Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Woman's Sixth Sense.

It started with this article about Iffy and the female vote.

Women and Ignatieff: What went wrong?

I thought Dion was a geek, and actually felt sorry for him.

So, along came Iggy. I thought he would be a serious threat because he was right wing, like a mini-Harper. He promptly rejected many positions he had taken before politics, like support for the war in Iraq, and became something he isn't, a Liberal.

A woman's sixth sense keeps her safe. I have listened to that sixth sense many times. What I can sense in a second, is a phony. Some guy trying to pick you up, your sixth sense kicks in, and a little alarm bell starts ringing loudly in your head. You can't pinpoint why it's ringing, but you better listen to it.

That's how it is with Iffy. It's not just what he says, it's his body language when he says it. Like this little gem, Iffy singing out of tune:

The media has not mentioned this at all, as a matter of fact, they have gone to great lengths to hide that little gem. Have you seen any headlines talking about Iggy singing out of tune? Nope, me either.

How's this in response to PM Harper singing:

Harper sings out of tune at gala
PM at Ottawa event takes to stage to play classic Beatles' song
By Caroline Phillips, Canwest News Service

Canwest.....are they the ones that went bankrupt? Maybe Caroline needs a new job.

Prime Minister out of tune on arts, Ignatieff says
The Canadian Press
Liberal Leader points to Conservative cuts in culture funding as he plays down Harper's piano coup

The Canadian Press.....who are they, who, who??

Poor little Liberal media, they are having a fit. Iffy should have been a big man and stated that he thought PM Harper's performance was great and that he was going to personally contribute more to the arts because of it. Nope, he was too small a person to give credit where it was due, and made himself look petty and bitter.

This version is one of my favorites because you get to hear the whole song, and see PM Harper's expressions up close.

Now, compare and contrast the two versions. One, a bitter old man being a snob slamming our Prime Minister.

The other was just doing a favour for his lovely wife.

Listen to PM Harper, he has a very sexy voice, the oh's, mmm's, and awe's are very appealing. When he sings "Yes, I'm certain it happens all the time.", you know he is thinking about Laureen, same with "I know it's mine." Crystal clear words, and meaning, for him and Laureen. What woman wouldn't be attracted to a guy who obviously loves his wife? It's sexy.

Let's not forget my all time favorite picture of Harper, before he became the PM.

The kids are so much bigger now, but I bet they still love their Dad just as much as they did then. They are such a wholesome, normal Canadian family.

Think back to the Liberals idol, Trudeau, now think Iggy. Where are the pictures of Iggy with his kids? With his family? Where is any hint of love in Iggy besides himself? Any joy of living? Any affection for someone other than himself?

A woman's sixth sense alerts her to phonies if she listens, and I think Canadian women are listening and Iggy does not pass our sniff test.


Bec said...

You and I are on the same planet, Hunter...this was my favorite version too.
I come from a musical family, I took piano lessons, my kids and grandchildren too, there is NOTHING artificial in this performance.
In the early stage (seconds) you see the PM, bite his right lip....clear signs of "rehearsal fright". As the performance continues and it has been accepted by the audience, he relaxes....classic!

No, the sixth sense is paramount in all of this.

It's about nurturing and trust and instincts..... women have it and sorry my lovely guy friends, you don't!

Bec said...

OMG....I have never seen the Iffy thing. Is that true? I had heard that he had beens stupidly childish verbally, but (I too have a brand new grandson so...been disconnected) to be so childish is astonishing.

Wow, flippin'. wow!

Where is the bloody coverage and youtubes?

Platty said...

First time I have seen this clip of "The Great Pretender" and his reaction to the Prime Ministers performance. He truly is a petty little boy....


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Someone on last night's "At Issue" panel made a comment about Iffy's reaction.

I can't remember who it was or exactly what was said but it was something to the effect that he could have scored some points for being more magnanimous.

i.e. he blew it.

jad said...

Joanne, It was Alan Gregg.

bocanut said...

A women's sixth sense tells her that Iggyuana is an alien shape shifting reptillian not to be trusted.
The darting tongue,the shifty eyes,the chameleon-like constant changing of policies.
I think not.

wilson said...

What would 'I' do if I sang out of tune....

gawd, he can't even get the words right,
it's all about him!!

What would YOU do if I sang out of tune...

prairie dog said...

Hahaha...your right wilson, "What would I do if..."

Incredible, there can be no ego left in the Libs with Eggo having this much, hehe.

cantuc said...

I don't know about womens sixth sense but I learned early in life how to spot a bser and a self centered ego freak. I learned later in life that theres places you don't go . This looks like it would be living hell for any man wasn't some kind of masochistic yes ma'amer . I mean the picture of murthless Martha , not the blog .

hunter said...

Wilson, great catch! "I"ffy and "I"Ruby make a great "I"team! Or is it just a "I"Liberal thing?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joanne, It was Alan Gregg

Thanks Jad. I seem to recall that now as I fell asleep after another exhausting day as a new Grandmother.

hunter said...

Joanne that is so neat, being a grandmother has to be so rewarding. You get a little one to spoil and give wise advice to as they grow.

Bec said...

Back again, showing my hubby's aunt.

THIS post of your's Hunter, should be permanantly imbedded, somewhere.

I will be pulling it up tomorrow, for my huge family gathering!