supporter said...

I thought it was the stereotypical econuts with the birkenstocks and granola who don't shave or bathe. Yet I do not see these activities mentioned in the action packed day in a life presented here...

It is interesting though, that you have noted the only thing to break out of the land of the political junkies and into the mainstream water cooler was the piano PM.

maryT said...

Breaking news in your city. Man with rifle in WCB bldg,.

hunter said...

Yikes, liberal supporter your interest in my bathing habits is just a little freaky!

The point of the post is that even someone interested in politics just doesn't have the time to care about big cheques with logos on them.

maryT said...

After all the faux outrage by the liberals for using PMSH and the conservative government in the same sentence, what do the liberal women say in their pink book. Proves they are really not to upset by that usage.
Why do they refer to the Government of Canada as Stephen Harper's conservative government.
LS, I am sure you can find some other sites to satisfy your curiosity about bathing habits.