Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Disgusting Media.

As a Conservative Albertan, I watched the Toronto mayoralty race with interest. What amazed me was the disgusting media portraying Ford as "fat". That was their mantra. Now that Ford has won, what does the media do? This:

Over at CBC they have an article about "Ontarians" choosing mayors, NOTHING about Ford winning in Toronto!

CTV has Ford winning as mayor of Toronto, but they are not allowing any comments. HA. Chickens.

If Smithsonian man had won, you can bet that it would be the lead story at both CBC and CTV. Ford winning, not so much. Toronto just suffered an earthquake, and the media, shrugged and ignored it after perpetrating the whole "anybody but Ford" campaign.  No wonder they are losing money, they just blew off 50% of the voters in Toronto. Dummies. They just can't see what we see. They hang around all their Liberal/progressive buddies and don't even try to understand our point of view. That's why lefties are loosing at all levels of government. We are watching you, and we don't like what we see.


CanadianSense said...

It was funny watching CP24-CTV coverage (online) of the race.

It was over before it began, 8 minutes.

The_Iceman said...

CBC Newsworld has largely avoided talking about it, and their website won't even mention Ford in the headlines! Here I thought that the voices on the left hand side had declared that votes for Ford were votes against "the establishment" and because Harper is now the establishment, the rise of Ford is then bad news for Harper...at least that was the theory.

Now that he's won, I don't see any Liberals claiming victory. CTV newsworld is at least talking about it, but they are not talking about the large 11% margin of victory.

Anonymous said...

so Khadr and parliament hill renos are all the rage at CBC ? - ignore the changing of the guard at Canada's largest city ?
why do we subsidize this leftist behemoth ?

Reid said...

I watched on CBC's Toronto station. They had a 1 hour program. In the first half hour they had talked to Jack Layton, Bob Rae, some guy from Spadina who was anyone but Ford. They had on some Alderman who was clearly anti-Ford who talked about how Ford couldn't do what he wanted to anyway because there were enough lefties on council to stop him, and on and on.

I ended up falling asleep after that half hour because the blatent anti-Ford tone to CBC's coverage was so monotonous it made me drousy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Hunter, the papers are full of Ford's win and what it means to the right. Perhaps the TV media are doing their left wing thing but the papers are giving Ford good coverage.

Southern Quebec said...

This is bad...
"What amazed me was the disgusting media portraying Ford as "fat"."

But this is OK...?
"If Smithsonian man had won..."

Pot...meet kettle.

liberal supporter said...

What a laugh! The right wing extremists are out in force trying to convince anyone who will listen that Canada is taking a hard right turn. When of course it is anything but that. Had I lived in Toronto, I would have voted for Ford too. He's pretty rough around the edges, but he'll shake things up as they periodically need to be. Smitherman was interesting, but he didn't serve on city council for ten years first like Ford did.

Ford can't bring in the extreme SoCon agenda you are so fervently hoping for, he's just not that kind of a nanny state guy. He's a businessman, unlike our federal CPC leader who has never done anything in the real world in his life and can only drool at Ford's numbers, while his lame cheerleaders try to spin Rob Ford's well earned victory into a projected CPC majority.

I think the funniest stuff is all the far right extremists smirking about how some stereotypical lefty must be having heart attacks over this. It seems to me the majority of the actual left leaning people (not your shills who try to pretend all the left is calling Ford fatso), are behaving a lot better than the scorched earth hysterics we continue to hear south of the border about the last presidential election. Just look at any "friday funnies" here, it's full of sour grapes about an election from 2 years ago.


maryT said...

The Calgary sun had coverage of Ford's win on page 16.
Headline and numerous stories of the swearing in of Calgary's new mayor.
Wonder if he was elected by the same type that elected Ford, old and uneducated.

Anonymous said...

Rob Ford is only one guy. A guy who now has to go to city hall, look at real numbers convince forty real councillors with real constituents how terrible bike lanes are. How wrong it is to hold marathons in Toronto. How little room there is for new immigrants. And how easy it is to bust the TTC Union's you know whats.

It's great you could tune in for the election Huntsy - but if you followed any of the lead up you would have noticed why a lot of Torontonians are unimpressed with little Robby

maryT said...

I would say more voters were impressed with Ford, after all he won.
He will be mayor for the next 4 years and a lot of lefties will have 4 yrs to suffer the effects of this. Hey, he might get re-elected.
What I would like to know is what the results of the polls were in iggy's riding, and rae's riding. Did they vote for Ford or against him.

Anonymous said...

The idea that "lefties" will suffer under Ford is a complete larf MarTy. He got half the vote of half the electorate. Sure, Ford's in the mayor's seat and now all the people who didn't even come out to vote will get on the phone to his office as city services grind to a halt. Whatever you think the left is, will only mobilize because of Mr. Ford if (BIG if) he succeeds in creating policy out of his cut the gravy train slogan.

Rob Ford only recently called some people at a hockey game right wing commies. Maybe you could help him out with his polarization confusion.