Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something Smells Bad, And It's Name Is...

WWF. World Wildlife Fund. I gave them $10 once, and I regret it, because they have nothing to do with Wildlife anymore. It's not rocket science to figure out why so many so called charities have started crying about "global warming". Just like scientists, they have figured out the the money is in "global warming" scare mongering. Here are two example of how ridiculous the WWF really has become.

Climate crisis putting Canada's rivers at risk

In its report "Canada's Rivers at Risk: Environmental Flows and Canada's Freshwater Future," the WWF-Canada looks at the health of 10 major rivers, not by analyzing the water quality but by assessing their water flow. (bolding mine)

It says the combined threats of climate change and growing demand for fresh water are hurting Canada's rivers. That demand is growing through:

* agriculture
* electricity generation
* expanding cities
* and industry needs

Oh, oh, agriculture, that nasty industry that actually feeds us. They should not be allowed access to our fresh water, that would deprive people in Africa from.....well food. Get rid of agriculture, they kill plants and animals.

Electricity generation, hey Quebec you are being targeted, if you want any advice, talk to Albertans.

Expanding cities? Okay, let's stop immigration, that should stop the demand for water, but Canada would become a wasteland because we actually need immigration, let's just make sure we exclude terrorists.

Industry needs, to make your Ipod, TV, and computer, right, let's shut them down too. Cars are running over skunks, squirrels and gophers, as I write.

So, according to WWF, we need to stop food production, electricity, immigration and all industry. Sounds fair. My family will do great in that situation, we love living in caves, and hunting deer and moose. I have a great deer jerky recipe! Hold it! Isn't the WWF all about protecting animals?

Arctic will be ice-free in a decade, according to Pen Hadow

An analysis by Cambridge University has concluded that the Arctic is now melting at such a rate that it will be largely ice free within ten years, allowing ships to cross the Arctic Ocean.

Further analysis by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warned that the "irreversible trend" will cause dangerous feedback because water absorbs more heat from the sun than ice, therefore further speeding up the global warming process. The melting of the ice could also trigger extreme weather patterns as the ocean currents change and release even more greenhouse gases stored under the ice.

Okay, now WWF is up in the Arctic analyzing results from Suzuki and Gore cheerleaders.

The Catlin Arctic Survey, led by Mr Hadow, came in for criticism after the team only managed to get half way to the North Pole because of extreme weather conditions and the hi-tech radar equipment for measuring the ice failed in the first few days.

The seasoned Arctic Explorer, who was the first person to trek to the North Pole alone, was forced to continue with just a simple ice drill. During the 73 day trek he took 1,500 readings, often during pitch blackness and with windchill factors down to -70 degree C. The team also took thousands of visual observations to give an impression of how the shape of the ice sheet is changing.

Mr Hadow insisted the effort was worth it. He pointed out that no other readings of this year's winter sea ice was available to scientists and surface readings can pick up changes in the ice that were not being picked up by computer models.

Hey Hadow, did you pick up all your failed equipment off of our pristine Arctic? Those idiots were lucky to get out of there with their lives. He took 1500 readings in -70 wind chill, are you insane? They huddled in their tents and as for those visual observations, they observed it was dang cold out there and saw their lives flash before their eyes.

WWF is supporting this failed mission because they are singing the right tune. How can they seriously expect us to believe that in -70C the ice is melting? Really? I want to see Suzuki buy some land up north in anticipation of the BIG THAW, he could make millions charging ships to pass through our Arctic. HA. Nope, the guy is sitting in mild Vancouver pontificating about global warming, and how he can get more money from the scam.

The WWF is not about protecting animals anymore, they are all about "global warming" because that is where the money is, and they want their share. Shame on them.

If you are going to donate your money to a charity, this one should be struck from your list. They are nothing but a mouth piece for econuts. Start hitting these guys in their pocketbooks, stop donating to them.


Southern Quebec said...

It seems to me if an animal's habitat is destroyed that is relevant.

I don't think they say that agriculture should not have access to water, but that they should act more responsibly. I live in a rural area where dumping crap in the streams in quite common. No one wants to fight the farmers.

Anonymous said...

Animals can be managed. They can be relocated and 'steered around' man-made areas, be it a city, a mine site, or a highway. Hence the modern day Fish and Game Assocations, Ducks Unlimited and the Forest Rangers. Mankind has been responsible to saving more species than those that went extinct.

The WWF has evolved into nothing more than a policial action group inhabited by a bunch of one world government doom sayers. Oh those cute and cuddly polar bears are drowning. Drowning! Oh, and those baby seals are so cute, why would anyone want to smack them on the head?

Has anyone else ever seen those photos of how the oil and gas industry has 'destroyed' the artic? I'm referring to the photos of the herd of caribou grazing on the tundra alongside a large oil/gas operation in the background. The best picture has to be the polar bears 'chilling' on the pipeline. There were pictures of bears sprawled out on top of the pipe enjoyng the global warming! Oh God, the humanity!

The WWF is nothing but organized sissies, using fluffy stuffed animals to prey on the emotions of senstive young school children and cowardly adults who've never done a day's work in thier lives. The same adults that hold thier noses and say pee-ewe when they drive past a farm in thier Volvo station wagons on thier way to some ill-conceived 'Earth day' or multi-cultural pagan ritual that gets thier rocks off.

liberal supporter said...

I'm referring to the photos of the herd of caribou grazing on the tundra alongside a large oil/gas operation in the background.
The contented looking "judas goat" grazing outside the abattoir may fool the cows into walking merrily onto the killing floor, but your staged photo-ops of wildlife happily cavorting around oil and gas operations only fool the fools.

Anonymous said...

Staged photos? About 25 years ago a pipeline was constructed near our old home town in north east Alberta. The pipeline company levelled the land and seeded the cutline (about 250 feet wide) into grasses and hay. I can produce numerous so-called 'staged' pictures of the many generations of deer that moved into the area and have been thriving ever since the pipeline was built. The pipeline runs between a hamlet of about 500 people and a town of over 3500. If anything, the deer population has increased since 'big oil' cut thier swathe through town.

Get over your self righteousness, LS. As more people clue into the hypocricy of eco doomsayers such as you, you only continue to embarrass yourself.

hunter said...

Well, we wouldn't want those bad oil companies reclaiming the land and allowing the buffalo to roam, now would we?