Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What The Average Canadian Cares About Politics....

Nothing! I was in BC for the last two days, (my new teeth are beautiful, thanks to my favorite brother-in-law dentist!) and I read no paper, didn't go online to see what was happening, and talked to family about issues like, what flowers to plant where, how a neighbour of theirs had suffered a massive heart attack, and how we were all going to drive to Vancouver for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Sure we mentioned policies briefly, but seriously no-one cares about politics until an election is called, and even then most couldn't be bothered to get out and vote.

It was a refreshing change to be away from the blogsphere, until I was waiting in Vancouver for my Air Canada, Edmonton flight. Great big screen showing the CBC news, get on the plane, CBC news. Brainwashing 101, especially for new Canadians.

My own family doesn't visit my blog because they have better things to do, like work, go for walks to stay healthy, and try to decide what colour of paint looks best on their house. By the way, that was one of the mentions of the federal government, the credit for renovations, everyone loves that one! Especially my nephew who has started a refrigeration and heating company, he's so busy putting in energy efficient furnaces/air conditioners that he will soon be hiring. Now, that is a stimulus package, that Canadians have been able to get behind! I want more stimulus that directly impacts Canadians.

This EI BS we are seeing by the opposition parties, it's just political blather trying to get votes. I have been working since I was sixteen, I took time off for university, but worked two jobs every 4 month break to save enough to put myself through without debt. I took 2 months off work for my first child and 9 months off for my second child, that's it.

Maybe the government should start giving tax credits for people who have paid into EI for years without taking anything back, and stop rewarding the deadbeat EI abusers. How's that for a tax credit 92% of employed Canadians could get behind.

Give tax credits for contributing to EI, but not using it! All opposition parties want EI given to people who have worked only 3 months, how about we give a tax credit to all those people who have contributed to EI for years, and seldom made a claim? Is that too radical? Reward the productive.


Southern Quebec said...

"Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the federal deficit will balloon to $50 billion this fiscal year, an increase of more than $16 billion from a January forecast.
It's believed to be the highest federal deficit ever."

Dim Jim -- doing to Canada what he already did to Ontario!

Remember that people who collect EI have paid the premiums.

"Mr. Speaker, I have checked the record and earlier today in Question Period the Prime Minister said that we would not bring in a new budget until he 'needs to raise taxes.'," Mr. Goodale began.

Great! Conservatives pissed away the surplus so that they can raise taxes. Is this "Deja Vu" all over again?

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal: being very selective with his/her/it's facts.

Pee and moan that the CPC isn't doing enough. Threaten an election unless there's massive spending increases then when this massive spending is announced, a feeble attempt at claiming moral high ground because spending is high.

Funny how the 'party of the criminal' (read Liberal) had a surplus....wait for it....by raising the rates of EI deductions.

(* party of the criminal: remember the prisoner two elections ago with the Liberal logo tatooded on his head? You can't buy advertising like that!)

I'd prefer not one nickle went to topping up EI, but efforts (and dollars) were concentrated on creating a climate in which new jobs can be created and existing ones maintained.

A lefty will always go to extreme efforts to get that free coffee and donut, in this case EI.

Southern Quebec said...

"Remember that people who collect EI have paid the premiums."

Eskimoo: did you not read this line? Ain't nothin' free about EI.

Anonymous said...

"...remember the prisoner two elections ago with the Liberal logo tatooded on his head? You can't buy advertising like that!"

Hello, I'd like to get my head 'tatooded' too but it is too expensive for me as I am a typical leftard and I live in the basement. Please take my remarks literally as I am busy peeing and moaning and going to extreme efforts to get a free coffee and doughnut.

"a feeble attempt at claiming moral high ground because spending is high"


Gabby in QC said...

"Mr. Speaker, I have checked the record and earlier today in Question Period the Prime Minister said that we would not bring in a new budget until he 'needs to raise taxes.'," Mr. Goodale began.
SQ, you've been listening to Ralph Goodale? Too bad. His permanent anger makes him an unreliable source.

Here's what the PM actually said:
"What we are not going to do is, every two or three months, come up with another economic policy, another budget, until we need to raise taxes. Our deficits are affordable, but they will remain short-term."

Here's what the PM said, in simpler language for Mr. Goodale to understand.
What we are NOT going to do is:
1. come up with another economic policy every 2 or 3 months
2. come up with another budget every 2 or 3 months
Doing the above would result in having to raise taxes. And we are NOT going to do that.

All that anger has not only affected Mr. Goodale's mind, but his hearing as well. The PM's sentence structure was perhaps too complex to understand for Mr. Goodale, seeing as his perception is clouded by that pall of anger that hangs over him.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd, irony is SO OFFICIALLY dead.

Anonymous said...

According to a recent article in the Financial Post the government has only spent 5% of the stimulus package:

498 million for construction at colleges and universities

125 million for VIA Rail

46 million for ice rinks in some provinces but not others

100 million for federal building renovations

155.7 million on airport security and the development of experimental 'virtual strip search' technology

I feel violated.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Atomic Energy Canada got 222 million - will that do the trick at Chalk River? Will it maintain public safety and protect the supply of isotopes for 'real' and 'average' Canadians alike?

jad said...

"my Air Canada, Edmonton flight. Great big screen showing the CBC news, get on the plane, CBC news."

Seriously, you fly Air Canada and not Westjet ??? I'm gutted.

We flew to Toronto last year on Westjet and they had these really cool TV monitors in the seatback in front of you, and you could watch Canadian or US TV in real time. Not just CBC, but CTV, CNN and even Fox News. You need to get out more, girl.

