Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain, Rain, and even more Rain!

I can't concentrate on politics when the weather is so very bad. We wait all winter for summer, for the heat, for the growing of vegetables and then we get smacked by Mother Nature with enough rain that I am considering building an ark.

The econuts can scream "global warming", "climate change" all they want, but when it comes down to day by day weather, they always get it wrong.  Just like the NDP are wrong headed.

Maybe the NDP should drop "socialist" from their mandate and go with "global warning, anti-Israel, union supporting" as their mantra. They are abrasive, rude and out of touch with Canadians. Jack and Olivia can move up, but that doesn't make them classy.

My husband made a really important statement today. He said that the Conservatives have got to get tough. He wants no more talk about the gun registry, he wants it gone. He wants the Conservatives to stop being wimps, and start implementing the agenda he voted for, he wants changes, not promises.

I agree that the Conservatives have got to show leadership, and they have to be Conservative, not liberal lite. Privatize the CBC, get rid of the gun registry, give western farmers choice by de-funding the CWB, and most importantly, get rid of the human rights commissions. 

My husband is a fair weather voter, more liberal than conservative, so when he calls for tough measures, it is time for the Conservatives to listen.


CanadianSense said...

A pity we lack the political will to require the eco-nuts and other malcontents to fund their own schemes.

Perhaps a UN resoltion requiring more Sunny days for Alberta is in the works from the nutty left.

liberal supporter said...

He wants no more talk about the gun registry, he wants it gone.
Does he want the hand gun registry gone as well?
If not, why not?
Every single argument for abolishing the long gun registry applies equally well to the short gun registry.

So, what does he say?