Thursday, October 28, 2010

Close Your Eyes And Imagine...

The terror of this little teenage girl! Lefties need to get out there and support her murderers, hey, they support murdering terrorists don't they? These two "juveniles" should be right up their alley, it's not like they cold bloodedly planned out her murder or anything.....oh wait they did!!
Two teenage boys have pleaded guilty to murdering and dismembering a B.C. teen, then burning her body beyond recognition.
Read the story and as you do, think of yourself as the victim, or think about this being your daughter. Think of what she went through, kidnapping, being tied up, raped multiple times, choked, killed, cut up and burned beyond recognition.

And my MP better not tell me I'm being "too gruesome" on my blog! Her death was gruesome! She is the victim. She suffered unimaginable pain and anguish. Why should we paint over what these two murderers planned and did to that young girl? Our minds recoil at even thinking about what she suffered, we don't want to think about her ordeal. We don't want to be forced into looking at what happened to her. That is why we have to stop walking away from the victims, they are the tragic figures who need our support, not the murderers. They are scum.

In an agreed statement of facts the teens, who cannot be identified because they were both under 18 at the time of the murder, said they lured Kimberly Proctor, 18, to the home of one of the teens, known in court documents as A.A. There they duct-taped her hands and ankles, used a sock as a gag and also taped her mouth.
The teens then removed her clothes and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.
The attack "also included beating and kicking her. She was choked and suffocated and eventually died," the statement of facts said.
Court heard the two boys had separately pursued Proctor as a potential love interest, talking to her via Internet chat programs. While Proctor was flirtatious, she ultimately rejected both of them and the boys stopped talking and texting her in November 2009.
What happened to her needs to be written about, if for no other reason than to wake people up to the fact that she is the victim, not the two "teenage" boys. Can you imagine what you would be going through if this was your daughter? You would be horrified, as we should all be too!

Lefties need to stop supporting "teenage" terrorists and self confessed "teenage" murderers, and start showing some compassion for the families of the real victims, like Kimberly Proctor, a beautiful young girl, who's only crime was that she didn't want anything to do with her two sick "teenage" killers. 

This better go to adult court as it is a clear case of premeditated murder. It is sickening, and  we can't turn away from what was done to her, that would be a disservice to her and her family. We, as a society need to stand up and support the victims and their families, not the monsters that create the victims! I hope some judges are listening, I hope my MP is reading this, because the law and order Conservatives haven't been doing enough to push new rules for "juveniles" through Parliament.

I am tired of the "Conservative" government pussy footing around, tinkering with legislation and achieving nothing of substance. You want to know why you aren't in majority territory? You are acting like Liberals. You want to stay in government so bad that you are compromising your principles, you are NOT listening to your constituents anymore, you actually alienate them because you are so scared that they might say something that will reflect badly on you.

Well bull-crap! Grow some balls. Get some crime legislation that has teeth passed, even if it means going to an election to do it. The lefties lost Toronto because they are out of touch with the people who vote, Conservatives are starting to make the same mistake. We need to get rid of the HRC's, we need more judges that will stand up for the victims and stop letting the criminals go because they might have suffered a bad family life. We need Parliament to make the laws, NOT the judges. That's just the start, but as the lefties love to say about the gun registry, if it saves only one life, like that of Kimberly, then it would be worth it!

I pray that Kimberly's family has the strength to endure the ordeal that they have been living with, and that we, as Canadians, can stand up with them and offer them our support. Let us honour Kimberly, by closing our eyes and imagining what she went through, let us never forget that she is the victim of cold blooded murder. She is now cold, and those two "teenagers" that caused it still have warm blood pumping their black hearts, and their evil minds. They need serious jail time.

Close your eyes and imagine....


CanadianSense said...

The Crown may seek to try them as adults.

I can't imagine the loss of the parents of the victim.

I support stiffer penalties but don't see a solution until a Conservative majority with Y.O.A. brought into disrepute by "experts".

Southern Quebec said...

They are going to be sentenced as adults according to The Gazette.

Where are these alleged "lefties" supporting these two excuses for human beings?

jad said...

I'm really not sure where you are coming from on this. Out here on Van Isle there is enormous revulsion towards these killers and tremendous sympathy for the girl's family.

The killers have already pleaded guilty and the prosecutors are pushing for adult sentences because of the horror of what they did. Can't see any "lefties" asking for sympathy from where I'm sitting.

Southern Quebec said...

Lefties are everywhere! It is Hunter's default argument for pretty much everything. :)

jad said...

SQ - I know that ! Her heart's in the right place, but I just think that some times she needs to be called on it.

hunter said...

Jad, you are talking to my resident lefty troll, she never has anything good to say about me, even though I don't attack her. Okay I call her a troll, but I think she is a very lonely troll, so I rarely delete her comments.

I agree with you both, the lefties haven't said anything about this case so far....but I'm betting they won't be able to help themselves, they will come out for those two poor boys.

The victim can't speak anymore, she can't tell us about her pain. That is what we are ignoring, the victim.