Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Appears They Are Protesting Again, But....

This picture shows a massive protest today on Parliament Hill. Guess those Tamils don't get the message? Think again. This is a protest that the media forgot to cover.

It is the March for Life rally that had 12,000 people show up in support of life. I looked all over the MSM sites to find pictures and a story, but I couldn't find any. I did find a site that had lots of pictures, showing lots of support and some of the MP's that spoke out. Funny how it was only Conservative and Liberal MP's that support life.

Sadly only 18 MP's were brave enough to show their support. I applaud those 18 seeing as this Bloc MP shows you what they have to face in Parliament for their life stance.

She forgets to inform people watching that abortion in Canada is legal up to and including the actual birth. What a selfish little prig she is, it's all about her body and nothing about the baby. Her fellow Bloc MP is no better:

May 14, 2009 ( - Francine Lalonde, the Bloc Québécois Member of Parliament from La Pointe-de-l'Île, on Tuesday introduced a private members bill to legalize euthanasia in Canada.

Bill C-484 would add an exception to the criminal code, ensuring that doctors will not face criminal prosecution if they help a person die who is at least 18 years old and who, after being given or refusing treatment, continues to "experience severe physical or mental pain without any prospect of relief," or suffers from terminal illness.

"The time has come for this Parliament to find a way to decriminalize medical assistance in dying, which is of such vital importance to those whose suffering can no longer be relieved except by this ultimate compassion," said Lalonde in introducing the bill.

Lalonde went on to observe that so far three countries in the E.U., and two U.S. states, have legalized assisted suicide. "Serious research into the application of this legislation and their very specific criteria clearly shows that the greatest fear expressed in this Parliament some years ago, abuses and the hypothetical slippery slope, has not in any way become reality," she said.

Funny, Lalonde has been battling cancer for over two years, so if euthanasia is such a big issue with her, why is she attempting to keep on living? Why is she fighting the very death that she wants for others? Or, is she pushing this because she is personally afraid of the pain of death and is too scared to do anything about it herself. Maybe she is trying to save her family from making that decision, and thinks forcing it on everyone in Canada makes it okay somehow? Could it be that she is Catholic, and knows that the Church says that suicide is a sin, and if someone else decides for her, she would be absolved?

We will have to start calling the Bloc the Culture of Death party, as they support both abortion and euthanasia. Sicko's.

All the death the Bloc supports disgusted me, so I found a wonderful video about babies. It made me remember those 2 o'clock in the morning kicks to my always full bladder. Watch how the baby responds to the Mom's touch. Can anyone watching that video still think that baby should be legally killed? Well it can be, right here in Canada, and we as taxpayers would pay for it too!

Our society is not worth saving when we are willing to kill our most vulnerable, the young, the old, and the sick.


Southern Quebec said...

Massive protest! Stupid protesters! Wasting the taxpayers money! What a waste of time! Only 18 MP showed up! Oh, are for this protest, so it's OK!

"Our society is not worth saving when we are willing to kill our most vulnerable, the young, the old, and the sick."


maryT said...

There was a members stmt in the HofC yesterday, supporting life, and this rally was mentioned. I searched all day for some mention of it. And didn't the ndp/via Sven support assisted suicide.
I wonder how many Bloc voters know about this Bill. Bet there are a lot of seniors/disabled/terminally ill Bloc voters. Wonder what they think to know their party is for their early death.
What a choice for the next election, vote liberal to show your support for terrorists, vote Bloc/ndp to support being killed by your government.
As for the trolls like SQ, are they not happy their mother chose life and no to abortion.

Southern Quebec said...

"What a choice for the next election, vote liberal to show your support for terrorists, vote Bloc/ndp to support being killed by your government."

You left out one. Vote Conservative to support the party of stupid.

"As for the trolls like SQ, are they not happy their mother chose life and no to abortion."

If she had chosen abortion I wouldn't care would I? It was her choice...not mine.

I voted BQ and am happy they brought up this bill. Everyone has the right to decide when they want to check out. (Unlike the Hotel California -- LS & Mystie will get the reference)

Anonymous said...

MaryT - you should ask their mothers if they regret that particular decision. LOL.

wilson said...

Over at Liblogs, a poster has compiled a list of MPs that are or may be part of the 'religious right':

Anonymous said...

A bit of Friday humour:

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Larry replied, 'I'm not sure, what was her maiden name?'

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West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks EE but wait ... there is more to come ... because ... it's FNF.

Hunter's world acclaimed Friday Night Funnies

but then Esque has already beat us to the punch ... line (joke SQ, a joke!!)

CMPerry said...

Sun Media papers did have a standup photo of the event on their national affairs pages today.

In Wpg., a bunch of pro-abortion feminists staged a demo outside an agency that counsels women that they indeed have the right to choose, but that abortion is not the only choice. The protesters had signs saying 'Pro-choice, Anti-You' and brandished coat hangers. Classy. That stunt was, of course, covered by the local media.

L said...

I am not surprised by the turnout. There are a lot of we conservatives who do approve of abortion as a woman's choice. The lack of legislation is a good thing, given strong opinions on both sides. It is one thing to disapprove of another woman's choice; it is another to try to bring in legislation to restrict that choice or to "defend" the fetus in the name of "rights".

This is government interference, in my view, and I rarely support any politically-correct-type legislation, as a conservative.

That said, I do agree with the work that SOME pro-life group do to educate young women about choices, but not when they use scare tactics. Women should have sufficient factual information to consider the options available to them.

As a caring mother, I discussed all options with my then unmarried 17-year-old daughter, the pros and cons of each option. I did so without expressing an opinion (I did not have one, I had welcomed and enjoyed my pregnancies while married). Then, she made her choice and decided to have an abortion in her 5th week. That was many years ago, and both of us would have done the same thing today.