Monday, May 18, 2009

I Am Sick And Tired...

As Conservatives we need to quit fighting the lefties and understand that we are the government. I repeat, we are the government. Granted we only have a minority but we are still the ones in power. Iggy thinks he is the PM, he has put the Conservatives on probation. HA! What an idiot.

PM Harper gets ridiculed because his riding is in Alberta, Iggy gets praised because he was living out of our country for more years then he has been alive, and gets parachuted into a Liberal stronghold. PM Harper has fought for his vision of Canada all his life, Iggy has no vision for Canada, and has only been here for three years. Three years and he thinks he should be the Prime Minister of Canada?? BS.

The MSM is driving the agenda, it is time for us to take back the power. We have the power because we can protest against the media by informing their sponsors that we will be boycotting their businesses. The media is already suffering from a lack of advertising, the last thing they need is a protest against their biased reporting. That is exactly why we need to protest the bias. If the Tamil Tiger supporters can get away with illegal protests, surely we can get away with a perfectly legal boycott of companies who advertise in our biased media.

My recent experience with Shaw has made me understand that, we the consumer have the power.

I am sick and tired of our media constantly slagging our Prime Minister.

I am sick and tired of the media forgetting to cover our Prime Minister when he travels internationally, yet they trumpet Iggy's international experience.

I am sick and tired of the Liberals witch hunt on Mulroney, while they conveniently forget about the 40 million stolen from Canadians that went directly into the Liberal party pocket.

I am sick and tired of the attempt to make Minister Kenney the bad guy in the iRuby scandal. iRuby made her bed, she has to sleep in it, and Iggy might try to distance himself from it, but the stink is going to stick to him.

I am sick and tired of the lefties pretending that the coalition was a great idea. It was about a bunch of socialists thinking they could override the voters of Canada, and they are preparing to do it again. Next election a vote for the Liberals, NDP or Greens will be a vote for a coalition government. The only party standing in the socialists way are the Conservatives.

I am sick and tired of leftists. They want legal marijuana, swingers clubs that 16 year old kids can legally go to, and they want us to pander to terrorist groups like the Tamil Tigers.

I am sick and tired of socialists, they are destroying our country!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you're not getting enough vitamin B.

Anonymous said...

I knew that either SQ or MS would make a fatuous comment totally off the topic.

Anonymous said...

What's off topic here, genius? Hunter says she is sick and tired seven times in a post entitled "I am sick and tired". What I'm suggesting is a good shot of B12 can really deliver a boost to a sick and tired outlook on life!

Anonymous said...

Sure, MS - that's what Hunter needs. Please - I know you're not stupid so to try to make out like you took her literally as having a physical illness just doesn't wash.

A little humour, Hunter. For those of us who live on the prairies or came from the prairies: the mid-west is the only place where you can watch your dog runaway for three days.

maryT said...

I think there are thousands of canadians who agree with you 100%. A poster over at Angry said,
we have truth in advertising laws, why not have truth in newscasting/reporting laws.

maryT said...

There are ads out on various blogs ect to Save Local TV. re ctv. How many people watch it or could watch it. If it was so great why are there only 29,000 that have signed it. Not a great show of support.

Anonymous said...

Or go ahead and blame everything you don't like in life on "leftists" and "socialists".

The PMO's office unleashes a ridiculous attack add campaign on the leader of the opposition and Hunter says she's sick and tired of MSM slagging PMSH.


The PMO is openly selective about the media they "invite " to cover the exploits of PMSH. The PMO hires an American PR dude grease the wheels over at Fox and such and yet Hunter is convinced that Canadian MSM forgets about covering PMSH while trumpeting on about Iggy.


Hmmm... 40 million in the Liberal pocket - and how much did that last election coast Canadians?Uh Huh. No one wishes people would forget about Mulroney more than PMSH. But Hunter 'forgets' to mention that choice tidbit.


Jason Kenney better have a cleaner house than Ruby Dhalla and I, mystereeoso am wagering he doesn't.


Are the lefties pretending the coalition was a great idea? Hunter, Hunter, Hunter...PMSH and his cronies pander to YOUR utter lack of knowledge about the Canadian Parliamentary System. But you prefer to freak out over some convoluted idea of "lefties" involving horror - legalized marijuana and "swingers clubs". Since when does anyone want you to pander to terrorist organizations? You, friend are being pandered to by Big Daddy Blue Vest in your paranoid ignorance of the issues.

If not then please continue to spread cpc party non$en$e, as a paid propagandist one voter/mind at a time.


