Sunday, October 04, 2009

Avro Arrow Restored.

So I was reading some other blogs, and I came across this one about the Avro Arrow:

Canada's Groundreaking Avro Arrow Interceptor To Be Restored

One of the links was broken, so I went looking for the restored Avro. I'm not sure if this is what Canadian Sentinel was referring to or not, but it's pretty cool anyways. It appears we have a reconstructed an Avro model right here in Alberta.

Now that is one awesome looking aircraft. Too bad that politics got in the way, or we might still be leaders in the industry.

Haven't seen the movie (1997), but it looks like a good watch.


Rob .C said...

Diefenbaker could have saved the Arrow. He chose to sell Canada out.

maryT said...

The movie is ok, but because of political correctness they had to put some female into the plot and those of us who lived thru this know there were no women in management.
My sons were great fans of the Avro, comic books, puzzles, models etc.
When they got old enough to vote they asked, who was it that killed the avro, and until Reform come along would never vote Progressive Conservative.

Eskimo said...

The movie wasn't too bad. Dan Ackroyd was quite good. Agreed with Mary, the PC stuff was a little obvious. There were also a few parts of the movie where the acting sucked and it was 'painfully Canadian'.