Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liberals Can't Stand Strong Conservative Women!

It started out with Rona Ambrose as Minister of the Environment, she went to get her hair done, and they made an international incident out of it. Then they attacked Bev Oda for cutting funds to the SOWS, when all she had done was redirect them to actual woman's shelters and away from lefty academics writing papers about the difference between urban and rural females. Then they proceeded to attack every Conservative female Minister and now they are down to attacking ANY Conservative female MP. Don't Liberal MP's feel just a little creepy about attacking a female? Guess not. Not that our Conservative women need help in fighting off a Liberal attack...kind of like swatting a fly with the fly swatter....they are pesky, but easy to aim at! HA!

Poor Iggy was under fire from Candice Hoeppner, and his FEMALE Liberal MP's had to save him! That's just too funny. Good job Jane Taber, making Iggy the victim of a female attack, that really gives him some balls now doesn't it? NOT. Dang my stomach hurts from laughing so much!

Liberals are criticizing Tory MP Candice Hoeppner for attacking Michael Ignatieff in a committee hearing Tuesday, a day when all parties agreed to support a women’s advocacy group’s “Decorum Day” on the Hill.
Ms. Hoeppner, however, makes no apologies. A tenacious MP, she was simply trying to point out what she perceives as the hypocrisy of the Liberal Leader’s position.
One of the Liberals – long-time B.C. MP Hedy Fry – came to his defence several times, interrupting Ms. Hoeppner, who she felt was not allowing him time to answer. 
 Seriously, as a Conservative female blogger, I understand what the lefties do. They swarm a blog, spout filth, cheer each other on and think that calling me a CU-T is an indication of their intelligence, and that's only the low class female lefties. The lefties try to stop female Conservative bloggers from posting by intimidation. They can't handle the fact that Conservative women don't want to be victims like the feminists. They can't stand the fact that we look at them and see weak individuals who can't survive without government funding. They can't stand the fact that we are not baby killers, and that we have morals. We get married, have a family and careers, and enjoy all that life has to offer. They abort their babies, never commit to a relationship for long and think variety in their love life makes them "interesting" (Belinda is a good example). No wonder they are so shrill and unhappy.  Read the comments on the article, so many male metroweenies bowing down to feminists shouldn't be missed.

I haven't even mentioned Sara Palin, that always makes lefty heads spin!

I am going to leave my comments open, let's see what evolves. Be respectful but not timid.  Stay on point and no personal attacks. Like this newspaper says:

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Respect my rules.


CanadianSense said...

I watched her and she was able to question his track record.
The NDP-Layton,Muclair suggested he went along in 2009 because he did not have a Plan or anything to offer Canadians.
The changes are similar to what Bob Rae passes and Ontario Premier. This is optics so Liberals can say they tried to help. The Bill will need Royal assent and can be ignored.
They will suggest the "will of parliament" is being ignored without risking an election.
Candace, Shelley, Rona, Leona, Bev have been doing an admirable job representing their party.

gimbol said...

Day of what???? The left sure likes to tag a date on the calendar with some nice sounding term to legitimize their social engineering don't they.
They will name the day and then scream indignation if you present facts say ing that you are being disrespectful of the "occassion".
Sounds like Iggy got rescued by the liberals killjoy caucus.

CK said...

Posts like this are a reminder as to why there are no she blogging Tories or other female conservative bloggers nominated for best Canadian Feminist Blog in this year's Canadian Blog Awards.

The Grey Lady said...

Feminists= the sisterhood of the traveling VICTIM HOOD pants.

I pair of pants I am proud to say I have never lowered myself to wear.

The_Iceman said...

Hunter, please continue writing posts like this one. I see the inequalites and hypocrisies and want to talk about it, but I feel the people who should be are best to be women.

Thank you for writing this.

Alberta Girl said...

CK - I would say it is a badge of honor that no Conservative Blogger has been nominated for the Canadians FEMINIST Blog awards.

FEMINISTS do not speak for Conservative women....we are quite capable of speaking for ourselves, thank you very much.

Unlike yourself, sweetie.

Too bad that you can't think for yourself and have to be told what to think by a bunch of radical, man hating shrews.

The fact that Conservative women bloggers can hold their own with men Conservative bloggers and don't have to have a category all to themselves speaks volumns.

Bert said...

Right on, AG !!

The Red Fox said...

I find it interesting that the LPoC ,for all their ballyhooing of representing women has never had a woman leader.Sure they have women in the honourary position of Deputy PM but when it comes to the brass ring would rather have them as rat packers.

Southern Quebec said...

"They can't stand the fact that we are not baby killers, and that we have morals."

Please give me a specific example of a "baby killer". When I say my moral standards are way better than any person who provides funding to an organization that protects pedophiles, believe me!

"The lefties try to stop female Conservative bloggers from posting by intimidation."

If memory serves me correctly, the only person who asked you to stop blogging was your Conservative MP!!! **snicker, snicker**

"I haven't even mentioned Sara (sic) Palin, that always makes lefty heads spin!"

What makes our heads spin is the amount of nonsense that comes out of this woman's mouth.

jad said...

It's not just the Liberals, it's lefties in general. Out here in BC, the NDP have been led by Carole James for a number of years in opposition. Now that Gordon Campbell's numbers are tanking (9% !), there is a serious push to get rid of her before the next election in 2012 and put one of the guys in charge.

O/T Joanne's blog at BLY is down. It has to be moved to a new server and will likely be down for several days.

hunter said...

I am impressed! Everyone followed the rules and provided great comments, thank you.

Iceman, maybe Conservative males need to become "white knights" and not fear standing solidly behind Conservative females.

I like getting the door opened for me, it in no way diminishes my gender. Maybe it is time for some Conservative MP's to show their support for other Conservative MP's instead of cowering in the corner trying to evade detection.

MariaS said...

"metroweenies" great sounding word for all the Toronto lefties. Love it.

And BTW, CK ... to be on that blog awards list you are talking about, do you think any of us really care about that kind of tripe. Last year you could tell your buddies to keep voting every day ... I am willing to bet none of us have buddies that have that much time on their hands like the buddies of lefty female bloggers have. You are welcome to them dear girl. Be happy.

CanadianSense said...

Hunter what you ask for is respect and the door is something a parent instills in their children.

Bloggers like CK would rather chastise and debase bloggers who don't share her Liberal worldview.

We saw it when on the View and NPR this week.

Gender or race does not matter to the Liberals. If you go off agenda of "social justice" and nanny state you are attacked.

Great post here.