Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PETA Kills Puppies!

How can these supposedly humane animal groups get away with killing so many puppies and kittens? Ezra slams a PETA fool, who is too stupid to say anything but the standard PETA lines.

Sorry only Craig seems to know how to embed Sun News videos, so here is the link to Ezra eating wings while talking to a PETA activist.

A brief summary is; Ezra had the facts about PETA killing huge numbers of puppies and kittens, while still protesting a Guzoo in Alberta, where no animals had been killed until PETA became involved. Now we hear that the Alberta government has ordered some perfectly happy and healthy exotic animals killed because of PETA and their own stupidity. Where is Wildrose Alliance on this issue? Too busy promoting their leader? Too busy sucking up to the other opposition parties on health care? Wake up Wildrose! This is a perfect opportunity to show exactly how conservative you really are, or as I am beginning to suspect, are not!

What will happen to the animals when GuZoo is decommissioned?
GuZoo has domestic animals in direct contact with controlled (wildlife and exotic) animals. As a result, none of the animals can simply be released or sold.

We will be working with the operator and providing advice on the best options for the animals, including working with organizations such as CAZA to help place the animals.

The government has already told Guzoo owner that: THE LION, ALL 4 BEARS, AND ALL 16 DEER AND ELK ARE TO BE SHOT!  This is the cold hard fact.  So don’t be fooled by sugar coated words of concern. Our government, by listening to these animal rights groups has sentenced nearly 2 dozens animals to slaughter.

By the Government’s own definition, ALL Guzoo’s domestic animals have intermingled with wildlife and exotic animals and by their own regulations, ALL Guzoo’s domestics can NEVER leave the property (this includes their dogs, rabbits, horses, sheep, goats etc) unless they are provided a home for at another zoo. 
There are not a lot of zoos out there who want to add pygmy goats, basset hounds, domestic rabbits to their zoo displays.

The ALBERTA GOVERNMENT has ordered the killing of perfectly happy and cared for animals because AMERICAN sponsored PETA doesn't like animals being held captive. PETA slaughters thousand of puppies and kittens every year, but one farmer is the bad guy? This provincial government sucks, big time and our farmer Premier ED should understand farm issues better than any PETA activists. This government is falling apart and I'm not sure that Wildrose is ready to take over. A really sad position to be in.

Now the animal rights activists are telling the Royals that the Calgary Stampede will make them faint. What idiots. Only problem is that our media are even bigger idiots and they continue to give these protest groups ink. The Calgary Stampede is a world class event. In Spain they still kill the bulls, in Canada the bull riders take all the bumps and scrapes, the bulls usually win the fight. Don't tell the PETA types though, they have preconceived opinions that can't be changed no matter how many puppies and kittens they have to kill to get our attention so we can save the sharks instead.

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Frances said...

Actually, there have been issues with Guzoo for many years, and said issues have often been publicized by visitors. I don't know if the visitors are just seriously naive, or if there are problems with how the animals are housed.

Some years ago, I visited the zoo in Kosice, Slovakia. It's up in a lovely valley high above the town. When we were there, some animals were still in small cages with minimal security (think you could get your arm ripped off if you ventured too close), and a recent appeal had been to the effect of "if we can't raise the money for this enclosure (I think it was for the bears), we'll have to sell the animals to hunters". Appeal had worked; the bears were in a really great enclosure. But you were still expected to buy bags of food when you purchased your ticket, the better to feed the various herbivores whose enclosures lined the main walk. And the merry-go-round had real ponies.

Look back on those days with fondness; heard the cuckoos calling across the valley and the whole setup was really rural and refreshing. That was a zoo that was trying to do what it could with minimal resources but lots of space. I wonder - having seen some pictures of Guzoo - if a lot of their problems stemmed from just not providing enough space for the animals, opting for density instead of having the patrons getting a good outing.