Anonymous said...

cost Canadians not coast Canadians, sorry.

But what was that figure, how much did the 2008 election cost Canadians -

Anonymous said...

Anyway, my thing is, I am suggesting Huntsy should go on B12 seriously, BIG TIME for a month and just see if she can maintain her negative (ie.sick and tired) world view after that.

Martin said...

For a proud Canadian, you don't hvae very much good to say about Canada or the majority of Canadians who vote for parties other than the CPoC.

Maybe you should move elsewhere. You're clearly not happy here.

Now I'm off to smoke and joint and do some swinging.

Anonymous said...

BTW in regard to the previous post - my (non government funded- good grief) backyard garden has been planted for two weeks already. Frost warning on the weekend - so everything was under cover for a couple of evenings. A couple of romaine plants had sad outer leaves but everything else was AOK. Saw the weather forecast for Edmonton on the news this AM - hope your tender greens are ok, Huntsy.

I did want to mention also, I noticed Dog's w/Wings got a big new gvt grant. Congrats to them. Hope it helps!

sor said...

If this is going to degenerate into Harper doesn't have a majority then I challenge everyone to tell me if their MP was elected by a majority in their riding.

Layton- not

Iggy- not

Harper- yes

The way I see it the only one legitimately in parliament according to the 'Harper has a minority' people is Harper. Layton and Iggy's seats should be shared by a coalition of those who ran against them.

On the topic of the post if someone can identify a few advertisers to target I am all for it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Huntsy" person. I don't know of anybody named "Huntsy" on this blog. Must have taken a wrong turn and ended up here because there is no "Huntsy" in this neck of the woods. The commenter must be speaking of somebody from another blog.

liberal supporter said...

Can I tease you for your wording, hunter?

"Iggy gets praised because he was living out of our country for more years then he has been alive".

Indeed, doing anything for longer than one has been alive is quite an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

LS - I was wondering who would be the first (other than me) to pick that up. I chuckled but realized what Hunter actually meant. But, who knows - maybe Ignatieff could pull it off.

Really stretching it but if his mother was also out of the country her entire life before Ignatieff was is sort of possible. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Huntsy is a term of endearment - for someone who seems like a nice lady who enjoys blogging, dogs and gardening.

hunter is short form no? Isn't hunterofvoters the trademark or signature or handle for someone who seems a lot like a professional conservative propagandist ?

lance said...

Don't be silly MaryT.

"A poster over at Angry said,
we have truth in advertising laws, why not have truth in newscasting/reporting laws."

Give the gov't another excuse to jump into our lives? Puhlease, lets not.

Conservatives complaining about the media...quick, call Ripley! Next thing you know they'll be whinging about the Senate, or the civil servants. You people are old, your ideas are old and your complaints are old.

Hunter is going off on a rant because the media can read the mood of country far better than the Conservatives. They know, just like they knew about Dion, that Harper has blown his base.

No one cares in rural Ontario if the Liberals started the gun law. They do care that the Cons didn't do anything about it.

No one cares in the Libertarian camp that the Liberals balanced the budget by stealing from EI. They are beginning to care that the gov't formerly known as Conservative are the largest spending socialists in Canadian history.

And now Mary has the brilliant idea of gag laws on the media in order to ensure the Conservatives a majority?

Stupid is as stupid does.

maryT said...

Lance's comments are a perfect example of how someone takes one stmt and twists and turns it into something it was never meant to be. A perfect example of how the msm operates. Where did I suggest gag laws, is he saying truth should be gagged. Truth in the media would be a great improvement.
But, the Lances of the world would rather twist and ignore the truth. Is that because the truth hurts.

maryT said...

MIMI has lived most of his life outside of Canada, and the media refuses to accept that fact as being an honest stmt. He is praised for it.
On the other hand PMSH has lived most of his life outside of Toronto and that is reason to condem him.

Anonymous said...

Lance - wow, that was some rant with which you blessed us. Largest spending spree? Uh, the MSM has given that label to the government's action. If the government had not gone forward to help stimulate the economy, you and your ilk would be all over the government for not doing anything. In fact, you folks were doing just that until Harper released his stimulus plan - at which point, you started calling him a spender. Just like your party's leader, you flip flop all over the place. Take a stand and stick with it. Stop flip flopping just for the sake of criticizing our PM. Stand up for yourselves, develop some backbone and take a real stand and, for God's sake, stick with your stand.

Getting your leader and yourselves to commit to one policy or idea is like nailing jell-o to a wall.

Anonymous said...

