Monday, June 27, 2011

Is A Dynasty About To Tumble?

Alberta politics can be boring, we elect the PC's election after election with majorities. It has been a good thing for Alberta. We are debt free and have no provincial sales tax, so we pay 5% GST and that's it. My Mom was complaining about the 12% HST and the 9% Carbon tax they pay in BC. That carbon tax doesn't go towards actually reducing CO2 or anything stupid like that, it goes into the provincial governments general revenues, to be used however the government wants. They should be having a referendum on the carbon tax, not the HST. The carbon tax is a fake tax designed to suck more money out of taxpayers to the benefit of the government coffers.

Back in Alberta, the politics are heating up. It looks like Wild Rose is gaining momentum and knocking on the PC door. Stelmach retired but is hanging on until the PC leadership race is complete. This is damaging the PC's. Last leadership election, I was hoping for Morton, now, I really don't care who the PC's elect, it will make no difference.

I am switching my vote to the Wild Rose. The PC's are stale, think they are entitled to rule Alberta, and are arrogant like liberals. The Wild Rose at least appear to be actual Conservatives. Is a dynasty about to tumble? I say, yes.


Sixth Estate said...

It's interesting how the "dynastic" political parties usually end up looking pretty much the same except for the colour theme of their letterhead, isn't it?

Joe said...

I hope the PCs are gone after the next election. We are fortunate that we have Special Ed leaving soon (not soon enough) but I really don't like any of the would be replacements and downright dread selection of someone like Gary Marr. Go Wild Rose!

maryT said...

With the same rules in effect to elect the new leader, where you can walk in off the street, pay 10.00 and vote, means another loser being elected. The only difference is a longer wait period for the second vote. But again, you didn't have to vote the first time to vote in the second round.