Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Attack Of The Lefties....

We knew it was coming! Poor things, their funding is getting cut and they might have to actually get support from their friends, heaven forbid if a corporation offers them support.

This ninny should be happy with all the media attention she is getting because I had never heard of her before, and I don't want to promote her in anyway, but you have to watch her "performance" to get a sense of her "art", which has cost us taxpayers over a MILLION bucks so far. That is what I object to, our hard earned dollars going towards this garbage, oops, I mean "art"!

The interview.

The "artist".

I took modern dance in university, easy credits, no studying. I did not expect to make a career out of it, but I bet I could do just as good as Margie, without any tax dollars!

Expect more protests by lefties in the next 4 years. I hope every time they protest, their funding gets cut. I love to hear lefty whining. Margie could not explain why she deserved 1.2 MILLION dollars from taxpayers. By her protest, she sure shows that she expects us to support her in the style she is accustomed to, no going out and finding a sponsor for herself, that would be demeaning.

It actually makes me sick that a no-name talentless lefty like her gets 1.2 million in funding while deserving charities go begging. Dogs with Wings trains wonderful dogs to help disabled people and they get ZERO funding from the federal government. Hundreds of assistance dogs could be provided to disabled people with 1.2 million dollars. I thought lefties were interested in providing a better life for the people who can not provide for themselves. Hypocrites.

This prima donna wants her government funding even though she has no talent. She is not interested in helping the underprivileged. She is in it for herself. I want her to get all her 4,200 lefty buddies to send cheques to an organization like Dogs with Wings. I might respect her then, but she would never do that because it would take the ability to care for someone other than herself for that to happen. She's too egotistical to care for anyone but herself.

Expect other lefties to protest Sun News and our government because I smell more funding cuts coming, and that makes me happy. I am tired of my tax dollars automatically going to organizations that only help themselves.


prairie dog said...

Yes, I agree.

Sixth Estate said...

Nice points.

Of course, Sun forgot to mention that Quebecor is happy to take subsidies of its own, and even threatens to sue when it looks like it might miss out:

bubba brown said...

Don't tug on superman's cape
don't spit into the wind
don't question a interpretive dancers entitlements!
Huh the last time I watched a "interpretive dancer" I was able to enjoy a beer and the dancer used a pole instead of a chair.
Cheers Bubba

TangoJuliette said...

TangoJuliette sez:

From where I sit: Nobody "cut" anything. Nothing was "slashed." Seeking a Government Grant, [...a sum of money, esp. from a govt., or govt. agency, for a PARTICULAR/SPECIFIC PURPOSE, A submission was made. For whatever reason(s,) said submission was declined.

As for Krista?

K.E. was a "blindsider" when she was on the CEEBEESEA chain, with her dishonestly-spliced footage from different interviews with the PM, strictly to make him look evil.

She was a librano fifth column shill when, during some heated HofC sessions, she produced questions for librano teetotaller, Pablo "I just can't blow into this thing" Rodrigues TO USE DURING Q.P. Again, ostensibly with the aim of discrediting the Conservative Government of PMSH - probably just following orders from her "bosses," whoever they may be.

I was shocked and dismayed when Sun News first trumpeted her hiring. I shall continue to be dismayed,and disappointed, should she, and whoever the h**l hired her, remain on staff.

Her pugnacious and confrontational stance, tone and style are all almost exact copies of the those traits displayed by those rabidly anti-right, left-lib-dem-prog degenerates, with the same sort of arrogant, venom-laced style of 'journalism.' As a conservative big C little c, I must declare that this sort of Ericksonian pap causes me to cringe -

note: As to the question of government grants to the arts? some years ago, when I was setting up an exhibition at a local art gallery, the gallery owner, without my knowledge applied for,and rec'd., a prov. gov't grant to cover the costs of the opening.

Took me the better part of three years, before I could finally persuade the Prov. Arts Council, to accept the money I returned too them - the $2,500 came out of my own pocket too, because the gallery had used it all up by opening night. Great wines, marvelous cheeses.

Didn't then, don't now, don't ever, want to be on the receiving end of government money.

The one who pays the piper gets to call the tune. The one who holds the gold, makes the rules.

That's not censorship, that's a case of co-opted creative types who think that the State owes them a living, but would never dare even think about accepting any sort of input when the State shows up trying to introduce any sort of critical commentary into the work.




Southern Quebec said...

Bubba: Celebrating your anniversary watching the little woman work, eh?

You could be taken a little more seriously Hunter, if you complained about the money being doled out to large corporations...who then go on to give their CEO a bonus for having received said money.

Any money Margie Gillis got was chump change compared to the real professional corporate welfare bums.

JR said...

Thanks for the link, hunter, Now I know why I got all those hits:)