Thursday, October 07, 2010

Liberals, Digging Up The Dead!

I find it interesting how the Liberals can always find some retired public servant to spout Liberal nonsense and they become an instant "expert" in the eyes of the MSM.

Take this guy for instance:

Retired assistant deputy minister of materials Alan Williams — an expert who is hard to dismiss — took the parliamentary stand on Wednesday afternoon to denounce the lack of competition for $9-billion worth of fighter jets as likely to squander billions of tax dollars and lost business opportunities. Mr. Williams warned Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s logic on the F-35 file is “flawed,” and he’s taking public positions that “insults our intelligence.”

This is no opposition cheap shot.

This comes from a 33-year public servant who signed the memorandum of understanding in 2002 committing Canada to $100-million in funding to develop the F-35 stealth fighter. He’s even written a book on the subject: Reinventing Canadian Defence Procurement: A View From The Inside.

WOW! The guy was the one who signed Canada up for the F-35, now he's saying he didn't really mean to spend 100 million on research only? Are you kidding me? And Don (I want to be a TV host) Martin called him an expert? Expert in wasting our money maybe. They dug this guy up from the dead, labeled him an "expert", and we are supposed to think that he never in 33 years signed a non-compete deal? Give me a break.

“In terms of the individual you are talking about, his advice was very different at the time that he was actually paid to give it,” sniffed Mr. Harper during a brief media chat in Winnipeg.
SNIFFED?? Seriously? Was Martin writing this from his favorite Liberal bar? Martin obviously thinks he is writing a romance novel where Williams is being rejected by Harper. This whole article is written with the intent by Martin to get that job hosting Powerplay on CTV and smearing our PM is the way to do it with those folks.

Confronted by an insider warning against the sole-sourced purchase of a fighter jet dubbed the Flying Credit Card, a furious Stephen Harper on Thursday chose to attack the whistle-blower — and warn against massive aerospace job losses if opponents continue “playing politics” with the lives of Canadian troops.
Furious and attack, all in one sentence, impressive. Now this guy is a "whistle-blower? The guy who signed the $100 million cheque for the F-35 in the first place? Are you kidding me? He's a whistle blower of what? What is he blowing the whistle on? Liberals misspending 100 million of our taxpayer money? Martin, get your head out of that bottle, stop listening only to Liberals, and start reporting the news, not making it up.

Martin, as an "expert" in watching TV news, I hate to break it to you, but your voice is too juvenile and you look like an elf, not the best attributes a political TV host can have, plus you are too much of a Liberal toady for even CTV. I sniffingly have to tell you, your dreams of a TV career are unrealistic. Funny how everyone was shocked that Duffy was a Conservative, that tells me that he was fair and balanced, not something I would ever accuse Martin of, try running in Alberta as a Liberal MP. Now that would be fun to see. In the meantime, leave the dead alone, they need their rest, and their opinions are irrelevant for today.

Shame on the National Post for printing this garbage article.


CanadianSense said...

For media bias count the number of expert witness or regular person statements from both sides.

Does the article clip have Liberal-Conservative balance or is it ONE-SIDED?

Many in the MSM deploy the strategy on a one side perspective to reinforce their weak narrative.

liberal supporter said...

I know these are awfully big numbers, but $100 million is less than 1% of the $16 billion these planes would cost.

If you were buying a $10,000 used car, you might be well advised to spend $100 taking it to the mechanic for a complete inspection before you exercise your option to actually buy the vehicle.

Williams is questioning why there was no tendering process. I thought Conservatives were in favour of free markets and competition. If the F-35 is all it is claimed to be, it will easily win the tendering process, since presumably it would be exactly what we asked for.

Why are you against free markets and competition?

CanadianSense said...

LS demonstrates how Liberals fail in basic ethics.

Planes did not cost sixteen billion. Liberals have already included repairs and estimates without including benefits of contracts.

Reminds me how they downloaded twenty five billion to provinces, used 55 billion of EI taxes,premiums collected from employers and employees to post a fake surplus.

Just like Enron funny math and most vulnerable paid.