Saturday, May 23, 2009

It Is Surreal, Is He Really The President?

I still can't get used to the fact that Harper, even after 1200 days in office, is our Prime Minister. He has been leading Canada despite the fact that he only has a minority government. Daily, the lefties fight sound legislation like raising the age of consent from 14 to 16. Thankfully that law passed, even my 16 year old knew about it. Many law and order bills are stalled in parliament because the lefties think the criminal is more important than the victim, like Tori. Canadians are watching and Conservatives need to remind voters that it is only the Conservatives who for years have supported tougher laws against criminals.

What is surreal, is that Obama really is the actual President of the USA. Every time I see him, I think "pretender". The guy is a used car salesman,(sorry to all used car salesmen) an empty suit. He is a dangerous empty suit, with an agenda. Socialism.

Fears Grow Over U.S. Losing Triple-A Credit Rating
Some financial experts think ballooning deficits and a surge in spending are putting the U.S. at risk of losing its triple-A credit rating.

On Friday, the dollar dropped to its lowest level this year and was on track for its biggest weekly fall in two months on concerns about the country's rating status, despite an assurance from Moody's on Thursday that it was comfortable with the current rating on the U.S., which has held a triple-A rating since 1917.

To ease concerns, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said he doesn't believe the U.S. credit rating will be cut.

President Obama likes to say he inherited a financial mess, an argument that is supported by the $1.3 trillion deficit left on his lap by the previous administration. But under his watch, Obama has pushed the estimate for this year's deficit to a record $1.8 trillion, partly as a result of his $787 billion stimulus package. The deficit is equal to about 13 percent of the nation's gross domestic product.

They are busy printing money, this will lead to inflation. Our dollar rose to .89 because of the weakness of the US dollar. Obama does not understand or care about the impact this will have on the US. He is too busy partying in the White House, and closing Gitmo to pay back his hard left supporters to care about the damage he is doing to his country.

What a mistake the US made. McCain might not have been the ideal candidate, but he would have been better than Obama.

Our next election, the Obama factor will work in the Conservatives favour, he will be the new Jimmy Carter, and Canadians will have woken up to the fact that socialism is a bad idea.

Short post because I am really, really tired from all the planting I did today. I will just creak my way upstairs to bed now.


Southern Quebec said...

PMS Harper is the worst PM in 40 years! In just over a year his "bad" rating has gone from 15% to 22%.

The worst

Stephen Harper: 22%
Brian Mulroney: 19%
Jean Chr├ętien: 12%
Pierre Trudeau: 10%

The best

Pierre Trudeau: 39%
Stephen Harper: 11%
Jean Chr├ętien: 9%
Brian Mulroney: 8%

Bec said...

Gee, that is based on FACT, SQ.
A Liberal newspaper, Liberal readers, a poll for their readers, answered by the readers.
Why did PM Harper even do that well?
Suck it in though!

AS far as the post goes, many of us saw this coming and although I am not an, 'I told you so' person, I think this may be one instance, I am going to give it a try.
Only because of the level of the obsessiveness. It was completely unrealistic and reminded me of the Pied Piper and his rats.

wilson said...

Candians are nice, they honour the dead.

In the land of the living, PMSH is tops!

Here is a good listen to Coyne vs. Wells on topic
'how conservative Canada is'

JR said...

The guy is a used car salesman..True, and now as CEO of Government Motors a new car salesman too.

Anonymous said...

Hunter, I have to tell you: I had to go to the pharmacy and while I was waiting for the prescription to be filled, I took a little walk in the mall. Lo and behold, there were two guys at a table from the Lions Club giving out information about fostering for guide dogs. They had this large "baby" black lab named Zeus who will be 2 years old next week.

Well, I just had to go and pat the "little" fellow but I did ask first if he was working - which he wasn't. Man was he ever adorable and huge. Perhaps within a year, his body will catch up with his head and paws. A big huge overgrown puppy who thought my hand made a really great chew toy. I get a kick out of their little play bites. He also loved shaking his left paw - not many dogs like having their paws held but this guy sure did.

I told them about Dogs with Wings and they said they'd check it out. I told them about you and the video you posted of the puppy socialization. We talked a bit about fostering and the gentleman who was blind was telling me that so many people won't get into the program because they don't think they'd be able to give up the dog when it's time.

I told them that when I retire, I plan to get into the program and have a therapist in the wings for when I'd have to give up the pooch - I know that it will kill me to do that but it is, after all, for a greater cause than my own feelings of loss.

I "God blessed" them and went on my way. I missed Zeus the moment I left the mall. Adorable just doesn't cut it for lab puppies - even if they're huge.

Southern Quebec said...

All labs are cute EofE. Especially the chocolate ones. I'm partial to chocolate labs...
Mine won't just give you ONE will give you all four! (she jumps :() *sigh*

Gayle said...

"Daily, the lefties fight sound legislation like raising the age of consent from 14 to 16. Thankfully that law passed, even my 16 year old knew about it. Many law and order bills are stalled in parliament because the lefties think the criminal is more important than the victim, like Tori."

I am afraid I will have to inject a few facts into this diatribe.

1. The LPC offered to fast track the age of consent bill back in March of 2007. Harper is the one who refused to allow that.

2. This crime bill, along with several others, actually did pass in June, 2007. This occured just days before the House and the Senate broke for the summer. The bills went to the Senate and would have been considered by the Senate when it resumed in the fall. Sadly, Harper decided to prorogue Parliament that fall and prevented the crime bills from passing, yet again.

3. When Parliament resumed sitting later that year, Harper could have reintroduced these bills at the same stage they were at when he prorogued. This would have fast-tracked the age of consent bill - which the LPC had been trying to do for almost a year by then. But, nope, Harper was not going to do that. He reintroduced this bill as part of a larger omnibus crime bill and forced it to start from scratch.

And why did Harper delay the passage of the age of consent bill for almost a year? Because he wanted an election, and he wanted to use the crime bills as his election platform (since, as per his last election platform, he really had nothing else). Yes, that's right - Harper was prepared to sacrifice the safety of your children in order to get a majority.

I hope you feel safer now.

Alberta Girl said...

Gayle - you have been listening to the liberal spin too long.

Soccermom said...

PET the best PM?? Hahahahahahahaa!!!! I feel like throwing up every time I hear his name.

The Artful Nudger said...

So, a high CDN$ when compared to the US$ implies that the US is printing money and in a poor economic situation, does it?

Strange, that. When I look at the last six years, I see the highest ratios... in the period from 2004-2008. Very, very strange.

Also, "...closing Gitmo to pay back his hard left supporters...", I take it, means that you have no issue with a country building a prison outside its borders so that its own laws won't interfere with what it does there?

Anonymous said...

The 1200 days feel like 2400 days. The sooner we get rid of Harper...the better.

Gayle said...

Gee AG - do you have any facts to suggest I am incorrect in my time line?