Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver, Incubator Of Stupid Ideas.

Okay, I know that Canada still doesn't have the Stanley Cup back on Canadian soil, I wish we would have won. Speaking of soil, here is an idea that the greenies in BC need to get behind, maybe all those tears tonight can be used for a more noble purpose....turning your lawn into a wheat field! Not only can you have chickens in your back yard( do you know how bad they smell?), you can have wheat in your front yard to feed the chickens, or make bread!!! Grow wheat!

First, look at that soil. It's rocky and needs fertilizer (do greenies allow fertilizers?) and think of all the water needed to grow that wheat! My Mom tries really hard to grow veggies in her Kelowna soil, but the heat and bugs get more of her veggies than she does. Also the chemicals they have to spray on their fruit trees is sickening. But, hey, BC'ers are the true greenies in Canada and don't you forget it.

Here is an example of a real wheat field!

Here is an example of what real soil should look like, rich, black s(oil). (Sorry the dark s(oil) is not real clear but it was 10:30 tonight when I ran out and snapped some pictures.)

My garden needs nothing but a good weeding, that BC lawn transformed into a wheat field is going to need so much water and fertilizer that they should just plant some rocks and be done with it. Or, maybe BC Bud can grow in that soil.

Let your "free" range chickens out into your front yard wheat field and they will be delicious by Thanksgiving! Go for it Vancouver, but don't let me catch you spraying your fruit trees with pesticides, that would ruin your greeny reputations.

If you are really intent on growing wheat in your front yards, here is an excellent site that takes you from the planting to the making of bread. Good Luck! Can you hear me laughing hysterically? HA!  Wheat in your front yard.....Too Funny!


maryT said...

One bushel of wheat is supposed to make 60 loaves of bread. So, how are these people going to get the wheat into flour. I doubt if they would get one bushel of wheat off that lawn. What a stupid idea, but hey, it is a city council.

maryT said...

And how do they intend to harvest that wheat, scythes might work. I can just see the women of Vancouver pounding wheat on rocks to make flour.
That idea is almost as stupid a a local councilwomen in Lethbridge, a few years ago. A company wanted to convert the brewery into a plant for barley processing, and she went on tv to say, can you imagine trucks of barley driving thru our city. Finally a reporter asked her, do you know what beer is made from, malt barley has been coming thru here for many years, to the brewery.
Plant denied, went to the states and is doing very well.

Frances said...

Not to mention that a lot of lots have trees - think URBAN FOREST. Our local council makes much of this, but doesn't give us any break on our water bill keeping our mini-urban forest (both our trees and theirs on the boulevard) healthy.

I'd love to grow veggies on our lot; unfortunately, the trees get in the way. One advantage, though: we do get natural cooling in the hot days (whatever they are).

maryT said...

Question, did you get your greyhound.