Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Threefer, Harper, Stelmach, and Mercer!

A threefer, Harper is excellent, Stelmach is okay, and Mercer rocks!

With PM Harper in Edmonton, our local station got an exclusive interview with him, it's a must watch, he was excellent, as were the questions. No Jane Taber type sniping in sight.

PM Harper in Edmonton: A very good interview no-one east of Saskatchewan will see.

Knowing he is trouble, Premier Stelmach gave a speech to Albertans that no-one watched. I like him, he is a good and honest man, but if you remember "Peter's Principle", he has reached his level of incompetence. Unfortunately, there is no-one I can think of that can replace him right now. (Ralph come back!) It was actually a good video, and he will probably win the next election, but, with the Alberta Wildrose Alliance breathing down his neck. He's good for one more, no more than that, or the PC's are in big trouble.
Premier Stelmach's speech:

I saved the best for last, Mercer on Liberals:

H/T to Wilson for the Mercer video.


Eskimo said...

I'm afraid Special Ed will be Alberta's next Harry Strom. With aplolgies to Daffy, he's a lame duck.

It gets worse. AUPE has bought lots of advertising, the teachers union is starting to thump thier chests and pretty soon the nurses will be claiming the only way they can be shown appreciation is trough a massive pay raise and/or strike threats.

I vote for another Ralph Klien 5% pay cut across the board for all government employees.

Harper would be well advised to stay out of provincial politics for a while.

hunter said...

He stated he wouldn't answer a question about it with a ten foot pole. He knows it's dynamite right now.

Bec said...

Gosh Hunter, your great, 'Late Breaking News' items keep me awake more than my poor, injured necked hubby.

Yes, that WAS a better than fab interview and I think you should give it a boot out East!

As for our Premier, argh...what do I say? He is an up the middle leader and we are paying for that as we should. ( leadership attention)
I never watched it, I cannot. I find myself rolling my hands saying, "Spit it out, Ed....can you show a wee bit more enthusiasm" but I would take this experienced MLA and struggling Premier any day before I would take a guy that showed up just to run a country that he has NEGLECTED for 34 years.

hunter said...

Oh dear Bec, I hope your hubby is okay! If he isn't seriously sick, he is probably driving you crazy. It's funny how they are such babies when they have a little sniffle.

An injured neck sounds much more serious though, nothing to fool around with. Hope he gets better fast.

I actually feel sorry for Stelmach, but he is running our province and sympathy only goes so far.

Bec said...

HA, Hunter, ya no he has a herniated C5&'s been brutal but we are managing and having a choice for PRIVATE HEALTH CARE would be nice, about now! His right arm, needs to go DEAD before he is an EMERG surgical patient, meanwhile....6-8 months to SEE the surgeon.

Having said all of that, he has an astonishing primary physician that has him drugged adequately (finally but he never missed a day of work) to work daily....and well.

We are very fortunate here in Canada to have those that TAKE and EXPECT and those that NEVER do.
.....sarcasm at it's fullest!

The Premier and his govt, has improved this service imo the problem is why have we no choices?

wilson said...

''A very good interview no-one east of Saskatchewan will see.''

Well they should! If you send it to

he may pick it up (and the RMR too)!
At the very least he will be aware of you excellent blog, and you, as a source for his aggregator site!

caz said...

''A very good interview no-one east of Saskatchewan will see.''
Can someone tell me please why this is so? I'm so sick of the lies and fabrications taken so literally by many canadians..the absolute retched anger and rage displayed in many Liberal blogs and by trolls is so irrational. I have no room for Iggy but he doesn't illecit that kind of HATRED. I want one solitary reason why this interview coouldn't be aired down east by SOMEONE!! thank God for the internet.

wilson said...

With a little help from his friends, maybe this interview can find it's way East caz.

This blog becoming a source for Bourque would be a good step forward.

And imo, Western news being overlooked/ignored by the Eastern media is a large part of why the Libs have always bashed the West, and gotten away with it,
we are the unknown.

hunter said...

Caz and Wilson, a good interview by the PM is not usually covered no matter where he gives it, unless the eastern media knows that their "competition" will cover it, then they will give it some air time. Being as he was in Edmonton, it is only further reason to ignore it. You know "dirty oil" and all that garbage.

Funny how the eastern media cover Iffy where ever he goes, even to England. It must bug them that all that coverage is only causing Iffy's numbers to fall faster.

Mjölnir said...

Eddy is hoping and praying that Dyrholm gets in this Sat and not Danielle Smith. My bets are that if Smith gets in Eddy doesn't get past the next leadership review. And if the WAP is smart they'll elect Smith as leader, but we'll find out in a couple of days..