Monday, October 18, 2010

Greenies Getting "Dirty" Money!

Hey Quebec...are you with us? Shale gas? Is that eco-friendly Quebec? Are you ready to join Alberta in the energy fight or are you going to restrict development of your resources because of your eco-snobbery? You are so used to looking down on all of us because your province was blessed with hydro-power opportunities (stolen from Newfoundland) instead of coal. Now, you need to decide,  do you stay with your eco-snobbery, or do you get in the energy game? Think mega good paying jobs for Quebecors!

Good luck, because if you do jump into the game be prepared for the greenies to come after you with lots of American dollars.

US cash vs Oil Sands!

...If the campaign against oil tankers were to succeed in Vancouver, overseas exports of Canadian oil would be blocked and Canada would be stuck with only one major customer for Alberta oil: the United States. That's the trade-off.

Like most protests, the one against oil tankers has all the look and feel of a Canadian grassroots movement. The campaign against Alberta's oil sands also seems to rise out of the people, but the interesting thing is that there are very few roots under that grass. Money comes in from a small core of U.S. charitable groups. One of those groups -- the U.S. Tides Foundation of California (Tides U.S.) and its Canadian counterpart have paid millions to at least 36 campaign organizations. (See list at right.)
All the money, at least US$6-million, comes from a single, foreign charity. The Tides U.S. campaign against Alberta oil is a campaign against one of Canada's most important industries. It's fair for Canadians to inquire about who's funding this campaign and why. The trouble is, nobody knows.
...These Big Five have poured at least US$190-million into Canada's environmental movement over the last decade, but their American logos are nowhere to be seen. Instead, we see a pageant of Canadian icons: dogwood, herds of caribou, wild salmon, First Nations and loons. U.S. tax returns show that the David Suzuki Foundation has been paid at least US$10-million from American foundations. This hasn't exactly been out in the open.
Very, very interesting read, and she has way more information at her site. Like this breakdown of who is getting all the American money:

And look at this little breakdown of donations to fight the oil sands: (Corporate Ethics obviously has no ethics!)

And they jap about how "deniers" get big money from "big oil"? Talk about hypocrites! They never actually provide any facts about the "big oil" donations to scientists who are "deniers". Look at those organizations who are getting funded from the US to shut down one of Canada's economic engines, the oil sands. Hold them to account for that funding. Boycott HP, let them feel the heat of pressure groups against them for a change. 

It is time for us "deniers" to start calling out every eco-nut and their eco-schemes. They are hiding now, when they aren't busy blowing up school children to make their twisted point! It's time to take away charitable status if they will not reveal their funding donors. It is time for us to go after any politician that spouts "green" plans, (McGuinty anyone?) make them explain how the extra cost will benefit our society, don't just take what they or the greenies say as the truth! The greenies are getting "dirty" money from foreign charities to shut down the oil sands.....time to fight back, Quebec are you with us?


Southern Quebec said...

I really don't think this shale gas thing will fly here. I am in this region and believe it could be a major problem. All of us are on wells here and this has the serious possibility of polluting all of our wells. (Because of the structure of shale.)

The people of Alberta don't seem to have a problem with an eco disaster in their back yard, so what can I say, except, "Drill baby drill..."

maryT said...

Glenn Beck was talking about the Tides group most of last week.

Southern Quebec said...

Good maryT...listen to the silly man and see if you can figure out who is funding the crazy T-Party people.

maryT said...

Sure isn't Soros, who is funding the Tide group.

Alex said...

You are an idiot Southern Quebec and a fool. Seriously. You just swallow the lies being fed to Quebecers and it shows your total ignorance of nature.

How deep is your water well you moron? Sorry to call you names but your blatant ignorance is infuriating.

How deep is your water well???????? I dare you to answer.

How deep is your gas? Thats right deeper than any mountains in your province. Your gas is deeper than many of our maintains are tall. It would take a meteor impact to expose that rock. The surface hole is drilled with water and cased with steel and then cemted in place hundreds of meters deep. The water down there is already poison and the gas has been trapped for millions of years. There is no way for it to escape unless we decide to let it. Even then its tricky sometimes.

Now get yourself a map and see that BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and even parts of Manitoba are crisscrossed with oil wells. Chances are there is a borehole under my feet even right here in Calgary.

They have been doing this for decades with an impeccable safety record. The biggest danger is from eco-freaks like yourself. (they occasionaly go loopy enough to try and bomb pipe lines)

Its not like helping you understand is good for me. The less gas you make the more valuable ours remains. So go on. Hang from a bridge with eco-nut freinds. See how much it hurts the smart people.

CanadianSense said...

Maybe SQ can figure a way to stop all the Chinese and Indians buying cars.

Liberals don't have any qualms with Blood oil, after all they turned a blind eye to Rwanda.

Southern Quebec said...

"Chances are there is a borehole under my feet even right here in Calgary."

My guess, is that it is just north of your feet...

MariaS said...

Yup - Vivian Krause is doing an excellent job exposing these greenie interests. I think Soros money + Arab money is involved. The arabs are shivering in their boots just thinking about our oil sands, so my bets are on a coalition of the arab oil producing countries throwing money at the greenies to do their very worst against Canadian oil sands.

We are on to you special interest groups!!!

Alex said...


The only hole directly north of my feet is yours.

I suppose you meant above my feet. You can't even insult me without being corrected.

Why? Because you are and idiot that's why. A complete and total moron is your station in life. Re-read your ignorant post and then re-read mine for proof. -Not that such a thing would be any use to you.

You also didn't answer my simple question. How deep is your water well? Whats the matter? Afraid to answer? Afraid to be wrong? That is the entire sad story of the left.

Southern Quebec said...

Jedi well is 60' deep into the local aquifer. Read the following about a couple (basically the whole community) whose wells were contaminated by the nice people in the O&G industry. They were told, probably by people just like you, that nothing could happen to their wells.

Boy wonder...if the gas is BELOW the water, they they must go through the water level to get to it.

Unlike you, I won't get into ad hominem attacks.

hunter said...

I would like to keep the comments open, and so far, so good. Try to attack the idea not the individual. Keeping on topic would also be nice.

I like having the comments open because you can talk in real time to each other, that tends to make for better discussions.

Alex said...

I apologize for getting worked up. I'm not the Jedi I should be. Its not the first time I've heard SQ's uninformed nonsense and I suppose the pressure was building up.


Your water well is just over 18 meters deep SQ. When a well is drilled the "surface hole" is drilled with plain old water. They go down to 200 meters or so and then they pull the whole string out and lower thick steel casing down to the bottom. Then they pump cement down and they keep pumping until the cement starts coming back up outside the casing. They use a rubber plug and more water to push the cement out of the casing. All the cement is now between the outside of the casing and the rock. It hardens in about 10 - 12 hours and then its safer than the naked pipes you guys have in the lovely refineries you guys have. The rest of the hole is drilled by lowering drill pipe back down through the surface casing. It survives fracing just finne and it does so on a very regular basis. I beleive hundreds of wells are being fraced in this country as we speak. All very safely. At no point does fracing come into contact with the water table 1000 meters away through solid rock.

Your article points to an american job that went very wrong. Things can go wrong if corners are cut and things are rushed. Fortunatly drilling is heavily regulated here. The article also mentions a deisel truck that overturns. Would you outlaw deisel trucks? Quebec has numerous stories of botched bridges and stadiums. Would you outlaw bridges and stadiums? Jets crash too. Are Jets unsafe? Do you see the flaw in your logic?

Of course I want them to do it right and they will. Insist all the rules are followed by all means. Don't