Okay, if Huntsy is a term of endearment, then monaural would be a term of endearment, as well. Monaural - as in having no depth, being narrow and of lower quality sound. But, a term of endearment, just the same.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mary T - let me ask you a question. In a truth seeking world, should media report PR that is delivered by anonymous politicians as was the case with the new conservative pre-election campaign attack ads?

East - you've already called me mystery meat and said you think I have bad teeth among other things. C'mon. I thought you were over fifty.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about top ranking spokesmen for the PMO, that they go to the MSM to unveil their new ad campaign on condition of anonymity? Complicit much?

Anonymous said...

And why don't they put their churlish imichael website up on a ccpoc server? Why don't they author it, you know, like take responsibility for it?

maryT said...

The PMO-Prime Minister's Office and the CPC are two separate entities. If annonomyous sources went to the media, how do you know about it. The CPC has put out some truth ads, or infomercials on MIMI. The fact some don't like them does not make then untruths.
MIMI said those things, wrote those things, called quebecers just people that speak another language.
Media lies are trying to tie IRuby's problems on Jason Kenny or the conservatives.
What did Jason do, bring those nannies to Canada, manipulate them to work for IRuby back in 2008, and tell them to be abused as the Ont govt might, some many months later, decide to call an inquiry on treatment of caregivers. I wonder did he contact the Star, in 2008 and say, we are planning a smear campaign in 2009 and need your help.
The media covered up the story of IRuby saying kids deserved to be beaten for stealing a purse. Just because the cdn media ignored it, other media have it on video and it played well in India.

Anonymous said...

Let's take one issue at a time. Save Mr.Kenny and his nannies for later.

You ask,"If annonomyous sources went to the media, how do you know about it."

Umm. It was reported by the press.

How do you think these attack ads of yours serve our nation and further, how do you think these ads out of PMSH's office are to the benefit of the people who live in PMSH's riding in Alberta? Do they put food on the table for anyone?

wilson said...

Media bias against PMSH and Conservatives has
-filled the CPC coffers,
-encouraged grassroots Conseravtives to debate amongst ourselves
-propelled Conservative blogs into a fantastic one stop information source

If it weren't for the never ending attacks on PMSH and Conservatives,
it would be us instead of the Libs supporters,
being cheap and lazy.

And that is why PMSH will continue to war with the media,
it worked for Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

Referring to these ads as infomercials puts them in the ring with important and impactful things like ads for Chia Pet and Rotato tm.

Re: MSM bias "propelled Conservative blogs into a fantastic one stop information source"....

Blogging Tories is the laughing stock. And it makes a worse laughing stock out of Canadian Politics. But nothing makes the current incarnation of the Conservative party such a laughing stock as the memory of Trudeau. As it stands memories of Mulroney will do.

maryT said...

What media said they received annonomous info. Perhaps they were delivered by the anti MIMI liberals. Unless I see video of said sources handing over the info, I don't believe whoever said it. It seems every time they use, annonomous sources, or -refused to be named, I get suspicious.
Reminds me of the annonomous source that wrote questions for Pablo in the HofC, who turned out to be a cbc plant.
There is no way the media and trolls can hide the truth, Iggy was out of the country for many years, and did, during that time slag Canada. Listen to his interview after the referendum. Read his support of the Iraq war and torture. Rather than denying this, perhaps you trolls should try and defend his statements, rather than wearing rose colored glasses and saying, it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't read the papers. But as some of Hunter's cleverly edited videos show - you shouldn't believe everything you see on tv either.

Ok so that's your response - No one has slagged Canada worse than PMSH with his Nanny State commentary, his firewall idea and his average Canadians are better than others policies

wilson said...

Ooooh, gone from all sweetness to sour puss, mystereeoso !!!

Hit a nerve have we?

The Liblog site , lol,
got the
Bears Are Us guy, CAIT site which is driven from the USA, Steve and BCL and BCer trying to spin cow pies into honey, Spinsella, and the LPC direct feed.

Very few women at Libloggers because of the unrestrained vulgarity and attacks on women, religion and family.

Libloggers take a stand only after BTs have taken a stand,
it's hilarious.

But then does the same thing because when he does go out on a limb to stand for something,
poor widdle guy has to reverse his position,
because he is wrong.
Not a leader.

Anonymous said...

BTW has an actual election been called or somethun' because couldn't the PMO's office be doing somethun' better with it's time? I mean, couldn't they act with a bit less self interest when Canadians are losing their jobs all over the place? And especially too when many people see at least a portion of this economic disaster resting squarely with Conservative denial/policy?

newsflash wilson - the blogging tories is a complete and utter laughing stock. There is nothing, I reiterate, NOTHING that exists as a corollary to the blogging tories in terms of propaganda for ANY of the other parties. Call it what it is - propaganda.

liberal supporter said...

