Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Nazis!

 Food Nazis: A Rockefeller Foundation-funded "elitist" who advocates "fat taxes" (ex. CSPI), banning fat people from restaurants (ex. MeMe Roth), forcing fat people to pay more for airline tickets (ex. MeMe Roth), and genetically-modified food while they also smear organic food (ex. CSPI and the Center for Consumer Freedom).
Food Nazis are attacking our freedom of choice! They want a tax on pop, and subsidies for poor people to buy food, BUT they aren't nanny-state meanies, because they aren't BANNING anything. These are PhD's who need to get off their duffs and talk to real people, not their computers.

An expert panel commissioned by the Heart and Stroke Foundation is urging governments to slap a tax on sugared soft drinks, subsidize the poor to eat fruit and vegetables and give farmers incentives to grow more fresh produce, in a novel new take on Canada’s obesity epidemic.
The group’s fiscal-policy approach to the obesity issue is bound to generate controversy. Its lead author insists, however, that the soda-tax and other proposals do not represent nanny-state intervention into diet and behaviour.
“We’re not banning these items. It is trying to signal to the consumer that you should try to consume less of it,” said Guy Faulkner, a University of Toronto professor of health and exercise psychology. “If we think that obesity is a serious public-health issue ... then ultimately economic measures will have to be part of the arsenal.”
How "out to lunch" can these guys be? Seriously, food nazis now? They want farmers to grow "fresh" produce? Hello, what are they producing now, "stale" produce? How about they get rid of the Quebec milk and cheese marketing boards and see how fast the price of those healthy products decrease? While they are at it, they can get rid of the poultry, egg and wheat marketing boards as well! Why is the government forcing up the prices of all the natural healthy products? Ask the producers who have quotas!

How about instead of subsidies for poor families, you show them how to plant and harvest "fresh" veggies? Urban gardens are popular these days, except they take work. Grow veggies on Toronto's city hall roof! Then show them how to cook them too, as I am pretty sure many have no idea what to do with a "fresh" pea! (I know this because I have my peas out by the back alley and no kids "raid" the peas, they think they are beans! Some of them will eat my raspberries, so they like fruits at least.)

Remember that old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink, I think it applies here. Even in my house where we eat natural healthy, home cooked foods, my youngest son will always grab a pop if given the choice, while my eldest grabs for the milk. None of us have weight problems, even my junk food youngest son. If he did have weight problems, as the parent, I would monitor what he was eating more closely, but I want the government to stop trying to tell me and my family what to do and what to eat!

How about the greenies get out there right now (-10C) and show us how it's done! They want the 100 kilometer rule for buying our food, what do we grow in the winter? What? I can't grow anything in the winter, except in a greenhouse which uses tonnes of gas heat and needs CO2? No, really? Luckily we can import "fresh" produce from the US during the winter. I bet the CO2 from one truckload of "fresh" tomatoes from California in the winter, is way less than a greenhouse. 

Is their no one who wants to take personal responsibility for their own actions and lives anymore? Can we stop with the banning, and the taxing, and the give aways to everyone with a sad story? Butt out of my life, leave my family alone!


maryT said...

The first person they could teach would be iggy and tell him what to do with a squash.

mystereeoso said...


Frances said...

Just imagine doing the 100 mile diet during winter on the prairies!! On the bright side, you'd get lots of meat.

West Coast Teddi said...

Having just spent the last 5 weeks on the Hawaiian Islands, my casual subjective observation is that "americans" are over weight. They definitely need help, and I would start by reducing the portion size of the restaurant meals. My wife and I often share a meal because we can't eat two meals at one sitting - leftovers anyone.

It is sad to see the "macMeals" being consummed on the beach at all times of the day and there is 250 calories in a glass of wine (I know that from personal experience!). "Americans need to stop eating and drinking so much - ObamaCare will explode.


Southern Quebec said...

WCT: You are right! Whenever I am across the border (which is frequently) I am always amazed at the size of the portions. Never, ever, under any circumstance, order a large anything! A small coffee there is the same as a large at Timmy's.

As for the MacMeals...pure garbage! If you are really interested in what goes into these items (and you really can't call them food) try reading David Kessler's "The End of Overeating". You will never step into one of these fast "food" places again.

liberal supporter said...

Is their no one who wants to take personal responsibility for their own actions and lives anymore? Can we stop with the banning, and the taxing, and the give aways to everyone with a sad story? Butt out of my life, leave my family alone!

So do you support the repeal of all product safety laws? After all, if you can't take personal responsibility for not eating cold cuts with listeria in them, why should the government get involved in recalls and bans? Why shouldn't we just expect people to know enough not to breathe car exhaust or live where there is no lead from cars driving by every day? Why did we have to force the oil companies to stop putting lead in the gas and make the cars work without it? We should have just let people take their own personal responsibility, right? Right?