Saturday, October 03, 2009

They Won On The Seals, Now They Attack Canada's Livelihood!.

Greenpeace is at it again, and they need to be shut down, arrested, and charged millions for the disruptions they are causing. Hit them in the pocketbook and hit them HARD!

Greenpeace protesters take over Shell site in Alberta

FORT SASKATCHEWAN -- Greenpeace protesters occupied an oilfield site outside Edmonton on Saturday, the third dramatic demonstration the group has staged against Alberta's controversial oilsands development in recent weeks.

It's 4C out here today, I say leave them up there! Start counting the millions they are costing, and then sue.

On Wednesday, 21 activists were granted bail by an Alberta court after they occupied the Suncor site near Fort McMurray, Alta., by floating down the Athabasca River.

The protesters blocked conveyor belts and unfurled a large banner on the river.

Those activists were each been charged with one count of mischief over $5,000, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

And, last month, activists infiltrated Shell's Muskeg River Mine, forcing the company to shut down its 155,000-barrel-a-day operation for several hours. There were no charges laid in that incident.

So, the judge let them go, and what do they do? Go right back at it again. Some of these protesters are foreigners, if you don't keep them in jail, they will just leave the country and we will never see them again. Jail them and hold them without bail.

Greenpeace occupies Alberta oilsands site

Protesters from Canada, the United States and France entered the site at 8 a.m. MT.

They blockaded the giant truck and shovel by chaining the pickup trucks together. They then chained themselves to the larger truck while a second group placed giant banners on the ground that say: "Tar Sands: Climate Crime."

Greenpeace protesters target Alberta oilsands again
Protesting ‘global addiction to dirty oil’

Last week, Pat Nelson, a former Alberta energy minister who now is vice-chairwoman of the In Situ Oil Sands Alliance, told an oilsands conference in Edmonton that the Greenpeace incursion at Shell was "an act of violence against our livelihoods and reputation, and our future. And a total disregard for the laws of Alberta, all for the sole purpose of making headlines."

Don't think it impacts you out there in the east, because you get your oil from overseas? Why is it that you complain about oilsands oil, but are willing to buy blood oil from the mideast and Africa? Why are easterners willing to earn their living in Alberta, but refuse to allow Albertans to work in Atlantic Canada?

Energy in Québec

More than three-fifths of the crude oil that Québec purchases comes from the North Sea (United Kingdom and Norway). The rest is purchased in Venezuela, Algeria, Mexico and the Middle East. Canadian oil figures only marginally in Québec's crude oil supplies, although it was the leading source in the early 1980s.

Two-thirds of oil deliveries reach Québec by oil pipeline, and the remainder by sea. The main transmission facility is the Portland-Montéal oil pipeline, which brings crude oil delivered to the port of Portland, Maine, to refineries in Montréal.

Canadian oil figures only marginally in Quebec, so they think closing down the oilsands is a good thing for the environment, yet shipping oil by sea is safe and non-polluting? What if oil was found in Quebec and Alberta refused to buy their oil?

Almost all of the natural gas consumed in Québec is imported from Alberta. Over the past 30 years, two natural gas deposits have been developed in Québec, one at Pointe-du-Lac near Trois-Rivères, and the other at Saint-Flavien south of Québec City.

Since 1980, Québec has considerably broadened its natural gas distribution system. The industrial sector is the largest gas consumer, accounting for 60 % of overall consumption.

Well, isn't that interesting! What if the Greenpeace protesters shut down the natural gas pipeline, would Quebec wake up? Industrial is 60% of consumption. So, if the protesters shut that pipeline down, it would shut down Quebec industry. I wonder how much of that production is headed to Alberta?

"Canada imports 58 percent of the oil we consume. By region, about 40 percent of the oil used in Ontario is imported, while about 90 percent of the oil used in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces is imported. Approximately 25 percent of this oil comes from the unstable regions of the Middle East or North Africa. Yet Canada's oil exports to the United States are steadily growing. In 2004, 70 percent of Canada's [extracted oil] went to the United States. In 1998 the figure was 60 percent. In 1990 the figure was 50 percent.

These guys even link to this garbage:

So, while the U.S. seeks to support its energy needs and fund its ongoing imperial project, the Alberta landscape is being torn up; the community exposed to pollutants and possible fallout from the use of nuclear power,...the people who are the casualties of the US empire (Mexicans, Filipinos, etc.) are torn from families and used as cheap disposable labour under the TFWP; Albertans face displacement as CEOs and executives move in and colonize cities, turning rental units into condos...and all Albertans experience the strain of the boom as the government opens the door to capital without thought for infrastructure, health care and community needs...

