Monday, October 04, 2010

The Progressive Prospective...It's Ugly

Don't believe me? Let me enlighten you. First we have abortion, a very divisive issue, to kill or not to kill that is the question! Some think yes, some think no, but those who support killing actively suppress those who want to stop the slaughter, to the point of jailing those who would save the babies.

You can see how violent the anti-abortion protesters were. All they wanted to do was to bring the abortion debate into the light, but all those tough police officers stopped them from.......what? Displaying pictures of aborted babies? What is going on with this country? If university students can't be confronted with the truth about abortion, who can? I thought universities were the symbol of truth and discovery. My bad.

This is only the beginning. First they take over the universities then they go public with their distorted views on humanity.

Shorter Virginia Ironside: Most Adopted Kids Would Rather Be Dead, Anyway

According to author and columnist Virginia Ironside, most adopted kids would be better off dead. As would most children she considers “unfit.” In fact, she says, a “loving” mother would smother a sickly child with a pillow, because the “suffering” of being ill makes that life meaningless and not worth living. She made these vile assertions in defense of abortion while appearing on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live during a discussion grossly entitled “Can abortion be a kindness?” First was her odious attempt to argue that abortion is a “loving choice” because some kids, in her mind, are unwanted. Her tunnel-visioned, sad excuse for a mind can’t seem to fathom that the children are always wanted by someone. You know, like people with hearts and compassion.
And I think that if I were a mother of a suffering child, I would be the first to want I mean a deeply suffering child I would be the first one to put a pillow over its head. I would with any suffering
thing and I think the difference is that my feeling of horror suffering is many greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells because suffering can go on for years.

Go watch the videos of this disgusting "progressive". Seriously, you need to hear what she is saying.

In ancient Sparta, babies who were considered handicapped or in any way not perfectly healthy were exposed to the elements, left on a mountainside to die. Have to “purify” society and all! That was a long time ago and thankfully modern civilization has come a long way.

Modern civilization has come a long way? Sure, if you are a progressive, you have no problem with aborting perfectly viable babies because you might be inconvenienced and let's just use a pillow to get rid of handicapped babies, unless you are someone like Latimer, who did exactly what the "progressives" are calling for, he compassionately killed his 12 year old handicapped daughter, and the lefties went wild! He has spent more time in jail than some teens in Edmonton who took a golf club to a kid and killed him.

So, today, in this "enlightened" day, we have police arresting pro-life protesters, because the lefties can't stand the fact that killing babies is messy, and pictures might actually show just how messy it gets.

I applaud the pro-life students who took a stand today. It clearly shows that free speech is only free if you are a "progressive" and pro-death. Shame on this university, it just showed us all how sickening these institutes of higher learning have become. Reminds me of the U of Ottawa shutting down Ann Coulter, because they disagreed with her opinions.

Is there anyway that I can direct my tax dollars to only the universities I support? If they start losing tax dollars, they might start cluing into what their actual responsibilities are as leaders of higher education, and they might actually start allowing freedom of speech and expression to reign free on their campuses.


Southern Quebec said...

WOW!!! A totally fact free post. Mazel tov!!!

maryT said...

As the g/parent of a severly disabled child I disagree with everything she says. These kids seem to have a special love and appreciation for everyone and everything. They bring a lot of happiness to their parents and everyone they meet.

liberal supporter said...

Zygotes aren't people any more than my arm is.

RuralRite said...

Maybe what we need is a country that has two cards. Let's call them red and blue.

Red card supporters would believe in and pay for:
- Abortion
- Any marriage, incest, AIDS and bestiality.
- Their part of the country ruled by judges.
- No military.
- No religion except evolution.
- More taxes for more social programs.
- Social engineering in their schools.
- Bigger government.
- Bigger unions.
- Payoffs in government.
- Government sponsored daycare.
- Government supported prostitution, sex clubs and drug
distribution centres.
- Bilingualism
- No firearms except for government agencies.
- No private health care.

Blue card supporters would believe in and pay for:
-The opposite of the above.

We would simply vote for the persons who believed and supported the red or blue and taxes would would be charged accordingly. Sure, there's lots of little details that could be critised but we could put an end to parties that sit on the fence and head in a positive growth direction.It would give the two culturals real freedom to choose the agenda they want to pay for. As it is now, we all pay for an agenda most people don't want or need.