Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sony Replies To My Email

Sony Strongly Condemns ‘No Pressure' Video

Reaffirms commitment to carbon emission reductions as key element of Sony's Global Environmental Plan ‘Road to Zero'

Sony today strongly condemned the release by 10:10, the climate change campaign group, of a video entitled 'No Pressure' that Sony considers to be ill-conceived and tasteless. The company also believes this video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions.

The short video, which was conceived, produced and released entirely without the knowledge or any involvement of Sony, violates the thoughtful and collaborative philosophy that Sony has consistently supported as we strive to become a responsible global citizen.

Whilst recognizing that 10:10 acted quickly to remove the video from its web site and has issued a public apology, Sony believes that it had no other option than to also condemn the video in the strongest possible terms and Sony is disassociating itself from 10:10 at this time.

Sony also wants to take this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment towards reducing carbon emissions, which is the primary aim of the 10:10 organisation, and confirmed that it is on track to reduce the carbon emissions from its sites by 30% by 2015, as part of its wider ‘Road to Zero' environmental plan. ‘Road to Zero' is an ambitious long-term strategy that seeks to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of Sony's products and business activities (see more at: http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/eco/RoadToZero/ ).

For more information contact:

Tony Smith

VP- Marketing Communications

Sony of Canada Ltd.

Tel: (416) 495-3707


Nick Sharples
Sony Europe
Tel: +44 (0)1932 81 6828/+44 7786 114 870 (mobile)
email: nick.sharples@eu.sony.com

Notice how they still want everyone to know that they are "green", just not "10:10 green". I guess exploding children made them shy away from those eco-nuts. Still not buying your products again, you are too "green" for me. This company is so intent on being "green" that they are spending shareholders money on useless projects like 10:10 which does nothing for the environment and raises the price of their product. I am not willing to pay the extra for that product just to feel like I am "green".

Companies need to be called on their "eco-behaviour", we need to tell them to stop drinking the koolaid and start providing us with a high quality product, without the "green". Funny how quickly Sony distanced themselves from the "greenies" when "we the people" emailed them to express our outrage. I'm starting to get the hang of this armchair protesting, it's effective, and I didn't even have to leave my house. Of course the lefties have known about this all along, it's time for us Conservative to get with the boycott program.


Southern Quebec said...

People who try to save the planet = BAD

People who screw up the environment just to make money = GOOD

From the Canadian Conservative Party

Sound about right?

The Grey Lady said...

Egads SQ one might expect, given the intellectual enclaves of sophisticated thought that Quebec is "supposed" to be in possession of, that your comment would hit above the kindergarten level of simplistic thinking.

Congratulations for providing concrete evidence of the mythical nature of your reputation.....

CanadianSense said...

I don't blame large corporations for making the easy fake green publicity moves.

The disconnect with SQ is he gladly accept blood oil for his car and the oil wealth from Alberta Oil Sands to fund his bankrupt province.

It is not a shock for the xenophobic cultural warriors in the Donolo-Graves brigade to be against liberty and responsibility.

This is about control and big government. The progressives will defend Big Unions, Big Banks, Multi-nationals like Sony.

Like vampires they won't see a reflection in the mirror when they suck the life out of regular working folks that are not part of entitled class.

The progressives need to exploit the serfs, it is historical.
From seventh century to Eastern Europe to China.
Exploitation by the elitist political class is the progressive way.

Eskimo said...

So the end justifies the means SQ? I bet you thought the 10:10 ad was 'edgy' huh? That said, am I safe to assume you would be in favour of anti-abortion ads that show bloody aborted baby parts? I mean if you're going for maximum effect, why not use actual blood and guts?

Save the planet? Man-made global warming is a hoax. End of story. You and your fellow do-gooders have been hoodwinked.

Many companies are tripping over themselves trying to allign with whatever 'cause' that might show them as espousing 'global consciousness'. Give me a break. Clever marketing on Sony's part for keeping up with the latest fad, but all the public really wants out of them is an affordable radio. If they want to support such crap as 10:10, perhaps they should first provide us with assurances that they are squeeky clean before they attack their potential and current customers.

Eco-grifters like Suzuki and Gore are hardly planet savers. They are getting fat off the ignorant who buy into this Mommy Earth crap. (They probably beleive in fairies and unicorns too, but I digress......)If burning fossil fuels is so bad, why don't Suzuki and Gore spread their message on foot and not by using diesel powered tour busses and turbofan jet engines? But Al GOre can 'purchase' a carbon offset from his own company. This company will then 'promise' to plant a couple of trees somewhere or 'promise' to give a few bucks to some African backwater village so that they don't industrialize like the big bad West. Small wonder that over 80% of all exchanges made in the European 'Climate Market' has been exposed as fraudulent.

Oh, but those EVIL corporation, huh SQ?

MariaS said...

That SQ and his drivel about saving the planet .... enough to make anybody gag.

Out of the blue might come a big huge comet and make mincemeat out of all of us, how about checking on which comet will be within striking distance SQ? Now that would be something intelligent people would want to know about and not some nonsense about man-made disasters that lefties feel are powerful enough to wreck on the planet.
You see, SQ ... many of us are not pompous enough to think that we are all so powerful that we can destroy the earth with pollution and that we have some supernatural powers to bring on earthquakes and storms and so forth. The inhabitants of earth are like dust mites when compared to the universe in general. Stop with your grandeur illusions of earthmen's destructive powers on the planet.

Just being honest said...

Seems to be the global corporate line; I got a shorter but very similar message from PR Manager Jessica Simpson from Sony UK.

Southern Quebec said...

"That said, am I safe to assume you would be in favour of anti-abortion ads that show bloody aborted baby parts?"

No...never assume. Showing aborted fetiii is in seriously bad taste. (But that's just me!) Hunter, on the other hand, believes showing these ads, (see previous post)is OK, because she is anti-abortion.