Anonymous said...

Or even yesterday there was a report from The Canadian Press on how more announcements are being made about stimulus projects than money is flowing toward them

sor said...

Hunter- glad you enjoyed BC. We know how to live here. Reno's are big in Kamloops as well and there is no sign of recession here. People are hiring and businesses continue to relocate here. Life is good.

I agree that the Libs have picked the wrong hill to make their stand if they think EI is their holy grail.

They are spinning so fast that you would thing that they were posessed.

I am off to Queen's for my daughter's grad. She will be offically a Mining Engineer next week and then it is off to Fort mac and Syncrude for her.

Who says conservative families don't raise independent women. Cheers.

hunter said...

Jad, I only flew Air Canada because they were offering flights from Edmonton to Kelowna for $49. the flights to and from Edmonton to Vancouver were empty even at those prices.

I love Westjet, but they weren't offering any specials.

Sor, congrats to your daughter! Engineering is a tough grind. My neighbours daughter is also an engineer up at Fort Mac, so your daughter will not be the only female engineer there. Good luck to her.

Anonymous said...

I have not flown since 1992 and the experience on the now-defunct Canadian Air Lines was so bad that it totally turned me off on flying. Previously, I had flown on Air Canada in 1984 and that was so bad that I would never fly AC again. At one time, our airlines were world-class with great service, great food, comfortable seats, etc. I'm only 5' 10" and I was folded in two just to fit into my seat.

In 1992, we had an unexpected 3-hour delay at pearson with no info at all. Sat on the runway for almost 2 hours with no air circulation waiting for a lane to take-off. by the time I arrived in Winnipeg, I had the worst cold ever.

Never again will I fly one of our own airlines. Terrible, just terrible. And the price of flying? Good grief, add in all of the extra costs and the price of the flight is almost tripled.

sor said...

East- please don't tell me that. I have not flown since 1987 and I am booked on West Jet today. I am only doing it to attend my daughter's grad. Luckily my other daughter went to U Vic so that was drivable.

I am going to think positive thoughts all day.

Anonymous said...

SOR - no worries. I just hate paying gobs of money only to be abused. Our flights are safe but the service sucks big time. I'm old enough to remember when stewardesses and stewards had to be polite and we were served actual food. Even VIA 1 has gone downhill and I love train travel.

kursk said...

Southern Quebec..what,always with the lies...oy vey..!

My dad received some new teeth (implants..) last year at 97!..he joked to the young nurse that the last time he got teeth, they were wooden..I think she partly believed him!!!..heh heh

maryT said...

The maximum an employee pays into EI in a year is 711.11. They certainly get more than that if they qualify. And remember, their boss has also paid that amout plus.
The good news about that is that next April, a lot of those collecting will pay more income tax next year, if they get back to work. Some might even have to pay some or all of it back.
When EI was not taxable there were thousands who scammed it. Not so much anymore as tax is deducted off of it.
There will be a lot of surprises for many of them, who will return to their constuction jobs or find others with high pay, they might wish they hadn't taken EI for a few weeks.
And anyone working for 360 hrs would not have a lot of insurable earnings to get a very large pymt.
It certainly wouldn't be enough to pay rent and buy food.

Southern Quebec said...

MaryT: When was EI not taxable?

Kursk: WTF?

maryT said...

SQ, probably before you were born.
At one time family allowance was taxed, now it isn't, EI wasn't taxable, now it is. Still not sure about strike pay, at one time it wasn't taxable. Lots of changes in the past 55 years, and I have copies of the guides for all those years.
Children were deductable, with raising rates for age groups. Now they aren't. And most important, at one time personal exemption, EI, CPP, and all those figures making up non refundable tax credits (except tuition etc) were totally deductable before arriving at taxable income. And there was a time you paid no tax on the first 1 or 2 thousand dollars. (might have been higher)

liberal supporter said...

If average Canadians do not care about politics outside of elections, what does that make everyone who comes here? Above average? Or below?

hunter said...

LS, we Conservative posters are of course above average! Now, what can I say about lefty supporters who come to a Conservative blog to post?

Obviously above average because you have sense enough to come to Conservative blogs for the "right" point of view! HA!

West Coast Teddi said...

I'm Back!!!

Just got back from a Westjet flight from YYJ to YYC to LAX and return. Disneyland was great as was Seaworld San Diego and LegoLand Carlsbad. No problems, on time, and a great Spolumbo's sandwich. Have flown many times with Westjet as well as AC. Back in the '80 I flew many times with Canadian Airlines Limited and found that they were the best of all the Canadian airlines. We have very good airlines IMO.

I care about politics and have not missed an election at any level since I was 18. We Righties are committed to doing it "right" and we vote!!!

maryT said...

Hunter, OT, but what's the weather like in Edmonton for the wkend. Have to travel to your city tomorrow-Sunday. Every time I go I never have the right outerwear or boots.
It will be Monday before I get the FNF, what a bummer.
Guess I have to get a laptop.

hunter said...

WCT Welcome Back! Sounds like you had fun. Westjet is aces!

MaryT, we are in the nice all day, thunderstorms at night stage. Bring shorts for Friday, long pants for other days, and rain gear just encase. I love our prairie thunderstorms.

Hopefully the rain holds off this weekend though, Dogs with Wings are going to be in the Stony Plain Rodeo parade, look for us, we will be the ones with the black lab.....okay there will be about 9 black labs there so guess which one is Rigger! HA! If you guess right come on up and say hello, even if you are a lefty.