Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life Gets In The Way Sometimes!

Sorry for not posting everyday like I usually do, but life gets in the way sometimes. Our search for a greyhound continues, my heart needs to say yes when I see the dog. The adoption of a dog is one that must be right for everyone in the family, as the dog will be with us hopefully for 10 to 12 years. Our Dogs With Wings girl will be leaving us at the end of July, so we have some time yet.

We have also been busy with graduations, my youngest graduated from grade nine, thankfully boys don't need $300 garments for a 2 hour graduation! We just went to my other sons grade 12 graduation. I am so proud of both boys! I am really excited that my oldest is going to NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in September, he has been accepted into media design and IT, he will be designing games.

I also have been involved in a very special gardening project. It's always rewarding to garden and grow vegetables for those who need nutrition the most. To bad the lefties talk a big game about helping the most needy, but they are nowhere to be seen actually helping the people they pretend to care for so much! Hypocrites!

Life can sometimes get really busy. All I want to do is lie out in the sun and read a good book, ........... maybe tomorrow.


West Coast Teddi said...

It's ok, we your faithfull followers, will just sit here looking at our screens waiting for updates!! Keep us posted on your search for the GH and the training of the dog with wings. Nice to know that there is a life outside of politics - can you say MAJORITY!!??

Trust there will be a Canada Day FNF special?? Thanks

The_Iceman said...

When you do find a greyhound, you should name it Santa's Little Helper...

maryT said...

Re you son designing games. Any chance he could design a game for those with disabilities, eg, hero in a w/chair, or deaf, or having DS.
There is not one game out there that I know of, but many with disabilities would love to find one.

hunter said...

MaryT that is an excellent idea! The disabled person could have a super assistance dog to help them fight the bad guys...I'm loving it!