BTW has an actual election been called or somethun' because couldn't the PMO's office be doing somethun' better with it's time?-
They are scrambling, because they are short on lead time. They had nearly two years to work on character assassination of Dion, with less than stellar results.

Now they have less than five months. You can tell they are panicking when you hear "not a leader" being tried again, and the endless nicknames. I see the brain trust has decided "iffy" didn't work, and are trying to be all web 2.0 with ""

I will be most pleased on October 19, 2009.

wilson said...

Then why are you here, mystereeoso?

YOU are a full time participant in BTs.

Anonymous said...

I do like to visit Huntsy, though she hardly qualifies as The Blogging Tories, does she?

uber.liberal said...

I don't understand why you Cons just don't get it!! I try to help you see but you refuse to listen! You need to listen to mystereeoso and other Liberals for they are also trying to help you where you've gone wrong. We need Ignaieff because he supports the vision of Trudeau and is for bilingulaism gay marriage and fewer white people because we're supposed to be multicultural!! I also hope we have an election soon so we can clean your clocks! The Cons are ruining Canada and must be stopped!

Anonymous said...

Stereo - if you are 6 feet tall and have dark hair and we put out an ad saying that Stereo has dark hair and is 6 feet tall, would that be an attack ad? If Ignatieff was out of the country for 34 years and is now looking to be PM and we show that Ignatieff has been out of the country for 34 years nad is looking to be PM, how is that an attack ad?

If Ignatieff made a speech referring to himself as an American and we show that speech in a video - how is it an attack ad?

If you call Hunter "Huntsy" and we say that Stereo calls Hunter "Huntsy", would that be an attack ad?

How is the CPC - not the PMO, let's not confuse the two - trying to assassinate Ignatieff's character if the ads just point out the truth?

Let me ask you this: in Garth Turner's book Sheeple, he apparently makes some disparaging comments about Stephen Harper. Do you consider that the "truth" or is it an attempt at character assassination? Would you also be willing to acknowledge that some of your party has tried the same thing on our PM?

wilson said...
Works, doesn't it...

Michael Ignatieff has no political experience that qualifies him to become Prime Minister.
None, zip, one line CV.

So his publicist wife neatly bundles up his past successes in acedmia (and he has many) and his family lineage (awesome, for sure),
wraps it up in a brand new Canadian flag,
and tries to create Iggymania where none exists.

Anonymous said...

East, your point is mute because the PMO's office is supposed to be nonpartisan for one thing and for another thing, they, these ads which serve no other purpose than to show the leader of the opposition in poor light don't serve Canadians who are enduring hits to the pocket book like nobody's business.

wilson, you're hilarious. YOU are creating Iggymania all on your lonesome.

wilson said...

Getting to know the new Liberal leader, right from his own words:

''I am horribly arrogant and sure of myself.''

Oh yah, that's evident. states in 1998, he voted Labour in Britain.
Question, can non-citizens vote in Britain?
Does have dual citizenship?

Anonymous said...

Also, East I really don't think it's a good idea to include statements in Sheeple if you have not read it, as part of your argument.

liberal supporter said...

Question, can non-citizens vote in Britain?
You could vote in Britain, if you were a resident there. That is, assuming you are a Canadian. And you are not in the list of disqualifiers, such as being in jail for a criminal offense or being mentally incompetent.

You, like Ignatieff, are a British Subject and as a citizen of a Commonwealth country, you can vote in Britain.

Does that answer your question about, wilson.ignorant?

David said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Southern Quebec said...

Personally, moi, iSouthernQuebec, am sick and tired of conservatives using run-on sentences. The Blogging Tories need an editor! But that's just me...

And MaryT? Who the heck is MIMI? Huntsy's NBF?

"PM Harper has fought for his vision of Canada all his life,"

BS Fat Stevie has always taken care of Stevie first, and unlike Iggy, has never held a real job!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Stereo, I've read some parts of his book. I also read his blog for a couple of years and I saw for myself the disparaging remarks leveled at our PM as well as some really over-the-top comments from his fans.

One of the MSM ran a column on the book and did quote some parts that were very insulting to the PM.

BTW - a point is MOOT, not MUTE.

liberal supporter said...

BTW - a point is MOOT, not MUTE.
Yay! Now I don't feel so bad calling these kinds of things.

Anonymous said...

