Monday, June 13, 2011

Strange Visitor Officially Identified!

Thanks to all my readers and Kate's Small Dead Animal readers, the strange visitor has been identified....officially and Edmonton is now on the butterfly/bug map!

It wasn't an Israeli Secret Spy Camera as Kate speculated, it is officially known as:

Date of Observation: June 05, 2011
Submitted By: HunterinAlberta
Species: Hemaris thysbe Hummingbird clearwing
Specimen Type: Photograph
Observation Notes: During the day, near noon, it was warm. Lived in Alberta all my life and I have never seen one of these.
Status: Resident
Verified By: davidwdroppers
Record Verified Date: June 09, 2011
Review Notes: Thanks for the record.
Alberta, Canada

The bug/moth is now an official sighting in Alberta, there have only been three, so it's an honour to have contributed to this record of sightings. 

Thanks to all of you who gave me information on the strange visitor that landed on my flowers.  From comments on SDA, " I am very interested in the flower...perhaps hunter could share the name of that lovely white cluster." Posted by: bluetech at June 10, 2011 9:09 AM

To give you an understanding of the size of the moth bluetech, those lovely white clusters are bacopa. Remember that I magnified the photos to show the moth better. 

Switching from bugs to dogs, we have been watching the Edmonton Humane Society website since Wednesday, waiting for the 17 greyhound/x's to go up for adoption. We have our eye on the puppy, but I like some of the other ones too. Maybe something sad can turn happy. 

I am determined to get one of those greyhounds, and I am working on hubby to get two! It's going to be hard to get the one we want as both of us work and when I went there they told me it was first come, first served. Anyone have a tent I can borrow? Wish us luck. If anyone reading my blog has an in with the Edmonton Humane Society, HELP!!!!


Southern Quebec said...

These are interesting looking dogs! I would be surprised if they allow them to be adopted into a household where there is no one home for 12 hours a day. Set your sites a little lower...or quit your job! :)

West Coast Teddi said...

so glad it wasn't an SQ Mothess - was concerned about an invasion from the left of the "let-us"!

good luck on getting a "hound". A friend in the Chuck has one and it is a great pet - a very swift walk for sure!

CanadianSense said...

Good luck!

Greg said...

I had almost the same experience, I was outside working in my yard and saw "the bug" out of the corner of my eye. It flew from one tree to another, stopped for a second at each and took off. The one I saw was about 3 inches long and has a greenish colour to it, it also had a white underside. Of course I thought it may be a hummingbird, but it didn't move quite right. I live in Edson, Alberta. Your pictures confirmed the sighting.

JR said...

Hunter, Congrats on your official weird bug sighting and best of luck in your greyhound quest.