Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hug A Thug, I prefer Jail A Thug!

Funny how First Nations people can beat a man in Caladonia and nothing is done. But let a shop owner grab and hold a thief and it's not the thief who is charged it's the shop owner! This really disgusts me.

Our Liberal justice system is screwed up. The criminals are coddled, and the law abiding citizens are charged. If this is a case of making an example of a citizen who takes the law into his own hands, then I suggest as citizens that we carry weapons to protect ourselves, as the police are useless. It saddens me to no end that our police, people I used to look up to and respect, have become such political pawns.

Rex, let's them have it in this article. You go Rex!

I found myself thinking of that limited code, and the severity of its particular judgment, because of David Chen — the immigrant Chinese grocer who fell so painfully and bizarrely afoul of the law here in Toronto, and whose trial, fitfully, was undertaken this week.

All of Toronto and most of the country knows his story by now. How he spotted a chronic shoplifter-thief (on the thief’s second visit to his store in a single morning), chased him, caught him and threw him bound in a van while he (Chen) waited for the police to show up.

What followed had most of the country in a fit of anger and puzzlement when it got out. The police charged the young, hard labouring, non-thief, Mr. Chen — with kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault and carrying a dangerous weapon. (Chen was carrying boxcutters — a normal tool for a man who works in a grocery store.) Anyone with a still functioning mind who’s heard of this case cannot understand what the Toronto police and prosecutors were thinking when they laid this raft of original charges. Apparently outrage and mockery — I can’t think what else — led to the police dropping the kidnapping and “possession of boxcutter” charges, but they insisted on proceeding to trial on the other “offences.”

What a disgrace for our police and the prosecutor who should have dropped the charges outright. The expense for Mr. Chen in defending himself should be paid for by the police force that charged him, let it come out of their budget. My Canada does not include prosecuting innocent people, and letting the thugs go free. A more disgraceful display of how our justice system is broken has never been seen before. The Liberal "hug a thug" mentality is at work and thriving in Ontario. Funny how the First Nations people can get away with beating up an innocent man, but an innocent shopkeeper gets charged for apprehending a thief, and the thief walks free!

Hug a thug? I prefer Jail a thug!


Fay said...

Very well said, I just shake my head at the justice system. If only we had a national Press gallery to hold them to account. I get the feeling the media and our lousy justice system have a secret contract. I read somewhere that the CBC and one of the newspaper chains in Quebec had a secret contract.
Makes you wonder why CBC is once again appealing the access to information requests. What do they have to hide?
Wait a minute... Judge helping to protect CBC from access to information and CBC protecting justice system. Sad, just Sad.
No wonder they are so afraid of Sun TV and did all they could to have Kory fired. Evan Soloman set the trap and Kory fell right into it.
CBC scares me!

Kit said...

This has nothing to do with justice! Its about the monopoly of power of the state. Citizens are to be rendered helpless and only the agents of the state can act in their interest. In his case its about the Police monopoly, the police union and police jobs. Can't have ordinary citizens doing good police union jobs.

Pissedoff said...

Aren't these the same bunch of idiots that let Homolka get away with murder?

Brian said...

We can thank P.E.T. for this, as he removed our right to defend our property and the contents therein. That would include you family.

CanadianSense said...

Agreed we allow the STATE to arrest students protesting and expressing their Charter rights on abortion in Calgary-Ottawa.

We turn a blind eye to unlawful blockades, protests, in Toronto-Ottawa, Caledonia.

The failure at all levels including journalism to report the uneven application of the rule of law is a real threat to democracy. (Not a two week delay of a sitting minority parliament during the Olympics).

Michael said...

Two tier policing in Dalton's Ontario.

Just being honest said...

It may be tempting to just throw the thugs in jail, and I would tend to favor that option but think of all the women with men's haircuts and sociology degrees who make a living in the "hug a thug" industry and all its ancillary industries; the poverty, Womens Services, LGBT. . .XYZ, Food Bank, Safe Injection, Immigrant, Immigrant Women, LGBT Immigrant Women, etc industries. All these eternal malcontents would need to go find real jobs. Can you imagine the incessant, ear piercing whine.

maryT said...

The thug has been arrested again, for the 43 time. wonder how much he has cost us via legal aid ect. Perhaps it is time to label him a dangerous offender and jail him for life.