US empire? Colonize cities? Yikes, I wonder if she is out in the cold today protesting with Greenpeace. I wonder where NDP MP greenie Linda Duncan is today? Out marching with Greenpeace? If she truly cares about her constituents, she would be working hard to get them jobs in the oil patch, not trying to shut it down.

I hate to link to myself, but this post is still relevant.
These environmental groups are like Acorn, many layers that lead back to the same bad actors.

Never heard of Environmental Defence here in Alberta, so who has the agenda?

Environmental Defence, (Honourary Board member, David Suzuki) leads to:
Pollution Watch, which leads to:
Canadian Environmental Law Association, which leads to:
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta). Notice that some of the friends listed are, Imperial Oil and Petro Canada.

Holy, these organizations are like salmon, they keep spawning different versions of themselves.

Now, arrest those Greenpeace idiots, don't grant them bail so they can leave Canada, and tally up all the costs, should be in the millions, and make them pay. If some dead ducks are worth millions, stopping production of oil should be too.

UPDATE: Some comments from the Globe and Mail.

10/3/2009 7:06:23 PM
Let's see now, the Greenpeace protester oil or oil by-product use check list: jet fuel (check), truck fuel (check), nylon rope (check), fancy outdoor gear, probably Gore-Tex (check), helmet (check), baggies for nuts and berries (check), water bottle (check), pee bottle (shame if they got them mixed up (check), tacky banner (check), cell phone (check), dad's credit card (check), lip protector (check), backpack (check), reality (no check), brains (no check), get a life (no check)...too bad the last three aren't oil by-products.

Weather report for Ft SK, 3 deg tonight, winds 15k out of the north, rain/snow mix. Have a lovely evening...

And at the end of it all, all the GreenPeace treetards have managed to do, is get a half a dozen contract security personnel fired. Very brave...

Wanna show how brave you are? Still be there Monday morning when 7,000 pipefitters, ironworkers, boilermakers, electricians, scaffolders, etc show-up for work. I realize that the "show up for work" thing is going to confuse a lot of you leftards out there, but some of us - out here in the real world - actually DO IT...

I see some posters talking about how the Tar snds should be shut down.
Get your facts straight people. The tar sands are not as dirty as they have been made out to be. Yers open pit mines are an eye sore. How ever Shell is actually the cleanest of these plants.

Go ahead you fools shut them down. Go ahead and shut down the one industry left in this country for Engineers, tradesmen, and hard working people from all over the counrty. That would put thoushands and thousands out of great paying jobs, and kill the main economic engine driving this country, not to mention rural parts of the entire country.

Seeing is knowing. The oil is naturally in the sand. Deal with it.


Rob .C said...

I read earlier today. In this temperature a fire hose would solve the problem fairly quickly. I think it is a great idea.

MariaS said...

It is about time Canada passed some sort of legislation to restrict foreigners coming into the country for the sole purpose of protesting and creating trouble. Usually, visitors flying into the country have to hand in customs forms which require you to state the purpose of your visit. It would be worth finding out what these trouble makers have noted as the reason for their visit.
What sort of knuckleheads want to close down a company that hires 1000s of people who in turn are probably the sole breadwinners for their entire family.

Platty said...

I really don't like the prices at my local Mayback Landaulet dealers, so do you think if I chain myself to one of these puppies, the courts would simply look the other way?

Why should it be any different for these nutbars? Lock em up and we'll see ya in about 10 years...

hunter said...

Rob C. frozen activists, good idea!

MariaS, bet they don't state their real purpose in coming here, so we should be able to boot their butts out of Canada.

Platty, that's one nice puppy, maybe we should all chain ourselves to the one we want, and wait for the government to give them to us, like these econuts.

wilson said...

Lock them up for the max 10 years because this is part of the enviro terrorism the industry is facing. Plus charge them costs for the lost production time, and cost of enforcement and full court costs.

''...Prime Minister Stephen Harper received a standing ovation after he surprised guests at the National Arts Centre Gala in Ottawa on Saturday night by playing the piano and singing a light-hearted Beatles tune.

Harper joined cellist Yo-Yo Ma on stage and sang a rendition of With a Little Help From My Friends...''

wilson said...

PMSH sings

hunter said...

Wilson GREAT JOB! Our PM is outstanding!

Bec said...

I really glad that the BT's and especially you Hunter are picking up and running with this story.

It is garbage and these idiots must feel some pain, preferably in the pocketbook.

Wow wilson, that is super and thanks for posting it.
Our PM is a very accomplished guy and has many textures to him.
I love the youtube especially because you see him in 'his zone'. This is his essence!
Awesome. Again, thanks guys.

wilson said...

CP video is coming Sunday morning,
so says Jane Taber.

We'll have to watch for it!