Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unions, Stuck On Stupid!

Edmonton was targeted for the rolling strike of Canada Post workers last week. I didn't even notice it. Do they not realize that they are peeing in their own kennel? Safeway had a strike years ago, we used to shop there all the time, we never shop there now, that's what the strike did for them. Molson workers went on strike in Edmonton, Molson shut the plant down, end of story.

Now, Air Canada is going to strike? Are they serious? Westjet will benefit big time. It's like all the lefties have lost their collective minds. Are all these strikes a show of power against a Conservative government? Are they intent on pushing the government to restructure Air Canada and Canada Post, and hopefully the CBC?

It's really pathetic, the lefties are protesting against the Conservative government because of what lefties THINK the government might do, no evidence required, just stupidity.


Southern Quebec said...

The Air Canada employees took serious salary and benefit hits 5 years ago, while the management has been helping itself to the piggy bank. The CEO recently gave himself $5million...so he wouldn't quit!! WTF! Milton walked away with a more than a million $ pension - for running the airline into bankruptcy! If I were an employee there, I would go on strike, also.

Why would the employees of AirCanada care which government is in power?

(You do know that AC is a publicly traded corporation...right?)

bertie said...

Yes we do and being public,it is the public that are being screwed with the cost of paying their friggin pensions and salary increases.It is the public that is being inconvenienced and it will be the public that will move to another airline and put these arseholes out of business.

oxygentax said...

Sadly, the only thing this strike will do will push Air Canada back to the brink of bankruptcy where the employees will have to take more wage concessions, and even more passengers will move to a non-unionized airline where they know that the employee is being treated fairly (because they're all owners).

Realistically, there's no political game for the national strikes because neither gets any benefit from embarrassing the federal government.

West Coast Teddi said...

Heard all the usual flights taking off from YYJ this morning then realized while listening to the news that there are no Air Canada employees at Victoria - we have Jazz doing the work on AC's behalf.

This brings up one of the underlying issues in this strike which is that AC wants to start up a "low cost" airline and the unions are saying NO, not unless you give us what we want. Great way to kill jobs when AC goes only international and we all fly domestic with WJ and others. The AC employees will be on the ground waving and singing "good bye nana nana good bye!"