Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop Funding Dictators And Despots!

Seriously, Africa has been a basket case for decades, and all the aid being poured into various countries on that continent has done nothing but support corrupt governments.

Here's a thought. Stop funding dictators and despots! I know that's radical and not very progressive. It might even be worthy of an HRC investigation for "hurt" feelings. Hope I have Ezra as my lawyer!

So much for Obama's allegiance to us

What did we do to earn this passionate indifference from our closest friend?
No other nation has shed proportionately as much blood in Afghanistan as we have, not even the magnificent British. Is there a more reliable friend, ally or generous trading partner than us? Have we not opened up our oil pipelines to them? Did we not go along with their foolish bailout of General Motors?
What more did we have to do for a mere vote?
So much for U.S. President Barack Obama’s allegiance. What about his own national interest? Would it not be to his advantage to have us on the Security Council with him, instead of a deeply indebted, socialist European country (but I repeat myself)? Portugal has a population smaller than Ontario’s and an economy smaller than Alberta’s.
Obama is the big pretender, he has been busy slapping down US allies and bowing to US enemies. I wait patiently for his wings to be clipped on Nov 2. I hope Americans take away his majorities in the Congress and the Senate.

What is happening with our taxpayer donations to foreign countries? How about this:

Ethiopia using Canadian aid as a political weapon, rights group says

The Canadian government says it is “deeply concerned” by a report that its foreign aid to Ethiopia is being used as a weapon to crush political dissent and bolster the power of the ruling party.
The federal government, which provided more than $150-million to Ethiopia in 2008, is calling for a full investigation into the allegations that Ethiopia’s ruling party is routinely using aid money to reward supporters and punish those who fail to support it.

Responding to questions on Tuesday, Mr. Cantin said Canada’s aid to Ethiopia can be suspended if the authorities fail to meet the conditions that are attached to the aid, including a pledge that the aid must reach the targeted beneficiaries.
Surveys by CIDA suggest that its aid is reaching those who need help, he said. “CIDA takes allegations of aid politicization seriously,” he said, “and together with the international community, will participate in efforts to strengthen safeguards where necessary.”
Maybe it's time for CIDA to be investigated! SURVEYS suggest???? I thought the CIDA was a hands on agency? They are going to close down the aid only now, after the scandal has come to light? Are they kidding us? We need to look at the CIDA and what they are doing with our money, and we need a strong Minister on the file. I know Bev Oda is an oriental female from Ontario so that makes her a politically prime candidate as a Minister, that doesn't mean she is competent.  She is weak in question period and obviously the civil servants at International Cooperation and CIDA are running the show. It's time to only give aid that we can distribute directly.

No more "surveys" CIDA, we want to see you on the ground in Ethiopia getting the aid to the people, not the corrupt government.


9:58 PM on October 19, 2010
first - close down CIDA - they are useless bunch of self-serving idiots.
second - stop dealing with foreign govts
third - select a number of well known, well run Canadian NGO's (none with religious connections though - aid should not come with a religious string)
forth - give CIDA budget to NGO's
fifth - stand back and watch the job get done

The job being getting aid to where it is intended in a timely fashion to those who can help. Otherwords local NGO's (NOT churches btw). The NGO community knows each other and who can is efficient and who is not, who can be trusted and who can not.
I was on one assignment and a big cruise type river ship went past. The NGO's all looked and said 'There goes CIDA (staff)' - more concerned about their own creature comforts.
Two Cdn NGO's come to mind but this may not be the place to mention them
Interesting, even at the Globe and Mail, some comment's support my position. I disagree with the assertion that "religious" organizations should be excluded, if you look at who is really on the ground in those countries, it's not CIDA, it's the charitable organizations, often, church groups that raised the money to get there. Think back to Haiti. 

This is not about political parties or religious groups, it's about the aid that Canadian taxpayers give to help the poorest countries. That aid needs to reach those who really need it and not the dictators.  We can not continue to do things the liberal, progressive way, it's not working but try to explain that to the bureaucrats.

Stop funding dictators and despots! They not only stabbed Canadians in the back re the UN vote, they are happy to stab their own people in the back as well.

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The_Iceman said...

You need to read Lewis MacKenzie's piece "thank you Portugal" for a better understanding of why we shouldn't be "devastated" about the UN Security Council vote.

His interview on Adler was magnificent. To listen, visit www.charlesadler.com and look for the MacKenzie interview.