Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Finally, A Cause All Women Can Get Behind!

I am waiting for all the feminists to get behind the fight for Afghani women. This is the great cause they have all been waiting for, this is the reason they protest, this is what they stand for, this is their heart and soul.......crickets.

Notice how PM Harper has not been seen with Karzai in years? We can all smell the stink of corruption coming from his government. Now he has a challenger, a female challenger. Will the tribal Afghani's accept a women?

Why are we not hearing the LOUD voice of feminists supporting her cause? Are they too busy with the boat from Canada in support of the terrorist organization Hamas? Where are these defenders of women? The silence is like being in a forest after a hard rain, even the birds are quiet.  


JR said...

Fawzia Koofi is one brave lady. It's dangerous enough for any Afghan politician but the Taliban will no doubt make an extra effort to stop a female candidate. The absence of support from Western feminists is a mind-boggling disgrace. However, the Judy Rebicks of the world have no hesitation speaking out in praise of their "brave" sister, parliamentary page, Brigette DePape. Ludicrous!

Anonymous said...

The modern-day feminist is only interested in two issues: labelling all men as evil predators and advocating for abortion from conception to contractions.

A real feminist is a conservative woman. Period.

Leftist feminists are poseurs.

hunter said...

"From conception to contractions", that's a keeper Eskimo!

JR you are right, no feminist has the guts to actually help women who are trying to gain a better life for themselves and their families. The Judy's of this world are more interested in political disruption, and as Eskimo states, male bashing.