Duh - I meant moot point, not mute. I better fix up my spelling before Gabbesse comes along to do it for me. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all the same LS.

maryT said...

You know MIMI is Iggys cat, and he named it MEME, so I named iggy MIMI.
How come cdns can vote in Britain by British citizens can't vote in election in Canada.
I believe there has been some work on getting citizenship for all those who come over after the war, as war brides. A lot of those people were unaware they were not cdns till they applied for passports.

maryT said...

And David, where were you when the question of legalizing those swinger clubs in Quebec was in the news.
And for the final time, all you libs who say PMSH didn't get a lot of things done, blame the senate, or the opposition who voted against them, like the terrorist bill. Now we know why they voted no.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the sound/pronunciation vs spelling and as a result the meaning of words on the internet, (a chronic problem) - I believe MaryT is riffing off of a perceived pronunciation of the word meme when she says Mimi. How memetic.

Anonymous said...

East, I haven't read the book and you aren't providing quotes so what is there to discuss?

Anonymous said...

But for the sake of discussing something lets' take your remark: "If you call Hunter "Huntsy" and we say that Stereo calls Hunter "Huntsy", would that be an attack ad?"

Back up and take it in context. I wrote: "Saw the weather forecast for Edmonton on the news this AM - hope your tender greens are ok, Huntsy."

Would that be an attack ad?

Anonymous said...

Oh look Now I'm putting apostrophes in the wrong places. God help me.

Southern Quebec said...

Why don't we discuss how the MSM treated Lyin' Brian? Turns out he didn't pay tax on the whole $225,000 he got from Herr Schreiber. It only came out today that he paid taxes on $112,500. YOU try cutting a deal with Revenue Canada to pay tax on half YOUR income. Good old MSM -- covering up for Conservatives everywhere!!!

maryT said...

Re the taxes paid and when. Expenses are usually deducted to arrive at net income, then other things are added or subtracted to get taxable income. Unless you see the complete return, you will never know the facts.
What about the liberals allowing the Brofman fortune out of Canada with no taxes paid, media blackout? and what about the liberal MP who had a 500,000 tax bill and was let off tax free.
Most people can't even read their own tax return, let alone a financial stmt or balance sheet.
Did Brian just declare that amt, or was it include in partnership income, contract income, earned income or what. Regardless, he did pay taxes on it, and I doubt if taxes were paid on all that money passed in Quebec in brown envelopes. And it was not taxpayers money.

wilson said...

'Does that answer your question about, wilson.ignorant?'

yes, and yes, I am ignorant about British elections liberal supporter, because I'm a redneck who has loved only one country, Canada,
and thankyou for the answer. seems to become very patriotic of every country he lives in, like a true Liberal,
he's flexible.

Southern Quebec said...

maryT: He received $225k, paid taxes on $112K. Poor Lyin' Brian...getting a tax break while the rest of us fund his retirement...

liberal supporter said...

yes, and yes, I am ignorant about British elections liberal supporter, because I'm a redneck who has loved only one country, Canada,
and thankyou for the answer
So using google for 30 seconds to learn about British elections law makes me love Canada less than you? It would seem ignorance is now a requirement for being a "real" Canadian in your prideful view.

Do you also believe we should ditch that foreign Head of State we have, Queen Elizabeth II?

hunter said...

Well it appears everyone was having fun here today! We even had grammar lessons!

Well SQ, the Liberals have not paid any taxes on the 40 million they stole, wonder when they are going to pay us taxpayers that money back?

liberal supporter said...

Maybe you should find this $40 million before you demand repayment? Wasn't it $100 million last week? The meme changes every time I hear it.
Perhaps you could return the $300 million the unnecessary election of last year cost?

liberal supporter said...

like a true Liberal, he's flexible.The day just isn't complete without the old "flexible" routine.

I thought PMSH was quite flexible when he called an unnecessary election, breaking his own fixed election dates law.

Will PMSH again be flexible on his fixed election dates law, which still calls for an election to be held 5 months from today? Has he even bothered to notice that the law was never changed and continues to state the next election is October 19, 2009?

So either Steve has to again break the law, or perhaps he's decided to follow it, which explains the major uptick in the BT attacks, plus the attack ads.


Anonymous said...

No law was broken because the fixed election dates only applies whan a MAJORITY government is in power.

Gayle said...

"PM Harper gets ridiculed because his riding is in Alberta."

By whom?

Gayle said...

Eskimo - is that what the legislation says?

I wonder why Harper kept trying so hard to get the LPC to pull the plug when he knew he could do it himself.