Sunday, June 19, 2011

CBC, A Taxpayer Bloodsucker!

Remember how all the lefties got their shorts in a knot about SUN News getting a CRTC license? They even got Americans and their money involved in the protest against a Conservative news station....yes, it seems lefties only hate Americans when Republicans are in charge. Even though SUN News was not asking for ANY taxpayer money, the lefties yelled, screamed and signed petitions against a station that might dare to express a different opinion on events that the lefties supported, like the huge money grabbing scam called "global warming". This was the end of Canada as we knew it, even though SUN News had not even been on air for one second. Your typical tolerant lefty, protest against anything that even hints at being Conservative. What are they scared of? Do they deep down in their guts understand that socialism is doomed to fail, so they don't want any opposition to their Robin Hood myth? 

Well, SUN News is on air for some of us, and you can watch it on the internet. The world is still rotating and the lefties are still spinning, except now they are getting dizzy from all their circular thinking. SUN News is actually beating out CTV in the ratings after only a few months, and they are raining down on the CBC so hard that CBC is starting to smell like the sewer that rain water runs into.

Brian Lilley has been writing about the CBC and their failure to respect the Canadian taxpayers who fund them by bringing to light the fact that the CBC refuses to answer freedom of information requests. They are in court about it, and taxpayers are paying for their court costs, how sick is that?

Brian has a really good segment about the CBC and how they are up for renewal of their license. I know that Conservatives are not much for protesting on Parliament Hill or at universities, but if you have a computer, you can protest by emailing MP's, setting up facebook groups, or commenting on sites to get your position known. Here is a perfect opportunity to let the CRTC know how you think the CBC can be improved. 

  • Joeblow 
    There is absolutely no way the CBC can be relevant or meaningful to the Canadian Public.  It is run with over 1 billion dollars yearly of taxpayers money, and feels it does not have to be accountable to anybody, therefore, does exactly whatever it wants.  This view was apparent again, during the CBC coverage of the Federal election with their reporting and obvious Liberal favoritism.  They just have too much federal money to be accountable and will fight, i.e. freedom of information in the court with our money.

    That is only one comment out of so many that are calling for accountability on the part of CBC.

    You can spend all day Sunday commenting on all these topics:

    We know that the Conservative government is not going to privatize the CBC, so, it is up to us to help the CRTC move the CBC into what they really should be, a company that supports Canadian artists and our culture. Enough of CBC news and sports, sell the rights to HNIC to TSN and stop CBC from reporting the news. Make CBC into a Canadian cultural channel. Let them do documentaries on our Aboriginal people, and our history as an immigrant nation. Let them showcase our national ballet company, our great symphony orchestras, and our painters and artists. Isn't their mandate to do just that? They have no business competing against our private news companies when they get 1.1 BILLION of taxpayers money, that is not fair to those companies that have no funding. So, we either give them no taxpayer money or we persuade the CRTC to make CBC abide by their mandate, serving all Canadians by promoting our culture and diversity! That should keep them busy and out of the business of being political advocates for lefties. No news coverage, no power to shape the political structure of Canada.

    It's time for Conservatives to protest, from their keyboards. Comment at the CRTC site, they are asking for feedback, let's give it to them! Don't just go there and say CBC should be shut down, go there and make valid points about CBC's mandate:

    ...the programming provided by the Corporation should:
    1. be predominantly and distinctively Canadian, reflect Canada and its regions to national and regional audiences, while serving the special needs of those regions,
    2. actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression,
    3. be in English and in French, reflecting the different needs and circumstances of each official language community, including the particular needs and circumstances of English and French linguistic minorities,
    4. strive to be of equivalent quality in English and French,
    5. contribute to shared national consciousness and identity,
    6. be made available throughout Canada by the most appropriate and efficient means and as resources become available for the purpose, and
    7. reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada."1

    Nowhere does it say that they should have to be a tv station nor does it say that they have to report the news, that is not part of their mandate, let the CRTC know we want the TV station to become more like the History channel, and only show Canadian produced shows that highlight our cultural expression, like the CBC's mandate states. That will keep CBC alive, but kill their power to interfere politically, which is also not part of their mandate. Hold them to their mandate, make them into a toothless public station and reduce their taxpayers funding.

    Don't complain about the CBC if you don't do anything about their lack of respect for Canadian taxpayers. Comment to the CRTC about the taxpayer bloodsucker, CBC.


West Coast Teddi said...

I used to work at a hotel in Calgary that was a host for Spruce Meadows horse shows. CBC would show up for at least 2 months to do 2 different shows with a whole crew of people all on expenses. They drove their equipment trucks from all over the country.

When CTV did the shows 1 time there were only 5 people and the announcer flew in the night before and left at the end of the commetition. they used the local CTV affiliate for their equipment.

I could not believe the difference - we had so many rooms booked for CBC that we didn't have to pay attention to the "real" paying public.

Privatize the TV portion of CBC that does sports/news etc and put the radio on a "fundraiser" system to pay for at least half of it.

GRM said...

Considering the CTRC will be ruling on the issue, I suspect we will get a large dose of more of the same. Even our so-called Conservative Govt. thinks the CBC is wonderful and has rewarded the CBC mediocrity with an additional 60 million of our tax dollars a year.

Martin said...

WC Teddi is right.
The complaint heard constantly from private broadcasters, is that CBC sends 3 to 4 times as many people as necessary. Typically these crews consist of separate English language radio and TV people, plus Radio-Canada personnel.
Especially irritating is the practise of sending crews to natural and other disasters in the US. Dispatching film crews to Roanoke Va shootings, or the Katrina hurricane, take up rooms and facilities from emergency workers and families, who have more legitimate reason to be present. The stories could easily be provided by a local TV feed; there is no need for a CBC reporter to earnestly broadcast from the site.
For that matter, there is no need for Peter Mansbridge to report on an east coast storm, kilted out in a shiny yellow sou'wester.
But, this is the CBC, no conception of efficient operations, indeed not even an honest accounting of costs.