Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Funnies: Rednecks

Okay, Friday is here and it's time for the Friday funnies. I was at a music concert tonight, so this is a rushed job.

Ever wonder what Santa does in the Summer?

Sort of takes the joy out of Christmas doesn't it?
Redneck swing:

Two reasons why it's so hard to solve a

Redneck murder:

1) The DNA is all the same

2) There are no dental records
Redneck Cooler:

Did you hear that the Redneck governor's

mansion burned down ?

'Yep.. Prit'near took out the whole trailer park.. The library was a total
loss too. Both books went poof . . . up in flames and the governor hadn't
even finished coloring one of them.'
Home security....

If it's raining out tomorrow, you might want to waste your time with this game.

Apple picking!

Enjoy and get out of the basement into the sunlight, you're looking anemic!


FoxtrotBravo said...

I anxiously await next week's "Friday Night Funnies" about gays, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, or the disabled.

hunter said...

Lighten up these are JOKES!

West Coast Teddi said...

WCT "Red" and proud of it

thanks for the "politically correct" Funnies

Southern Quebec said...


She already did the disabled jokes! Pay attention. :)

East of Eden said...

Foxtrot - considering that Jeff Foxworthy built a successful comedy career out of redneck humour, I think you're totally out of line with your comment and what it implies. Have you ever heard Robin Williams gay comedy act? It was a hit in San Francisco. CBC kept Little Mosque on the Prairie - apparently it doesn't bother Muslims. I am the grandson of Middle Eastern immigrants - you should hear my camel jokes. Ever listen to Eddie Murphy's act? Oh, and years ago, a comedienne in the states who had muscular dystrophy built a career on making fun of her condition.

So, FTB - quit covering your own bigotry with a crack at Hunter. Methinks he doth protesteth too vigourously. Those who are the first to condemn bigotry in another person are the very people who have their own set of prejudices. You just showed your true self, FTB.

hunter said...

So it is true that the lefties have no sense of humour. Dang I knew the Santa joke went too far.

SQ shove it up your....ask your mother for fifty cents!

Now only us oldies would understand that one, but it is a joke. HA!

Lighten up!

East of Eden, good examples, but I fear they fall of deaf ears...oops there I go with my disabled jokes.

SQ I will have you know that I was in a parade today with Dogs with Wings so that more people will donate to them and HELP the disabled.

What have you done for a disabled person lately SQ??